Our Methodology

The kitchen serves as the heart of your home, providing most of your family’s snacks and meals. When it’s time to buy a new appliance, dish or utensil, you want to make sure you’re getting the best quality for an affordable price. But with all of the information available online, it can be difficult to filter through everything to find the best product for your home.

That’s where Don’t Waste Your Money comes in. We research reviews from across the internet, choosing from the best of the best. Our own in-house experts can distill the information into useful product summaries that will help you make a decision.

Our kitchen team is in touch with the products today’s consumers want for our homes. Health and nutrition are more important than ever, and our reviews reflect that. If we’re recommending a juicer, you’ll know we’re searching for the one that preserves nutrients while also providing you the convenience you need to stay healthy with your busy lifestyle.

Perhaps most importantly is the unbiased nature of our review site. Because we use our own expert reviewers to research products, you’ll know you’re getting an unbiased look at each product. But we aren’t just looking at the best product overall. We also help out your budget by recommending the best bang for your buck. This involves taking an in-depth look at the pricing and comparing it across all the products in the category, telling you if a product is really worth the money you’ll pay or if you can get the same or better item for less.

Over time, you’ll be able to identify those brands that best fit your own preferences and quickly choose a product that helps you stay within your budget.

Our Trusted Process

The Don’t Waste Your Money review team is ready to help you stock your kitchen with top-quality products. For the items in this category, we’re looking for only the best of the best. If it’s an appliance, we want to make sure you’ll have an item that will perform efficiently, quietly and without fail for many years. In many cases, you may be surprised to find the best blender or juicer isn’t the one that’s most expensive or has a highly recognizable brand name.

If, on the other hand, it’s cutlery or dinnerware, quality and appearance are likely important. Our team includes more than 20 in-house reviewers who search far and wide for the best products for your own kitchen. We look at expert reviews on sources like Good Housekeeping and The Spruce Eats. If it’s cookware, for instance, our specialized team of kitchen experts consider everything from durability to ease of cleanup in making our recommendations. Once we’ve sifted through the reviews, we come up with four top products and compare them across a variety of criteria to help you decide.

Although DWYM does select a best overall and best value product, we are well aware that personal taste varies from one person to the next. If you’re looking for a microwave that is easy to clean, for instance, you may place that as a higher priority than how it looks. But there are some criteria, such as cooking evenness, that tend to be more universal. In all cases, though, we bring you the basics and let you choose the one that’s right for your own kitchen.

Whatever product you need for your kitchen, though, it’s important to know in advance the features you prize. If you’ve never owned that type of product before, you might have a harder time with that. However, if you have, it can help to think of the things that you liked best and least about the previous model. If you’re replacing a blender and the old one had such a wide base it made a mess when you used it, pay attention to reviewer comments that mention the size of the base and ease of cleanup.

But even for those building a new kitchen, our team’s process is designed to help. The benefit of having our reviewers put hours into testing and researching each product means you don’t have to learn the hard way that a certain product has design flaws. If there’s something we don’t catch, either the external reviewers will likely mention it or we’ll see it in a customer review on a site like Amazon. Customers are often very up-front about a product’s flaws, so when we see a complaint, we pay close attention and research it.

Over time, you’ll likely learn to check DWYM before you head to the store or shop online. In addition to our reviews, we also place our own seal of recommendation on the best products in each category. You can buy those items with full confidence that our experts have both tested and researched the products so you don’t have to. This will truly prevent you from wasting your money on products that won’t last or you won’t like.