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The Best Cheese Board

Last updated on March 15, 2024

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Our Picks For The Top Cheese Boards

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Royal Craft Wood All Natural Cheese Board

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Royal Craft Wood

All Natural Cheese Board

For those looking for a cutting board that doubles as a cheese board, this set is worth considering. Two handles allow this cheese board to double as a serving tray, letting you carry it from one area to another easily. We love its large size that makes it perfect for serving bigger groups.

Overall Take

Versatile PickThis cheese board can go from a cutting board to a cheese board to a serving tray, thanks to the handles.

 Runner Up

SMIRLY Wood Single Drawer Cheese Board


Wood Single Drawer Cheese Board

With this cheese board set, you'll receive a host of extras that will help you create an attractive charcuterie board that is sure to impress your guests. You'll receive a fruit tray, two ceramic bowls, two chalk markers, two slate labels, four utensils and even a cheeseboard guide. The board itself is made from a sturdy bamboo that is designed to ...

Overall Take

Lots of ExtrasThis high-quality cheese board is ideal for gift giving.

 We Also Like

Bambüsi Classic Bamboo Cheese Board Set


Classic Bamboo Cheese Board Set

This cheese board is handmade with 100% quality bamboo material. We like that it has a built-in drawer that comes stocked with cheese knives.

Overall Take

Most ConvenientThis cheese board set has everything you need to create finger foods for your guests, including a pull-out drawer with a cutlery set.

 Strong Contender

Dynamic Gear Party Easy Clean Cheese Board Set

Dynamic Gear

Party Easy Clean Cheese Board Set

This cheese board is made from 100% bamboo. In addition to being durable, the material is also easy to wipe clean. Each set comes with four cheese cutting utensils that fit perfectly into the slide-out drawer.

Overall Take

Easy to StoreThe smaller size makes this cheese board set perfect for those who entertain smaller groups.

Buying Guide

Charcuterie boards are perfect for entertaining. Also known as cheese boards, they’re usually made of wood and sometimes come with a handle for easy transport. But today’s consumers don’t want to invest in an item they can only use for one food type. For that reason, manufacturers are creating cheese boards that can be used for a wide range of food types, from meats and fruits to crackers and bread.

Simplemost Media

Whether you’re buying a cheese board as a gift or for yourself, it’s important to put safety as a top priority. When you’re using a tray for food storage, bacteria can become a health hazard. You’ll quickly notice many cheese boards are made with bamboo wood, which is naturally antimicrobial. Although there are other types of cheese boards, bamboo is a safe bet.

Likely the first thing you notice as you start shopping is that each board seems to have a different design. Some are built with grooves ideal for displaying crackers and bread, among other items. You can set your cheeses and meats in the center, then surround them with crackers on the side. Some trays also come with a grooved area ideal for displaying nuts or fruit.

Simplemost Media

Accessories are another consideration. You may already have knives you prefer to use, but some cheese boards have built-in drawers fully stocked with every type of knife you’ll need. If you take your cheese board to outside events or a separate area of your house, you may like having dedicated knives.

One issue many consumers have had with cheese boards is damage to their knives. Some boards can dull or damage the blades. It’s important to look for a cheese board that’s tough enough to survive years of use while also keeping your knives safe. Look for a smooth surface that will work with your blades rather than against them.

What to Look For

  • The first thing to consider is how you’ll be using your cheese board. If you want a board with a grooved area to hold crackers, look at the Bambüsi Bamboo Cheese Board Set or Dynamic Gear Bamboo Cheese Board. But what’s really useful for this is the Royal Craft Wood Bamboo Cheese Board, which has two separate, dipped areas for holding crackers, nuts or other snacks.
  • The Royal Craft Wood Chopping Board is more cutting board than cheese tray. That means the groove around the outer rim is too shallow for storing crackers. It’s designed to absorb juices while you’re cutting meat.
  • The serving handles on the Royal Craft Wood Chopping Board can come in handy if you’re carrying your tray after you’ve prepared it.
  • A slide-out drawer can be useful for storing knives. The Bambüsi Bamboo Cheese Board Set and Dynamic Gear Bamboo Cheese Board not only include slide-out drawers, but also knife sets.
  • Bamboo boards are naturally antimicrobial to keep your food safe. The Royal Craft Wood Chopping Board is made from bamboo grown without any pesticides. It’s also BPA free.
  • Not all woods are exactly alike, even within the same type. The Royal Craft Wood Chopping Board is made from Moso bamboo, which is known for its durability.
  • Another thing to assess before buying a cheese board is exactly how much room you’ll need. A larger cheese board can be great for entertaining large groups, but that also makes it difficult to store. The Royal Craft Wood Chopping Board is the largest, followed closely by the Royal Craft Wood Bamboo Cheese Board. The Dynamic Gear Bamboo Cheese Board and the Bambüsi Bamboo Cheese Board Set are smaller and more storage-friendly, but these boards may not be big enough for larger gatherings.

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Cheese has been around for at least 4,000 years, but its origins are debated. Legend says cheese was invented by accident when an Arabian merchant was storing his milk in a pouch made from a sheep’s stomach while traveling. After all those hours in the sun, the milk began to separate, forming curds and whey, similar in texture to what we now know as cottage cheese. That night, he tried the results and found that he liked the taste of the curd. Cheesemaking was later brought to Europe, allegedly by travelers visiting from Asia. There, it continued to flourish and became a mainstream food, with pilgrims bringing it to America in 1620.

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