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Last updated on October 12, 2023
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OXO Non-Slip Base Cookie Press Set, 14-Piece

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval

Non-Slip Base Cookie Press Set, 14-Piece

This user-friendly plastic press has a design that makes it easy to push out cookies without having the bottom slipping. It includes a selection of 12 metal discs and a handy container to keep them in.

Overall Take

Good for BeginnersEven if you're a beginner, the easy-to-use design and non-slip bottom makes this press a great choice.

 Runner Up

Wilton Soft Grip Trigger Cookie Press Set, 13-Piece

Soft Grip Trigger Cookie Press Set, 13-Piece

Designed with an ergonomic handle for more comfortable pressing, this press offers the durability of metal with the convenience of a clear barrel. It comes with 12 metal discs to offer variety.

Overall Take

Comfortable to UseYou'll find this option's ergonomic handle comfortable even for pressing out large batches.

 We Also Like

MARCATO Atlas Steel & Aluminium Cookie Press Set, 21-Piece

Atlas Steel & Aluminium Cookie Press Set, 21-Piece

You get the benefits of a sturdy metal design and several color options with this easy-to-use press. You can use the knob to adjust for different cookie sizes. The kit lets you make 20 cookie shapes.

Overall Take

Sturdy and AdjustableConsider this cookie press if you want one that holds up to heavy use and is adjustable for small and large cookies.

 Strong Contender

Kuhn Rikon Assorted Steel Discs & Tips Cookie Press Set, 21-Piece

Assorted Steel Discs & Tips Cookie Press Set, 21-Piece

Including a case, this kit features a plastic press that lets you see the dough. The 14 metal discs focus on multiple holiday themes, while the icing tips are a handy bonus. The kit also provides recipe ideas.

Overall Take

Good for VarietyThis useful kit offers enough disc variety for you to make shaped cookies throughout the year.

Buying Guide

If you’d like to make cookies in unique designs, a cookie press makes the task easier. Often used for making spritz cookies made of a buttery, soft dough, this tool has a barrel you can fill with dough and a ring on the bottom where you can attach your desired patterned disc. You then use either a handle or button to push out the dough and get ready-to-bake treats on your baking sheet quickly.

Cookie presses come in manual and electric versions. If you’ve got a tighter budget and don’t mind putting in more effort into pushing out the dough, a manual press can be a good option. On the other hand, you might prefer an electric cookie press if you want something easier to use, especially if you make large batches. The electric option usually has a convenient button to press rather than a handle to physically move.

Consider functionality with either type of cookie press. It should have a large enough dough capacity to avoid the need for frequent reloading. You should also pick a press that’s easy and ergonomic to hold and operate. Plus, consider which trigger style is most comfortable with a manual cookie press and whether you’d like a cookie press that lets you adjust for different cookie sizes.

You can choose between plastic and metal cookie presses. Plastic models are usually lightweight for more comfortable use and less expensive than metal options, but they may not last as long. While metal cookie presses are heavier and costlier, they are a lot more durable. Some cookie presses mix materials, such as a metal one with a clear, plastic barrel so you can see the dough remaining.

Pay attention to the discs and accessories included with your cookie press so you get the selection you need. Made of either plastic or metal, the discs often make cookies that look like trees, flowers, animals, holiday symbols and other unique shapes. Some presses also include a case to hold the discs and icing tips you can use for decorating your cookies.

What to Look For

  • Since the dough’s thickness is crucial for it working with your cookie press, avoid using just any dough you get from the store or prepare using your favorite recipe. Instead, specifically seek recipes for spritz cookie dough for the best results. You can always customize this dough with extracts for extra flavor or food coloring. Just make sure that your dough comes out both smooth and soft.
  • Before filling your cookie press, you’ll want to roll your dough so that it’s a cylindrical shape to properly fit in the barrel, but leave some space at the top. Once you’ve loaded it and reassembled the press, use the plunger to get excess air out of the barrel.
  • Avoid using a baking mat or parchment paper on your baking sheet since these will make it hard for your cookies to transfer from the press. You can instead use a nonstick baking sheet.
  • Using the cookie press can take some trial and error at first. Make sure you put the barrel flat on the baking sheet and lift it promptly after you push out a cookie. If you experience issues, this is often due to the dough being the wrong texture or temperature.
  • Make sure you leave a little room between your spritz cookies on the sheet so they don’t end up sticking together during the baking process.
  • Spritz cookies usually take 10 minutes or less to bake. Be sure to set your oven’s temperature per your specific recipe’s instructions, use a timer and check on the cookies periodically. The toothpick test is always a good option when you think the cookies may be done.
  • You can add decorations to your cookies before or after you bake them. Just save any icing until after they’ve cooled.
  • You can conveniently make large batches with your cookie press and have them stay fresh for a long time if you follow the proper procedures. You could freeze your spritz cookies for up to a year or chill them for up to two months in your fridge.
  • Thoroughly clean your cookie press with soap and water after each use. You’ll want to get any remaining dough out of the barrel and off any other parts. Before you put the cookie press away, dry all the parts completely and keep in mind that metal parts could rust.
  • You can always buy more disc shapes to build your collection or replace broken ones. A few examples include sets with holiday, creature, nature or beach themes.

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