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The Best Honey Jars

Last updated on October 19, 2023
Honey jar and honey

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Our Picks For The Top Honey Jars

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Hunnibi Honeycomb Dripless Honey Dispenser Jar With Stand

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Honeycomb Dripless Honey Dispenser Jar With Stand

This ingenious dispenser is great for those who take honey with daily tea. A handle on top starts the honey flowing from the bottom, and when you're done you can simply place it back in the stand. The result is a clean pour without sticky accumulation around the rim.

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Innovative Mess-Free DesignCleanups are easier with this clever container.

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Studio Silversmiths Crystal Beehive Honey Jar With Dipper

Studio Silversmiths

Crystal Beehive Honey Jar With Dipper

This honey "hive" holds plenty of the sweet stuff, and the heavy glass keeps it safe. It also makes it appetizing to look at, with intricate designs and a whimsical shape. The wooden dipper is the finishing touch that makes it a perfect complement to charcuterie or dessert presentations.

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Perfect Honey CenterpieceDisplay this beautiful glass jar with pride.

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EHOMEA2Z Commercial Quality Tempered Glass Slide Lid Honey Jar


Commercial Quality Tempered Glass Slide Lid Honey Jar

This jar comes with a tapered top and a tight spout that keeps air out and your honey just the way you like it: As a liquid. If sugaring does occur, the tempered glass can stand up to the occasional hot water bath. The classic shape makes it easy to grab and pour.

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Simple and FunctionalThis classic jar can hold up to heavy use.

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PAULSWAY Crystal Beehive Honey Jar With Dippers


Crystal Beehive Honey Jar With Dippers

This cute jar comes with a pair of wooden dippers, making it ideal for couples who love to sweeten up breakfast together. Both the shape and the carvings evoke a playful beehive, so it practically begs for display. The glass is sturdy and can stand up to years of use.

Overall Take

Sweet Wedding GiftThis attractive beehive is sure to get guests buzzing.

Buying Guide

Along with sunsets, the mere existence of honey is a reminder that nature loves us and wants us to be happy. For that reason and more, it’s important to store this sweet, sticky nectar in your kitchen with the appropriate reverence, and that means a reliable honey jar.

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Sure, you could store your honey in a standard sugar bowl. But before we get into the practical reasons why that’s not a good idea, consider that a honey jar means you’ve bothered to pour the stuff out of a store container in the first place. You may as well make it presentable, so make an effort to match the kitchen decor. If you’re working with wood cabinets and farmhouse accents, consider something ceramic or a classic “honey bear.” Modern kitchens might want to go with a glass vase or something more elegant. The best honey jars can be a great centerpiece for family breakfasts or special charcuterie nights.

What to Look For

If you really love your honey, it won’t be too long before you’ll want to clean your jar out, so make sure you may a material that makes that as easy as possible. Glass is a good all-around choice for this reason. Honey sticks to everything, but it won’t get absorbed by quality glass, or stain it. Just make sure that the glass is thick enough that you can clean it in the dishwasher, especially if it has an odd shape with lots of hard-to-brush crevices.

Glazed ceramic is a classic choice that’s also easy to clean, as long as the glaze doesn’t wear away or chip on the inside. Plastic honey jars can be OK for short term use, but they’re not usually the most presentable. They can also affect the taste of your honey, and harmful chemicals can even leech off into your honey in the case of cheaper plastics.

If you’re planning to serve honey directly out of the jar, you have a few options. Jars with a spout look great, but you can expect some dripping. You can also go with an old-school honey dipper, which usually comes with jars in a more classic design. Dippers are a wand, usually wooden or glass with a textured bulb on the end. They’re a great way to dispense honey onto pancakes or into drinks by slowly dripping it in — as opposed to spooning it over in one big blob.

More to Explore

Good honey jars do more than just keep your honey; they keep your honey tasting good. The more airtight your container is, the less chance that the honey will lose its natural moisture. When that happens, you get crystallization.

Don’t worry though. That hardening won’t make your honey inedible. All you need to do is warm up the honey in hot water and it should resume its natural state with minimal loss of taste.

Another way to avoid crystallization is to store it in the right place and at the right temperature. Honey likes to be kept away from too much direct light and in room temperature. That means that no, refrigerating your raw honey won’t extend its lifespan. (That’s usually not an issue anyway, as honey stored in an airtight container can last for years or even decades without losing its taste.) The exception here is creamed honey, which means honey that has undergone some minor processing that gives it a milky texture and taste. Refrigeration won’t harm this variety, since it’s already partially crystallized.

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