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The Best Salt Rimmer

Last updated on June 12, 2023

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Hotorda 3-Tier Cocktail Bar Glass Salt Rimmer

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval


3-Tier Cocktail Bar Glass Salt Rimmer

This useful salt rimmer has three separate tiers: one for salt, one for sugar and one for lime juice. It has a tight-fitting lid for storage. Each tier is labelled to avoid confusion and cross-contamination.

Overall Take

Useful DesignThis salt rimmer has three different tiers.

 Runner Up

TableCraft Professional Glass Salt Rimmer Set


Professional Glass Salt Rimmer Set

This simple salt rimmer works with any glass from three and a half to six inches in diameter. It has an easy-to-remove cover with a small handle. The rimmer takes no time to clean by hand washing.

Overall Take

Simple OptionThis salt rimmer works with any glass from three and a half to six inches in diameter.

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Totally Bamboo Barkeeper’s Cocktail Salt Rimmer Box

Totally Bamboo

Barkeeper's Cocktail Salt Rimmer Box

This retro-inspired salt rimmer is made from bamboo. It has a swivel lid which closes firmly with a magnetic lock. The dish can also be used to store jewelry, pet treats, office supplies and more.

Overall Take

Retro AppealThis salt rimmer is made from bamboo.

 Strong Contender

Cork & Mill Acacia Wood Wide Glasses Salt Rimmer

Cork & Mill

Acacia Wood Wide Glasses Salt Rimmer

This salt rimmer is a beautiful accent piece, carved from solid acacia wood. It is large enough to fit martini and margarita glasses. The rimmer comes with recipes for three different cocktails.

Overall Take

Accent PieceThis salt rimmer is carved from solid acacia wood.

Buying Guide

If you love making cocktails at home but find they don’t quite live up to the professionally made ones you have at the bar, it could be because you’re missing a key ingredient: the salt rimmer. This little but important touch on the rim of the glass can completely elevate the taste of the cocktail. However, rimming a glass at home can lead to a mess if you don’t have the right accessories.

A salt rimmer is the perfect solution for your home bar. It’s a small round dish with a lid, the perfect size to fit the circumference of most cocktail glasses. All you have to do is fill the dish with your rimmer of choice, which can be plain salt or a mixture of salt, sugar, citrus and other flavors. Simply wet the rim of the glass using a lemon or lime, and then turn the glass over in the rimmer to cover it with the salt and spices. When you’re done, just put the lid back on the dish to keep the rimmer clean for next time.

When choosing a salt rimmer, consider the material the dish is made from. Plastic is a common choice because it is affordable and trendy. However, it may not be as durable as some other options. Plus, plastic has a tendency to get scratched easily. Stainless steel is another option that is sturdy and stylish. However, keep in mind that you have to clean it often if you want it to keep looking shiny. Many people like wood salt rimmers because they have unique color variations. However, wood is porous, so it can tend to rot over time because of the exposure to liquids. Silicone is a hardy and durable option that is also dishwasher safe. It’s also rust-free and non-slip.

What to Look For

  • When it comes to size, most salt rimmers are about four to six inches in diameter. Many of them also have a small bowl in the center, so the rimmer is in a donut shape. Ensure your glassware fits within the rimmer and around the bowl in the center.
  • If you entertain often and are looking for a salt rimmer of professional quality, opt for one that has multiple tiers. This way, you can keep different types of rimmers in the same dish but in different tiers. Some also have a special lid that is designed to hold the lime wedge.
  • The best kind of salt to use in a rimmer is kosher salt because it has a crystal-like appearance and looks great on a glass. Some people also prefer sea salt because of the size of the grain. These types of salts compliment fruity drinks like margaritas.
  • If you want to use a sugar rim either on its own or mixed with salt, consider pairing it with more tart or acidic drinks such as citrusy cocktails or martinis. This create a really interesting balance of flavors. Avoid using a sugar rim on overly sweet drinks.
  • A tip to getting the rimmer to stay on the glass is to use the right adhesive. While many people use water, it doesn’t hold up well because it dries quickly. Lime is the citrus of choice for helping the rimmer stick to the glass because of it’s unique taste, however, you can also try lemon or orange wedges as well. Some people also like to use a sugar syrup, though that can get messy and drip down the side of the glass.

More to Explore

While salt rimmers are typically used on alcoholic cocktails, they don’t need to be limited to that. If you want to make any drink feel special, consider adding a rimmer. For example, you can add a spicy and salty rimmer to compliment a fruity juice. Similarly, consider adding a sweet rimmer to a sour drink like lemonade. Rimmers not only add a unique look to the glass, but also impart flavor and scent.

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