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Best Dry Food Storage Containers

Last updated on February 28, 2024
10 stacked dry food storage containers

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Our Picks For The Top Dry Food Storage Containers

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  The Best Overall

Chef’s Path Snap Closure Food Storage Containers, 24-Piece

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Chef's Path

Snap Closure Food Storage Containers, 24-Piece

You can organize your pantry with these bins, but they'll look just as good displayed on the countertop. Chalk labels let you read about what's inside, and they're easy to erase when you rearrange things. The closing mechanism keeps each one tight and snug.

Overall Take

Stylish SolutionsThese tall containers are both secure and stylish.

 Also Great

Tiawudi Plastic BPA-Free Canisters, 8-Piece


Plastic BPA-Free Canisters, 8-Piece

Everything you need to organize your pantry is provided with this set of dry food storage canisters. Not only do you receive eight containers, but also get a set of labels and five measuring spoons. They range in size and can be stacked on top of each other.

Overall Take

Most EconomicalWhen shopping on a budget, these affordably priced canisters are the way to go.

 Best Seller

OXO Good Grips Airtight Food Storage POP Container Set, 5-Piece


Good Grips Food Storage Set, 5-Piece

Each of these sets comes with four different sized containers that are excellent at storing everything from pasta to chocolate chips. You can even use them to organize your children's toys. The lids feature a button that when pushed creates an airtight seal.

Overall Take

Airtight SealAll you need to do is push a button and these containers are sealed for maximum freshness.

  The Best Value

Vtopmart Airtight BPA Free Food Storage Containers, 10-Piece


Food Storage Containers, 10-Piece

These containers are spacious and equipped with a solid side locking system. The containers are translucent, so you'll always know what's inside each piece at a glance. The set does come with 24 reusable labels if you prefer to list what is inside instead.

Overall Take

Best bang for the buckGo with these containers when you need to store cereals, grains and other dry foods.

Buying Guide

Somewhere in the world there’s a perfect kitchen in the home of a perfect family who all clean their plates at the end of every meal. If you’re that family, feel free to save yourself some reading. As for the rest of us: Your kitchen is going to need food storage containers to keep staples like flour or sugar fresh after the bag has been opened. And since the difference between good storage containers and sub-par ones is likely to be just a few dollars, you may as well go for the good stuff.

The main factor to consider however is that it’s air tight. We found quality options for you to choose from and also have tips on  how to keep chips, cereal and other pantry staples from going stale.

We also recommend buying clear containers or choosing storage solutions that you can label. You’ll find all of our recommendations fit into one of these two categories as they are a must for pantry and cupboard organization.

What to Look For

  • There is a significant price difference between plastic and glass containers, which are the two most common materials. Glass will be a bit more expensive, it’s liable to be a lot heavier, but these are containers you can expect to last (unless, of course, you drop them). Plastic is much lighter, but the best plastic doesn’t necessarily have to be flimsier. Some plastic container brands are dishwasher safe as long as you don’t have the water temperature too high. For many, the main concern with plastic is the materials used to make it. Some plastics can contain BPAs and other chemicals that can leach into the food, affecting the taste in the best case scenario and harming our health in the worst. Phthalates, PVC or BPAs are just a few of the red flags you want to look for, as these chemicals have been linked to hormone issues and certain kinds of cancer.
  • Keep in mind how much food you plan on storing, and where you typically store it. If it’s going to be in the pantry, you can get away with plastic containers in a utilitarian style. If you’ve got things that need to be ready at hand on the countertop, consider glass containers that you’re not ashamed to display. Some type of labeling is always a plus if you’re storing food long term.
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More to Explore

Sometimes it seems you can never find the right lid for the right storage container. It’s a common problem, with a few easy solutions. File folders or magazine holders can be turned into convenient pockets to hold all your stray lids. Just screw them to the inside of your cabinet door.

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