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The Best Chopsticks

Last updated on August 17, 2023

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Lourmet Heat Resistant Fiberglass Chopsticks, 10-Pairs

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Heat Resistant Fiberglass Chopsticks, 10-Pairs

With no coating, paint or odor, these fiberglass chopsticks won’t interfere with the taste of your food. They're dishwasher safe for easy cleanup between meals, and they’re heat-resistant up to 356 degrees Fahrenheit. You’ll get 10 pairs in an attractive black design to make it great for entertaining.

Overall Take

Easy CleanupSimply toss these chopsticks in the dishwasher between uses for easy care.

 Runner Up

SUPJOYES Dishwasher Safe Fiberglass Chopsticks, 6-Pairs


Dishwasher Safe Fiberglass Chopsticks, 6-Pairs

You’ll get six pairs of chopsticks, each featuring a unique, meaningful pattern. Made from high-quality fiberglass, you won’t have to worry about these chopsticks warping, melting or cracking, even during multiple runs through the dishwasher. The material is made to prevent slipping to make them easier to hold.

Overall Take

Fun for EntertainingEach chopstick in this set has a unique pattern for a great conversation piece when you host sushi night.

 We Also Like

Antner Reusable Natural Bamboo Chopsticks, 5-Pairs


Reusable Natural Bamboo Chopsticks, 5-Pairs

Superior bamboo makes this a high-quality set of eating utensils that you can use for many years. They feature a slip-resistant design to make them easy for even beginners to get up to speed on eating with chopsticks. You’ll get a gift box to make them ideal for giving.

Overall Take

A Great PresentIf you need a hostess gift or something to give a new homeowner, this set of 10 chopsticks with a beautiful box is worth considering.

 Also Great

Happy Sales Disposable Wooden Chopsticks, 40-Pairs

Happy Sales

Disposable Wooden Chopsticks, 40-Pairs

Sold in larger sets, these disposable chopsticks are designed to keep you well stocked. Each pair is connected at the top with a protective paper sleeve to keep them secured until you’re ready to use them.

Overall Take

Plenty to Go AroundIf you’re entertaining large groups or you need chopsticks for a group picnic, consider this set of 40 disposable pairs.

Buying Guide

A longtime staple of Asian cuisine, chopsticks have only grown in popularity over the years as Western diners have grown to embrace Eastern foods like sushi and dumplings. If you’ve ever eaten using chopsticks, you know they differ dramatically from eating with a fork and knife. But the techniques required to use chopsticks aren’t the only ways in which chopsticks differ from silverware. There actually can be some dangers hidden in some chopsticks.

Chopstick hygiene drew plenty of attention during COVID, as consumers in Asia were warned about the enduring habit of sharing one pair of chopsticks among family members. But wooden chopsticks have long drawn concerns from health experts. Bacteria can seep into the wood, it seems, and make it hard to thoroughly clean them.

Your local takeout restaurants will likely issue single-use wooden chopsticks that you can simply toss in the garbage after your meal. But, for sustainability’s sake, you might want to purchase a pair of chopsticks that can be washed and reused.

There are several types of chopsticks that can be tossed in the dishwasher and used again and again. One popular material that’s great for reuse is fiberglass. This material is attractive and easy to keep clean, but you do lose some of the flair that comes from eating with wooden chopsticks. For that, there’s bamboo, which is a non-absorbent type of wood that can handle the excessive temperatures necessary to fully sanitize your eating utensils.

You may not realize that there’s a regional difference between chopsticks. Japanese chopsticks tend to be pointier on the ends, while Chinese chopsticks have more of a blunt end. Both Chinese and Vietnamese chopsticks are longer than those typically used with Korean and Japanese foods. Of course, on top of that is personal preference. If you’re comfortable with one type of chopstick over another, you might opt to have your favorite pair on hand no matter which cuisine you’re enjoying.

What to Look For

  • The best thing about fiberglass is their odorless and tasteless properties. This means you won’t have to worry about your chopsticks getting in the way of enjoying the taste and aroma of your meal.
  • Not all chopsticks are dishwasher safe. Unless you’re okay with hand-washing your eating utensils between meals, look for a pair of chopsticks that can handle the rigors of a dishwasher.
  • Heat resistance is another consideration. You likely won’t be sliding your chopsticks into the oven, but you’ll still want a pair that can hold up when you dip into a piping-hot plate of food.
  • It can be tempting to toss the disposable chopsticks you get with your takeout meal into the dishwasher and reuse them. This can be dangerous, though, as the wood used to make disposable chopsticks can harbor bacteria. Use wooden chopsticks only once and if Asian takeout is a weekly occurrence in your household, buy a pair that is designed for washing and reusing.
  • Most chopsticks are sold in multiples. This means you’ll have chopsticks for everyone in your family, as well as the occasional guest.
  • Traditional chopsticks can be tough to grip. Look for a pair with a nonslip grip in the area where you hold it. This can make a big difference when you’re trying to learn to eat with chopsticks.
  • Chopsticks can make a great gift. If you choose this option, look for a set that comes with a gift box that makes them visually appealing. You can also find fun sets that have designs on them, each with its own unique meaning.
  • Chopsticks with a squared end serve a very important purpose. If you’re eating noodles, the pointed ends can make it tougher to grip your food. Those squared ends give you a little more traction.
  • If you’re trying to teach your youngest to use chopsticks, you can find special training chopsticks that limit the range of motion and are much easier to hold without dropping.

More to Explore

If you’ve struggled to hold chopsticks correctly, it might make you feel better to know that improper chopstick use is fairly common. In fact, even in Japan, the majority of 30-something adults approached in one survey used chopsticks incorrectly.

Correct chopstick form means holding them two-thirds of the length up from the tips. You then rest the bottom chopstick with the tip of your ring finger while using your pointer and middle finger to move the top stick. Only the top chopstick should move when you’re grasping food to move from the plate to your mouth. Part of holding chopsticks correctly, though, is making sure you’re choosing the right length for the size of your fingers. If possible, look for a chopstick that’s 1 1/2 times the length between the tip of your thumb and the tip of your forefinger.

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