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The Best Collins Glasses

Last updated on May 15, 2023

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Our Picks For The Top Collins Glasses

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Godinger Diamond Pattern Grip Collins Glasses, 4-Piece

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Diamond Pattern Grip Collins Glasses, 4-Piece

These Collins glasses are beautiful and eye-catching, with an elegant criss-cross embellishment at the base of the vessel. Made from both glass and crystal, they can make any beverage you choose to sip feel rich and sophisticated.

Overall Take

Classic and Glamorous CollectionThese Collins glasses are perfect for weddings and black-tie events

 Runner Up

Red Co. Thick Weighted Base Collins Glasses, 6-Piece

Red Co.

Thick Weighted Base Collins Glasses, 6-Piece

These Collins glasses have a simple, yet modern design. Roughly 6 ½ inches tall and with a capacity of 10 ounces, these glasses’ simplicity makes them highly versatile, elevating any beverage to a sophisticated status.

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Sleek, Clean and ModernThis six 10-ounce Collins glasses set is simple enough to fit in with your glassware but refined enough to make any drink exciting.

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BENETI Lead-Free Tall Collins Glasses, 6-Piece


Lead-Free Tall Collins Glasses, 6-Piece

These 16-ounce Collins glasses have an understated form with soft, rounded edges. They are designed for durability with a weighted bottom and a thin-edged rim, so they are not easy to knock over or break.

Overall Take

A Sturdy Minimalist SetThese glasses are best for anyone who loves a minimalist design but needs something durable that can last.

 Also Great

QAPPDA Freezer Safe Collins Glasses, 12-Piece


Freezer Safe Collins Glasses, 12-Piece

These 10-ounce Collins glasses have a contemporary air to them, all while maintaining tradition. They are microwave and freezer-safe, which frees them up for all sorts of applications.

Overall Take

Contemporary Style for PartiesWhile most sets come with around six glasses, this one includes 12, making it a great choice for anyone who loves entertaining.

Buying Guide

Collins glasses are tall, slender vessels, typically with a capacity of around 10 to 16 ounces. They are used for various beverages but are most often reserved for chilled, sparkling alcoholic drinks.

Collins glasses are often confused with highball glasses, and while they appear very similar, they have different applications. Highball glasses tend to be shorter and wider than Collins glasses and are best suited for drinks made of ice and a single spirit, while Collins glasses are used for mixed drinks.

Collins glasses may vary slightly in size and design. However, they most often remain fairly consistent with one another so as to maintain the Collins glass designation.

Because of this, the primary consideration one should keep in mind when shopping for Collins glasses is quantity. Collins glasses are often sold in sets of six; however, it’s easy to find larger sets if necessary.

One should also consider material when shopping for Collins glasses. Most are made from glass, while others may be made from crystal. If looking for something more durable, many Collins glasses are made with a heavy base, so you will be less likely to knock them over.

It is also important to remember that not all Collins glasses are dishwasher, microwave or freezer safe. Be sure to research this beforehand so you don’t accidentally damage the glass.

Collins glasses are versatile additions to your cabinet with many different applications. When shopping for a set, it is essential to consider the quantity and maintenance requirements.

What to Look For

  • Consider how many glasses you need in a set before purchasing.
  • Always make sure Collins glasses are dishwasher-safe before washing in a dishwasher.
  • Collins glasses with a weighted base are sturdier than others since they are more difficult to knock over.
  • Do not put hot beverages in a Collins glass since the glass typically cannot withstand high-temperature changes.
  • Do not put Collins glasses in the microwave unless they are designated as microwave safe.
  • Always store Collins glasses in a cool, dry and stable space.

More to Explore

While the Collins glass most likely earned its name after the rise in popularity of the Tom Collins cocktail, the style of the glass itself existed long before the Tom or John Collins cocktails.

Originally a variation on the highball glass, the Collins glass was favored for its tall and narrow shape, which prevented the last few drops of a drink from spilling.

Since receiving its moniker from the Tom Collins, Collins glasses have been used for a multitude of alcoholic drinks, predominately ones including club soda or any carbonated beverage. Some even prefer to interchange them with highball glasses.

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