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The Best Metal Funnel

Last updated on October 11, 2023

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Our Picks For The Top Metal Funnels

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 Top Pick

Lakatay Detachable Strainer & Corrosion-Resistant Metal Funnel

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Detachable Strainer & Corrosion-Resistant Metal Funnel

Made of stainless steel, this funnel has a diameter of 5 inches and a long neck. The handle makes it easy to hold, especially if you're pouring something hot. You also get a strainer filter you can put inside.

Overall Take

Large But ErgonomicIf you need an ergonomic funnel with a long neck and a wide mouth, this option is a good choice.

 Runner Up

YLYL Clip-Ring & Assorted Sizes Metal Funnels, 3-Count


Clip-Ring & Assorted Sizes Metal Funnels, 3-Count

Including small, medium and large sizes, these funnels make for a good starter set. They're made of stainless steel and have small hanging tabs. The kit also includes cleaning brushes and a ring.

Overall Take

Good Starter OptionThis set gets you started with 3 funnel sizes and some handy accessories.

 We Also Like

YGDZ Cleaning Brushes & Stainless Steel Metal Funnels, 3-Count


Cleaning Brushes & Stainless Steel Metal Funnels, 3-Count

This collection provides variety with 3 funnels in small to large sizes. They have stems that especially suit small containers. Featuring hanging tabs, they funnels are made of stainless steel and include brushes and a ring as accessories.

Overall Take

Offers VarietyYou'll find this collection's variety of funnel sizes useful with different container sizes.

 Strong Contender

AOZITA Lightweight Dishwasher Safe Metal Funnel


Lightweight Dishwasher Safe Metal Funnel

With its 4.7-inch diameter and short neck, this funnel best suits spice jars, but it's versatile enough for other container types too. It has a handle for easy use. The stainless steel material holds up over time.

Overall Take

Versatile SizeConsider this funnel if you want a versatile option that is not too big and is easy to use.

Buying Guide

A metal funnel is a versatile and easy-to-use accessory that comes in handy when working with both liquids and dry foods. It helps reduce the mess and waste involved with transferring ingredients between containers. For example, if you need to pour some spices from a large package into a small bottle, you can simply stick the funnel in the small bottle’s neck and pour the spices into the funnel’s top for a much easier transfer process.

When it comes to material, stainless steel is the most popular metal used, but you can find some aluminum funnels too. Both options offer the benefits of resistance against corrosion and rust, and they provide durability too. However, aluminum falls behind a bit in strength, making it more likely to dent than stainless steel. Whichever you use, just check that the funnel’s metal is rated food-grade for safety. 

You should choose a metal funnel that will properly fit in the container’s neck and provide enough capacity for efficient filling. If you want to slowly pour something into tiny bottles, look for small funnels with narrow necks versus wide-mouthed funnels better suited for canning food. If in doubt, check out medium funnels since their size and capacity can suit many everyday needs for transferring liquids and dry foods. You can even buy a metal funnel collection to take the guesswork out of choosing one size.

While you probably won’t find a metal funnel complex to use, you might want to look out for a few common features. If you have concerns about holding the funnel ergonomically or getting your hand close to hot ingredients, some metal funnels have handles that offer both comfort and protection. Even more metal funnels have small tabs on the side with a hole, and this tab helps with both holding the funnel and hanging it up for storage.

Your metal funnel may also come with some accessories, especially if you buy a kit. For example, you could get a cleaning brush so that you can get debris out of the narrow neck. Some metal funnels also have a removable strainer to filter out small particles from a liquid. In addition, your kit might include a keyring that makes it easier to store your funnels together.

What to Look For

  • Metal funnels most often come in silver. However, you can find fun metallic options in colors such as purple, blue or gold if you shop around.
  • When looking at metal funnels labeled in sizes such as “small” and “large,” be aware the actual measurements can vary widely across brands. For example, a large funnel might have a diameter of 5 inches in one brand but just 3 inches in another. This makes it important to look at both the pictures and the manufacturer’s measurements so that you know exactly what you’ll get.
  • While strong, a metal funnel could still dent if you drop it or knock it against something. Buying a stainless steel one and using it carefully will help prevent this problem.
  • You probably won’t end up with rust or corrosion on your metal funnel, but it’s still a good idea to keep it dry when you’re not using it.
  • Some metal funnels have a small groove in their design. This helps with airflow and can reduce the chances of backflow when you pour something in the funnel.
  • Wash your metal funnel with water and soap to prevent buildup and odors. Most often, the funnel will have a dishwasher-safe label from the manufacturer. But if you notice tough buildup, you can hand wash it with a baking soda and water paste that also comes in handy for other metal kitchen tools. Just don’t scrub the metal funnel with something abrasive since that could scratch it up.
  • If you plan to use your metal funnel for something besides food, be careful if you do later want to use it with food. You don’t want to risk any toxic residue touching your food.
  • When using your metal funnel, make sure you have it secure in the container’s neck. Pour the ingredient slowly into the funnel’s mouth and avoid pouring so much that it overflows and causes a mess. Consider placing something on your work surface to catch any spills that do occur.
  • Take extra care when using your metal funnel with hot liquids. Not only could you burn your hand if something spills during the pouring process, but the funnel will also get very hot and require careful handling.

More to Explore

Funnels come in silicone and plastic versions too, so it helps to know when a metal funnel can offer an advantage. Based on sturdiness, metal funnels excel since they can hold up to frequent use well and won’t tear or crack like the other materials could. Since metal is heavier, the material also makes the funnel more stable so that it can stay in place better in the container’s neck for less hassle. Plus, if you need to transfer something very hot, you likely won’t have to worry about the metal funnel melting like a plastic or silicone one could.

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