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The Best Plastic Funnel

Last updated on November 11, 2023

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Our Picks For The Top Plastic Funnels

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 Top Pick

Norpro Assorted Sizes Nesting Plastic Funnels, 3-Piece

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Assorted Sizes Nesting Plastic Funnels, 3-Piece

This set includes 3 funnels in small, medium and large sizes. They feature narrow spouts that work well with bottles. Each funnel is white and has a tab for hanging.

Overall Take

Basic CollectionIf you're looking for a set of funnels in a few common sizes, this basic option is a good choice.

 Runner Up

OXO Good Grips Strainer & BPA-Free Plastic Funnels, 3-Piece


Good Grips Strainer & BPA-Free Plastic Funnels, 3-Piece

Coming in 4-ounce and 16-ounce capacities, these funnels feature handy grips to keep them from slippage during use. The funnels have hanging tabs and look transparent with black details. You get a handy strainer.

Overall Take

User-Friendly DesignThe grips make these funnels a user-friendly choice if you tend to have trouble with slippage.

 We Also Like

LINGLAN Built-In Hanging Tab Plastic Funnels, 5-Piece


Built-In Hanging Tab Plastic Funnels, 5-Piece

Standing out for their bright colors, these funnels come in pink, yellow, orange, blue and green. The set gives you 5 sizes ranging from around 2.6 to 4.9 inches. Each has a hanging tab.

Overall Take

Fun LookYou'll find these funnels ideal if you prefer them in a variety of fun colors.

 Strong Contender

Ram-Pro Wide Mouth Lightweight Plastic Funnels, 4-Piece


Wide Mouth Lightweight Plastic Funnels, 4-Piece

Available in white or orange, these funnels come in a set of 4. The size selection ranges from 2 to 4.75 inches, and the stems are narrow. The sturdy funnels have hanging tabs and suit various uses.

Overall Take

Simple and VersatileThese simple funnels come in enough sizes to offer a lot of diversity for uses inside and outside the kitchen.

Buying Guide

If you ever need to pour something into a bottle, jar or other narrow container, you’ll find that a funnel makes the process much less messy and frustrating. You can simply place an appropriately sized funnel into your container’s opening. As you pour the liquid or dry ingredient into the funnel’s mouth, it will travel down to a small hole in the funnel’s neck and then into your container.

While funnels come in other materials like metal and silicone, plastic is an economical choice that offers several benefits. First, you don’t have to worry about rust, dents or interactions with acidic ingredients like you could with a metal funnel. Second, plastic funnels are more rigid than silicone ones but still lightweight. Additionally, they are very versatile and easy to take care of.

When shopping for plastic funnels, know that they don’t differ much in functionality. However, you will want to make sure that you get the right funnel size for your intended use. This means thinking about the opening of the container you’re pouring into so you get something with the right neck size. You’ll also want to consider how much you’d like to pour at once since this determines the funnel’s ideal capacity.

If you need to pour liquids into tiny bottles, a small funnel with a very narrow neck best suits the task. On the other hand, you may want a high-capacity funnel with a wider neck to efficiently pour dry ingredients into a large container. Medium funnels are also handy since they’re versatile for different container opening sizes and offer a decent capacity. Luckily, plastic funnels usually come in sets and make it easy to get multiple sizes for flexibility.

Plastic funnels can come with special features that make them easier to use or store. For example, they’ll often have a hole you can use to hang them up or even a handle that you can grasp during use. Other funnels have special grips on the neck so that you worry less about the funnel slipping while you’re pouring. You can also find plastic funnels that include a small strainer for additional functionality.

What to Look For

  • It’s OK to wash most plastic funnels in your dishwasher. But if you have concerns about the plastic’s durability, you might prefer to wash the funnel by hand. In either case, know that you might need to use a small brush if your funnel has some residue stuck in its crevices.
  • Some plastic funnels are clear or white while others come in a rainbow of colors. While neutral colors keep things simple, you might prefer a variety if you want to easily differentiate the funnels for different uses. Additionally, brightly-colored funnels stand out for quick identification in a drawer.
  • When picking a funnel for kitchen use, make sure the manufacturer lists the plastic as a food-grade material that doesn’t have anything toxic in it. Otherwise, you risk chemicals getting into the dry ingredients and liquids you pour into the funnel. You should also consider a BPA-free option.
  • If you plan to use plastic funnels for both food- and non-food uses, beware of cross-contamination issues. You don’t want to pour motor oil or perfume into a funnel and then later use it with food. Rather than just washing the funnel between different uses, be safe and just set aside funnels for specific purposes.
  • Make sure the plastic funnel you purchase has a steady base, feels comfortable to use and offers enough durability for everyday use.
  • Plastic funnels have some downsides to know. Very hot ingredients can melt or damage the plastic, so you should let such ingredients cool down first. Plastic funnels can also accumulate odors and stains, so be careful what you pour into them. Plus, avoid pouring chemicals into the funnel that could harm the plastic.
  • To avoid messy mishaps when using your plastic funnel, make sure the funnel sits securely in the container’s opening, pour slowly and don’t overfill it.
  • Store your plastic funnel somewhere away from high heat or items that could damage it. Consider hanging it somewhere easy to access if it has a hanging tab.

More to Explore

You’ll likely feel surprised when you discover all the different uses around the home for plastic funnels. They especially come in handy if you buy food ingredients in bulk and need to transfer some to smaller containers for convenient use. You can also use funnels for canning food, separating eggs or refilling your salt and pepper shakers without wasting a lot in the process.

However, plastic funnels offer even more outside the kitchen. For example, you can use them to fill mini toiletry and cosmetics bottles to take with you on a vacation. If you need to refill your car’s fluids or do an oil change, a funnel will help with the task. Additionally, funnels come in handy for activities such as pouring sand into bottles, doing science experiments and filling bird feeders.

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