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The Best Hand Mixer Replacement Beaters

Last updated on May 31, 2023

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Our Picks For The Top Hand Mixer Replacement Beaters

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Discount Parts Direct Stainless Hand Mixer Replacement Beaters, 2-Count

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Discount Parts Direct

Stainless Hand Mixer Replacement Beaters, 2-Count

When searching for a reliable set of hand mixer replacement beaters, consider this option. The pair of beaters is constructed using a stainless steel that is designed to last. They won't rust or corrode and you can even clean them in a washing machine.

Overall Take

Economical PickThese affordable hand mixer replacement beaters won't break your budget.

 Runner Up

Cuisinart CHM Series Compatible Hand Mixer Replacement Beaters, 2-Count


CHM Series Compatible Hand Mixer Replacement Beaters, 2-Count

If you need a replacement for your Cuisinart CHM Series hand mixer, these replacement beaters might be the right choice. Listed as a genuine Cuisinart part, these replacements work with HM-50, HM-50BK, HM-70, CHM-3 and CHM-7PK models. The finish has a matte feel to it, whereas some original Cuisinart beaters were chrome in look and feel.

Overall Take

Sturdy BuildThese hand mixer replacement beaters have a sturdy build that can tackle even the toughest mixtures.

 Strong Contender

Antoble Exact Fit Hand Mixer Replacement Beaters, 2-Count


Exact Fit Hand Mixer Replacement Beaters, 2-Count

Beating eggs and stirring pancake batter has never been easier than with this set of hand mixer replacement beaters. The pair are made from a shiny stainless steel that is extremely reliable. They also click into place in just a few seconds.

Overall Take

Easy to InstallThese hand mixer replacement beaters are designed to replace a variety of KitchenAid beaters, including models W10240913 and PS4082859.

 Also Great

Univen Dishwasher Safe Hand Mixer Replacement Beaters, 2-Count


Dishwasher Safe Hand Mixer Replacement Beaters, 2-Count

Grab this set of hand mixer replacement beaters if your machine is one of the Cuisinart CHM Series mixers. The two beaters are made using stainless steel, which means they're rust-resistant and reliable. In fact, you can even clean them in a dishwasher, making them virtually maintenance-free.

Overall Take

Strong and SturdyThese hand mixer replacement beaters have a width of 2 inches and a length of 7.5 inches.

Buying Guide

A good hand mixer can last for decades. In fact, some people own hand mixers that have been passed down from parents and grandparents. But as durable as a hand mixer can be, the beaters often don’t last forever.

Here’s the good news: You don’t have to buy an all-new mixer when your beaters wear out. You can purchase replacement beaters from parts supply companies that will work with your own mixer. But before you buy, it’s important to carefully check compatibility. Even if a beater set promises compatibility with all major mixers, that doesn’t mean it works with all model numbers or even all mixer brands. Model types should be listed, but if not, reach out to the manufacturer to see if it will fit what you have.

It’s also important to note that your replacement beaters might not be an exact match to the ones that came with your blender. Most are designed to work with a wide range of mixers and models, so you might find they’re thinner, thicker or have a different finish.

If you can find replacement parts sold by the manufacturer of your mixer, it might be worth it. Then you’ll be sure you’re getting beaters that will be closer to the originals. Some brands, including Cuisinart, offer replacement beaters for a group of models to help customers extend the life of their mixers.

In addition to having a different finish or build, your beaters might not easily snap into the connections on your mixer. Listen for that click that lets you know the beaters have locked in place. If you don’t get one, test to make sure the beaters are solidly locked before you use them with food or liquids. If you can’t get the beaters to lock in, the mechanism that holds your beaters in place on your mixer might be broken.

What to Look For

  • While you can usually put stainless steel beaters in the dishwasher, getting all of the mixture off the beaters can take some effort. One way to get that mixture off is to soak the beaters in a bowl of warm water. The important thing is to remove any foods or liquids from the beaters as soon as possible to avoid them being caked on.
  • The first time you use the new beaters, test them outside of your mixing bowl to make sure the beaters will hold once the mixer’s motor fires up. Be careful as you test it so if it does fly off, it doesn’t hit anyone or anything precious to you.
  • Although your replacement beaters might fit and hold in place, features like the eject button might not work. That means you might have to manually remove the beater when you’re finished using it. If you still have your original beaters, pay close attention to how they’re designed. Compare that to the replacements you’re looking at online.
  • Compatibility can be iffy with any replacement parts. Ideally, the manufacturer will have a list of compatible models, but even then, you might find it doesn’t work the way you expect. You may have to return beaters several times before you find your perfect match.
  • Not all beaters can handle all ingredients. If what you’re mixing is cookie dough, for instance, you might find you need sturdier blades than you’d need for smoothies or soups.
  • Replacement beaters often come in sets of two, but you can also buy them in sets of four. If you frequently use your mixer, having four will mean you’ll have an extra pair if your other pair is still soaking or in the dishwasher.

More to Explore

Hand mixing ingredients can be challenging, so it’s no surprise that the electric mixer was inspired by those struggles. In 1908, an engineer working for the Hobart Manufacturing Company was watching a baker work hard to mix large quantities of bread dough with a metal spoon. He knew there could be an easier way to combine thicker mixtures by adding a motor to the equation.

The engineer’s work resulted in the first motorized stand mixer. His design was revolutionary, featuring a mechanism that propelled the bowl in a clockwise motion while the motor moved in a counterclockwise motion. The first stand mixer made its debut on U.S. Navy vessels in 1915, but the war delayed it moving beyond that. Finally, in 1919, the KitchenAid Food Preparer began appearing in homes, sold at first by door-to-door salespeople. Only three years later, the hand mixer made its debut.

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