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The Best Piping Tips

Last updated on May 5, 2023

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RFAQK Icing Decorating Piping Tips & Bags Kit, 74 Piece

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Icing Decorating Piping Tips & Bags Kit, 74 Piece

This all-in-one set includes 48 icing tips, each numbered to make them easy to use. There are also 20 disposable icing bags, a reusable piping bag, flower tools, a cleaning brush and guides to walk you through using it all. It comes with a storage box that has compartments for each tip.

Overall Take

Perfect for BeginnersYou’ll get everything you need to learn to bake like a pro with this kit, which includes bags, numbered tips, a pattern chart and more.

 Runner Up

Kootek Icing Decorating Piping Tips & Bags Kit, 32 Piece


Icing Decorating Piping Tips & Bags Kit, 32 Piece

Each of these 24 piping tips is made from stainless steel and comes with reusable piping bags for a long-lasting solution. You’ll get cake scrapers in three different shapes, two reusable converters and a flower nail, as well as a storage box for holding everything. Patterns include star, basket weave, round, leaf and petal.

Overall Take

Versatile OptionA little goes a long way with this set, with 24 piping tips that cover a variety of patterns to expand each tip’s use.

 We Also Like

GEMLON Russian Icing Piping Tips Kit, 88 Piece


Russian Icing Piping Tips Kit, 88 Piece

In this 88-piece set, you’ll get piping tips, icing tips, ball tips, pastry bags, couplers, and flower design tools. It also comes with a cake brush. Food-grade stainless steel makes this set one that will hold up over many uses.

Overall Take

For Serious BakersUp your baking game with this 88-piece set that has everything from piping tips to flower lifters and beyond.

 Strong Contender

MuYwa Stainless Steel Piping Tips With Reusable Pastry Bag, 8 Piece


Stainless Steel Piping Tips With Reusable Pastry Bag, 8 Piece

You’ll get six tips and a pastry bag in this set, giving you the tools you need to tackle your baking projects. The tips are made from stainless steel, and the silicone pastry bag is designed for reusability. The tips can be washed in the dishwasher for easy cleanup between uses.

Overall Take

Durable BuildHigh-quality materials and versatility make this piping set one that will last through many uses.

Buying Guide

If you’re hooked on baking shows, you know the secret to some of the most delicious, eye-popping baked goods is in the icing. You can create everything from flowers to stars and hearts with the right tools, but you’ll also have to master your technique.

The first thing you’ll need for piping icing is a pastry bag. Some pastry bag options are disposable, but if you buy a reusable one, you can wash it and get many more uses out of it. If you plan to use multiple icing colors in one baking session, though, you’ll need a bag for each icing color.

You can technically pipe icing using just a pastry bag, but if you want a little more control over your shapes and designs, you’ll need to add some baking tips to your toolkit. These tips attach to the pastry bag and let you create those pretty flowers and leaves you see at bakeries.

When you’re searching for baking tips, though, there are a few things to consider. They’re usually sold in sets, and some come with multiple shape options. If you want to be able to make different shapes with your icing, this can come in handy. This also lets you use different icing colors in one baking session without having to wash anything.

Any piping tip kit will also come with a coupler. This is a two-part device that snaps onto both the pastry bag and the tip to hold everything together. When you’re ready to pipe, you’ll snip a small piece of the end off the pastry bag, then slide the coupler inside the bag, letting it poke out. The tip will then attach to the coupler and you’ll only have to add your icing to the bag.

A spatula can be a huge help when you’re trying to get your icing from the mixing bowl into the bag. Don’t fill the bag all the way to the top. Leave plenty of room for the icing to ooze upward as you’re working. Otherwise, you may make a mess.

What to Look For

  • Adding icing to a pastry bag can be tough. You’ll need to hold it with one hand while sliding the icing into the bag with the other. To make things easier, you can use a glass or a container that holds it. Either way, you’ll fold the top over the outside to keep icing from dripping down the exterior of the glass or onto your hand.
  • If you’re new to piping icing, look for a kit that has numbered tips with a guide. This will help walk you through which tips you need to use to accomplish your chosen task. You can find plenty of videos online, though, if you need a guide.
  • Reusable piping bags can be a little tough to clean. For best results, as soon as you finish using them, turn each one inside out and handwash it to remove leftover icing before it hardens. You can also toss dishwasher-safe piping bags on the top rack for quicker cleanup.
  • Not all piping tips are dishwasher safe. Stainless steel should be, but pay close attention to the care instructions to be sure.
  • A tip coupler lets you change shapes on the same piping bag. You’ll obviously need to stick with the same color to do that, but there are times when you’re doing multiple shapes in the same icing color.
  • A flower nail can help you add some fine detail to your decorating. You might not be ready for that type of detail yet, but having one in your piping kit will be useful when you someday are.
  • For applying a little shimmer to your creations, a cake brush can come in handy. You can then add edible powder to the cake.
  • Star shapes can be a great beginning design technique. Once you’ve mastered stars, you can then move on to other shapes.

More to Explore

You may know them as marzipan today, but in the 15th century, marzipan was called marchpane, and marchpane gave birth to icing. Like marzipan, marchpane was made from ground almonds, sugar and water. During the Tudor period, marchpanes were often decorated and used as a centerpiece at feasts.

In 1494, icing made its first appearance as a topping for marchpanes. The icing was an integral part of the marchpane and would sometimes have other decorative items mixed in. But not until the 16th century did icing make its debut on cakes. A French chef came up with the idea to make a multilayered cake, each with a coating of icing. The idea was to hold the cake together like glue, but in time, bakers realized the benefits icing brought to single-layer cakes.

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