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The Best Refrigerator Magnets

Last updated on June 1, 2023

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Our Picks For The Top Refrigerator Magnets

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 Top Pick

Papercode Stainless Steel Clip Refrigerator Magnets, 12-Count

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Stainless Steel Clip Refrigerator Magnets, 12-Count

Included with these refrigerator magnets is a complimentary notepad. You have the option of sticking the notepad directly to a metal surface, or hanging one of the notepad's pages from the built-in clip on the magnet. The set works just as well in an office setting as it does on a home fridge.

Overall Take

Most EconomicalWhen sticking to a budget, these affordable refrigerator magnets are an excellent option.

 Runner Up

SMARTAKE Brushed Nickel Refrigerator Magnets, 45-Count


Brushed Nickel Refrigerator Magnets, 45-Count

With this set of refrigerator magnets, you'll get 45 brushed nickel magnets. Each measures just 2.6 millimeters in thickness, yet is strong enough to hold up 15 sticky notes. The magnets have a smooth surface and won't scratch or damage your locker doors.

Overall Take

Bulk SetIn addition to using these magnets for lockers, you can also place them on a refrigerator, filing cabinet or dry erase board.

 Strong Contender

X-bet MAGNET Glass Art Prints Refrigerator Magnets, 10-Count


Glass Art Prints Refrigerator Magnets, 10-Count

Do you have an artist in your life? If so, these refrigerator magnets make for the perfect gift. Each of the 10 magnets features a famous work of art, like the Mona Lisa. In addition to being decorative, the glass magnets are also strong and able to hold your notes, photos and your child's artwork.

Overall Take

Great for Gift GivingYou'll find these refrigerator magnets work well on a variety of surfaces, including whiteboards, school lockers, filing cabinets and refrigerators.

 We Also Like

FINDMAG Stainless Steel Scratch-Free Refrigerator Magnets, 50-Count


Stainless Steel Scratch-Free Refrigerator Magnets, 50-Count

Constructed using nickel and stainless steel, these refrigerator magnets are both strong and durable. Each set includes a total of 50 magnets that feature a scratch-free backing. You can place them over a note on your refrigerator and glue them to the back of a craft project.

Overall Take

Durable PickAll of the refrigerator magnets in this set come neatly stored inside a plastic organizer.

Buying Guide

The refrigerator often becomes the de factor gathering place of documents, calendars, shopping lists, photos and kids’ artwork in the kitchen. You need a good, strong set of refrigerator magnets to keep everything attached to your fridge.

When shopping for refrigerator magnets, you want to look for sets that are strong and durable. Some are constructed from a high-quality neodymium metal that is resistant to corrosion and oxidation. Others are made from stainless steel and designed not to mark, stain or scratch the surface of your refrigerator. A good magnet will be able to hold several sheets of a paper at once or a handful of sticky notes without falling off when the door is slammed shut.

Start with a set of refrigerator magnets that are created with functionality in mind. For example, you’ll find magnet clips are best for organizing notes and holding papers. There are also bulk sets of small, yet mighty, magnets that fit in small spaces. They tend to measure around 10 millimeters in diameter and 2.6 millimeters in thickness.

Other refrigerator magnets will add a decorative touch to your kitchen. These magnets come in sets of six or 12 and feature tiny figurines with a magnet backing. You’ll find everything from cacti to ladybugs; butterflies to balloons; pandas and even arrow magnets available.

There are even a few magnets that aim to encourage and inspire students to power through the school day through words and images. For example, you’ll find round sets made using a durable clear glass that have a simple background and positive sayings, like “Yes You Can,” “Be Brave,” “Dream Big” and “Stay Focused.” These sets also make for great Christmas, birthday and back-to-school gifts.

You can add photos of your family, friends and pets using frame magnets. The frames themselves are the magnets and fit right over any 4-by-6-inch photo, securing the image to the refrigerator. You can place the frames horizontally, vertically or even diagonally.

Look for magnet sets that come with a little something extra. You may find a bulk set includes a plastic storage case to keep unused magnets neat and organized. Inspirational magnets may provide a bonus sticker pack. There are even magnets for refrigerators that come with a magnetic notepad.

What to Look For

  • Even though a set of magnets may be aimed at refrigerators, these magnets can still be used in a variety of other places. You can send them off to school with your teen to use in his locker. They can also be used with whiteboards and dry erase boards to spice up the classroom even more.
  • Some magnet frames designed to hold photos can be personalized with a name or creative design using a set of permanent markers.
  • Magnetic paint can be purchased and painted on a wall to create an area to hang magnets. You can do this in an office to hold important notes or in a tween or teen’s room, so they have a place to display photos and notes from friends.

More to Explore

Did you know that lodestones contain magnetite, which makes them a natural magnet? Here are a few other fun magnet facts:

  • The Guinness World Record for “Largest Collection of Fridge Magnets” belongs to Louise Greenfarb of Las Vegas. She received the record on Feb. 3, 2004 after accumulating a whopping 35,000 refrigerator magnets (none of which were duplicates).
  • The earth itself is a magnet, having a core filled with iron and nickel. Mars, however, has a cooled core, and is therefore not magnetic.
  • It’s estimated that 80% of all homes use refrigerator magnets.
  • The popular phrase “opposites attract” actually comes from magnets. That’s because a magnet’s opposite poles attract each other while like poles repel.
  • If a magnet is heated or hammered, it can actually lose its magnetic properties.
  • Marco Polo introduced Americans to the magnet when he brought one over from China.

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