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Last updated on March 8, 2024

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MOVINPE Reusable Birthday Cake Topper

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval


Reusable Birthday Cake Topper

When celebrating the woman in your life, consider this shiny rose gold cake topper. The set includes several toppers that can be used alone or together. You'll receive a confetti balloon topper, four paper fan toppers and a topper that spells out "Happy Birthday."

Overall Take

Full Party PackIncluded with this cake topper is a "Happy Birthday" banner.

 Runner Up

Zkptops Magical Unicorn Cake Topper


Magical Unicorn Cake Topper

Does your little girl have a love of all things unicorn? If so, this cake topper is a must for her next birthday party. The topper features a gold horn and unicorn ears with several decorative flowers in front. You'll even get two sets of eyes to place on the cake to add to the overall look of the piece.

Overall Take

Best for Young LadiesThis cake topper is made from a food-safe plastic and is non-toxic and safe for use around children.

 We Also Like

Elwish Reusable Happy Birthday Cake Topper


Reusable Happy Birthday Cake Topper

Wish that special person in your life a happy birthday with this attractive cake topper. It's constructed from a high-quality acrylic that is both durable and reusable. The gold finish has an elegant feel and with five different designs to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect topper to let the birthday boy or girl know you care.

Overall Take

Economical OptionYou can use this cake topper in ice cream, cupcakes, brownies, and of course, a cake.

 Strong Contender

Chengcaifengye Celebration Gold Crown Cake Topper


Celebration Gold Crown Cake Topper

Although this cake topper is lightweight, it's extremely durable. It's constructed from stainless steel and formed to take the shape of a crown. It works best for a little girl's princess party or when celebrating a pageant win.

Overall Take

Feel Like RoyaltyYou can order this cake topper in gold, rose gold or silver.

Buying Guide

Although it may take a considerable amount of planning, all the small details for those special occasions are what make them personal to you. From invitations to favors, these little things will bring your event to life. Cake toppers are no exception. These special features will be remembered for years to come and really show off your personal taste.

Simplemost Media

Weddings are a reflection of your style as a couple and you can really accentuate that by carefully choosing details, such as a cake topper, with a coherent theme or complementary features to pull it all together. Perhaps you’ll find these special cake toppers reflect your particular style as a couple.

Before looking at the options, let’s consider what to look for in a cake topper for your event. There a couple of factors to consider including style, size and budget. All of these will determine just what cake topper is right for you. The materials are also something to consider since your cake maker will need to know how much support will be needed inside the cake to keep the topper from sinking.

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There are three main styles of cake toppers: traditional, modern and hobbyist.

The traditional style is, in all senses of the word, old-fashioned and quaint. They are typically made from porcelain with hand-painted details and are meant for intricate wedding cake designs. Sometimes these are family heirlooms or become family heirlooms.

For a more up-to-date cake topper, turn to the modern style. These toppers can be made from wood or acrylic. In addition, they can be a word or words that are laser-cut and contain either a feeling, thought or even the couple’s initials. Because of the weight of those materials, they are usually cut quite thin and look elegant atop a less detailed cake.

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Finally, if you are passionate about a certain hobby, you may want to make it the underlying theme of your event. From pet lovers to golfers, create a truly custom topper to reflect your favorite thing. Use the cake topper to keep the theme strung throughout the small details.

Once you’ve decided on what style is truly a reflection of you as a couple, you will want to set a budget. Cake toppers can be upwards of hundreds of dollars. If that is not in your budget, no worries: There are plenty of options under $100, as well. Typically, when looking at porcelain or cake toppers made of specialty materials, you’re going to see higher costs. When you simplify the materials and design, you can find budget options.

Simplemost Media

Size also plays a large factor in the right cake topper. If you are hosting an intimate event and your cake only needs to feed a small group, your cake topper will need to be small to accommodate the quainter cake. When hosting a large event, you’ll want a cake topper that makes a statement and stands out. This is where you’ll want a full-sized figure or larger display of a hobby or personalization. Remember to consider the weight of your topper as the size increases as it will likely be situated on the top tier of your cake.

Now that you’ve taken into consideration all the factors, you can happily shop for a cake topper. Staying within budget while finding a topper that suits you as a couple is no longer a challenge. Have fun picking out your cake topper and bringing all the little features of your wedding together.

What to Look For

  • Don’t be afraid to go with a nontraditional topper. Flowers, a special souvenir or maybe a family heirloom can all be things to consider for cake toppers.
  • When choosing a cake topper, don’t let it overpower the beauty of the cake. The cake is a statement piece of the wedding celebration and the topper should add to the beauty, not take center stage.
  • Keep the style true to you as a couple.
  • Get inspiration from your baker. Some shops will have cake toppers on display to help give couples ideas.

More to Explore

Wedding cake toppers didn’t actually come into play until roughly 1837 when the Victorian Era began. Some of the original cake toppers are very indicative of the time, with a groom and bride that stood apart, showcasing the chasteness of the era.

Another popular option in the cake topper’s early years was a depiction of two clasped hands. The originals from the beginning of the 1900s were made of wax and were extremely popular at the turn of the century.

From the start, these toppers could be found in the bakery where you were having your cake made. They had a small selection and often they were coupled with the cake that was chosen. The Victorian cakes were a focal point of the wedding celebration and were often adorned with special flowers or herbs that were given as favors to the guests after the cake was cut. Some of the bridal figures back in that time were measured at a foot tall.

Rose O’Neill was one of the most famous cake topper creators ever. She made Kewpie dolls in the early 1900s that were bisque porcelain and featured crepe paper, tulle and lace as the dolls’ clothing. Countless couples used her toppers during that time period.

In the mid-1900s, cake topper grooms were depicted in a soldier’s uniform because of World War II. After the war, the toppers showed the couple and their parties jubilantly prancing around the cakes. Cake toppers like this really told the story of the times.

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