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The Best Cheese Knife

Last updated on March 8, 2024

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YXChome Professional Stainless Steel Cheese Knife, 4-Piece

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Professional Stainless Steel Cheese Knife, 4-Piece

Do you love to put together a good charcuterie board when throwing a party or intimate get-together? If so, grab this cheese knife set, which includes four tools with stainless steel blades and wooden handles. The knives make cutting, shaving and serving your favorite cheeses a breeze.

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Affordable OptionOpt for this budget-friendly cheese knife set and save big.

 Runner Up

Kai Pure Komachi Hand-Sharpened Food-Safe Cheese Knife, 4.5-Inch

Kai Pure Komachi

Hand-Sharpened Food-Safe Cheese Knife, 4.5-Inch

There's so much to love about this high-quality cheese knife. It's constructed using a stainless steel blade that was hand-sharpened. The 4.5-inch blade is also designed with holes to keep cheese slices from sticking to the knife. That means you'll enjoy a clean cut every time!

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Fun Yellow ColorThis cheese knife comes with a matching sheath to protect the blade when not in use.

 We Also Like

BOSKA Copenhagen Explore Cheese Knife Set, 3-Piece


Copenhagen Explore Cheese Knife Set, 3-Piece

Each of the pieces in this cheese knife set were forged from one piece of stainless steel. That makes each piece strong and durable and able to cut through both soft and hard cheeses. Of course, the stainless steel constructional also makes the knives stain and odor resistant.

Overall Take

Elegant DesignThe attractive design of this cheese knife set makes it ideal for gift giving.

 Strong Contender

Icosa Living Lunar Complete Cheese Knife Set, 6-Piece

ICOSA Living

Lunar Complete Cheese Knife Set, 6-Piece

This cheese knife set includes 4 cheese knives, 1 cheese fork and 1 cheese spreader. The handles are small and rounded to make it easy to store them alongside each other on your cheese board. You'll also get a guide that includes how each knife should be used, as well as helpful hints for cheese lovers.

Overall Take

Sleek LookTrue cheese connoisseurs will love this cheese knife set, which includes everything you need.

Buying Guide

The next time you slice cheese, think twice before grabbing the same knife you use for cutting other foods. The right cheese knife can make a big difference in how clean and effortless each cut is. Traditionally, etiquette experts have said you need to have a full set, using a different cheese knife for each type you serve. However, there are now multipurpose cheese knives that can handle every type of cheese, along with other foods like vegetables and even sausage.

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Before you start shopping for a cheese knife, it can help to know the different purposes each blade type serves. For soft cheeses, the ideal knife will have holes in the blade, along with a sharp edge. This helps prevent sticking. For very soft, spreadable cheeses, though, you’ll need a cheese spreader, which has a dull edge and rounded blade.

Creamy cheeses like gorgonzola need the same rounded blade but also a sharp blade to tackle those rinds. A hard cheese like cheddar needs a more substantial knife, though, with a rectangular blade and a sharp, long edge. Excessively hard cheeses like asiago and provolone need a long, straight blade with a sharp edge.

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It may seem hard to believe one knife could tackle all those tasks, but you’ll find multipurpose knives are built so that you use different areas of the blade depending on the type of cheese you prefer. You likely already know the most common cheeses you’ll serve, though, so if you choose a multipurpose option, take a look at the blade and make sure it will be the right tool for the job.

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Lastly, there’s storage. You probably won’t be using your cheese knives every day, so consider purchasing a knife block or box to keep them in. Some cheese boards come with drawers that provide great storage for your knives.

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What to Look For

  • With knives, durability is always a consideration. Stainless steel is usually a safe bet, providing rust and corrosion resistance. Although some knives are heat resistant, as well, you’ll get the best results if you hand wash your knives rather than running them through the dishwasher.
  • Unless you’ve used cheese knives before, you may want to put some time into studying various cheese types and the best knives for cutting them. This type of research can also help introduce you to new types of cheese you haven’t yet tried.
  • Handles are very important with knives. An ergonomic design will keep you comfortable, but design can also help with control, preventing slips that lead to injury.
  • Some knives come in boxes that you can also use for storage. Since storage is always an issue with extra utensils, this could come in handy, but you may find you get a more lasting storage case by buying it separately.
  • For storage, another consideration is whether your knife will be safe where you keep it. If you’re sliding it into the drawer with your other utensils, a protective sleeve could help with safety while also giving you an easy storage option.
  • Keep in mind that some cheese knives can be very small. If you have larger hands, this could be a problem, making a multipurpose knife with a long handle and blade a better option.
  • If you opt for a multipurpose cheese knife, take a look at the layout and make sure you’ll be able to easily use it to cut the types of cheese you like.
  • Some types of knives have blades built to also handle food like fruits, vegetables and sausage. This can come in handy when you’re preparing finger foods for entertaining.
  • Even the best knife can lose its edge over time. You may want to invest in a knife sharpener to keep everything in tiptop shape.

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If you can’t get enough of cheese, you may find there’s a reason. Researchers have known for decades that cheese has trace amounts of morphine. This isn’t some type of conspiracy to keep you buying more. In fact, morphine is naturally found in very minute amounts in both cow and human milk. But that’s not all. That same milk contains traces of a protein called casein. When converted to cheese, that protein can stimulate the human body similarly to the way opiates do. Experts say the effects reach their peak around 40 minutes after you ingest cheese. Like chocolate, cheese also has phenylethylamine, which has been found to inspire feelings of happiness after consuming, similar to the way chocolate makes you feel.

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