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The Best Basting Brush

Last updated on April 30, 2023

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Our Picks For The Top Basting Brushes

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HOTEC Heat-Resistant Silicone Basting Brushes, 2-Piece

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Heat-Resistant Silicone Basting Brushes, 2-Piece

This seamless basting brush is made from silicone, making it dishwasher-safe and easy to clean by hand. Its silicone bristles do not absorb sauces, making cleaning and avoiding contamination easier.

Overall Take

Cleaning Made EasyThis basting brush set minimizes the clean-up headache, thanks to its machine-washable bristles.

 Runner Up

SURDOCA BPA-Free Silicone Basting Brushes, 2-Piece


BPA-Free Silicone Basting Brushes, 2-Piece

This basting brush set includes two brushes with five layers of bristles, providing more surface area for oil, sauce and marinade. Its extra layers of bristles also enable smooth and even application.

Overall Take

For the Grilling MasterThe brushes’ material and long handle make these brushes suitable for high temperatures and ideal for grilling.

 We Also Like

OXO Good Grips Dishwasher Safe Silicone Basting Brush


Good Grips Dishwasher Safe Silicone Basting Brush

This basting brush’s unique bristle design makes it delicate enough to brush butter or egg wash on pastries. Its center-hole bristles can hold more liquid, while its tapered outer bristles are ideal for the most delicate pastries.

Overall Take

Perfect for DessertsHeat resistant yet gentle, this basting brush gives you the flexibility to use it on pastries with enough durability for the dishwasher.

 Strong Contender

Kitchen Joy Removable Head Silicone Basting Brush

Kitchen Joy

Removable Head Silicone Basting Brush

This basting brush is perfect for anyone who loves a pop of color in the kitchen but wants to maintain practicality. Its removable brush head can withstand heat, allowing for a variety of uses.

Overall Take

Colorful And VersatileThis colorful basting brush adds personality to your kitchen, while its compact size is easy to store.

Buying Guide

Basting brushes are used to moisten the surface of meat or other foods. Basting is the technique of applying pan drippings, butter, glaze or another liquid to the meat’s surface to maintain moisture and add flavor.

While very similar to pastry brushes, the design has key differences. Because basting brushes are predominantly used while grilling or roasting meat, they must withstand high temperatures while protecting your hand.

Basting brushes are made from materials that are heat safe to address these concerns. They also have long handles, typically around 12 inches, so cooks can keep their hands at a safe distance while still maintaining control over the brush.

Basting brushes also have specific requirements regarding their bristles. To adequately hold the basting liquid while moving the brush from the source to the meat, the bristles must be spaced appropriately to hold the liquid without excessive dripping.

Traditionally, basting brushes had a wooden handle and bristles made from boar hair or nylon. However, today, most basting brushes are made from silicone, from the handle to the brush.

Silicone has become the preferred material for many manufacturers and consumers because silicone is more durable than other materials and won’t fray over time. Silicone is also heat resistant, which is why it’s perfect for grilling.

When shopping for basting brushes, it is essential to consider the material and size of the brush. While some may prefer natural-fiber bristles, silicone bristles are easier to clean. The basting brush should also be big enough that you can keep your hand at a safe distance but not too big that you lose control.

Ultimately, finding the best basting brush is a matter of preference. One should consider all aspects, such as the material, ease of use and clean-up.

What to Look For

  • Consider whether you prefer a silicone or natural fiber basting brush.
  • Only wash a basting brush in the dishwasher if directed to do so.
  • Always keep your hand a safe distance from the heat source when basting.
  • Only use a basting brush designed for grilling temperatures when grilling.
  • Always clean basting brushes between applications.
  • To avoid cross-contamination, never use the same basting brush for raw and cooked meat.

More to Explore

Basting is a culinary technique with a long history. While there is no definitive origin, some believe the technique was founded when pork was traditionally served dry, so the basting liquid was added to make it moist.

While cooking techniques have changed over the years, basting has stood the test of time because of the added flavor and versatility.

Basting can be done with a basting spoon or brush. While there is no definitive rule on which to use, basting brushes are typically best for cooking over high heat, such as grilling, so cooks can keep their hands safe from the heat source.

Over the years, basting brushes have evolved with culinary techniques, leading to the silicone brushes we see today.

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