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Keep Your Coffee Hot With The Best Smart Mug

Last updated on June 1, 2023
Best Smart Mug

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Our Picks For The Top Smart Mugs

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ANBANGLIN Electric 2-In-1 Smart Mug Warmer

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Electric 2-In-1 Smart Mug Warmer

With one touch of the button, this smart mug keeps your coffee at a warm temperature until you're finished drinking. It automatically shuts off after four hours as a safety feature. It is heat, fire and spill resistant and easy to clean between uses.

Overall Take

Variety of Cup TypesUnlike other mug warmers, this warmer works with mugs made from metal, ceramic, enamel, tile, high-temperature plastic and more.

 Runner Up

TLINNA Medical Grade Steel Anti-Oxidation Smart Mug, 17-Ounce


Medical Grade Steel Anti-Oxidation Smart Mug, 17-Ounce

Keep your coffee, tea or hot chocolate nice and hot with this smart mug. It's constructed using a durable 316 stainless steel that is insulated to keep your drink balmy for up to 12 hours. The leakproof lid even features an LCD screen that lets you know the drink's exact temperature.

Overall Take

Multiple Color OptionsYou'll find this smart mug comes in a choice of blue, black, pink, purple, yellow or white.

 Strong Contender

Bsigo Kitty Waterproof Heat Plate Smart Mug, 16-Ounce


Kitty Waterproof Heat Plate Smart Mug, 16-Ounce

Available in blue, pink, white and wood grain, this smart mug is both functional and stylish. It features two temperature settings, so you can keep your beverage at just the right temperature, as well as an 8-hour shut-off for safety. Included with the warmer is an adorable cat mug with matching lid.

Overall Take

Economical Price TagAlthough this smart mug has a budget-friendly price tag, you'll still enjoy all the bells and whistles.

 We Also Like

VSITOO Manual & App Controlled Anti-Scratch Smart Mug, 11-Ounce


Manual & App Controlled Anti-Scratch Smart Mug, 11-Ounce

Not only is this smart mug outfitted with touch controls, but you can also operate it using the company's app on your phone. The mug has a generous 11-ounce capacity and can keep your coffee hot for a full 24 hours. You can even get the mug in a choice of black or white.

Overall Take

High-Tech PickThe temperature on this smart mug is adjustable between 95 and 149 degrees Fahrenheit.

Buying Guide

Smart mugs are an innovative way to drink your favorite beverage. — and make sure it’s at the perfect temperature from start to finish. There are effectively two kinds of smart mugs: those with an internal battery and heating element, and those that heat a mug while connected to a charging cable or pad. This latter type should be regularly returned to its charger to maintain its temperature.

If your primary complaint is coffee going cold at your desk, charger-dependent models may be a better option. If your main complaint is tea getting cold while in transit or meetings, you’ll want a travel mug with a battery.

All smart mugs must be hand-washed, due to their sensitive electronics. However, some feature a removable liner, which allows you to clean them with more confidence that you won’t damage the wiring or battery.

Do you prefer hot or iced coffee and tea? Some smart mugs can not only keep liquids hot but also cold, primarily due to the presence of insulation and effective seals. This allows for greater flexibility, especially if you and other members of your household prefer drinks prepared in different ways.

While battery technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, smart mugs still take up a certain amount of space in your cabinets, and they can be heavy. When purchasing a smart mug, consider the bulkiness and weight alongside the mug’s performance.

If you don’t want to carry around a thermos that weighs two pounds even before you add liquid, you may want to opt for a smaller design with less battery life. Alternatively, you could view it as exercise and use the mug as a weight for arm curls in your downtime.

What to Look For

  • Review your smart mugs before buying to make sure that they are effective insulaters. While better batteries can ensure a longer charge to keep your coffee warm, a well-insulated mug makes the warming element more effective. Thus, you can still expect some warmth even after the charge runs out.
  • Some people will be concerned about the electromagnetic energy of a smart mug being harmful to humans and pets, but rest assured that the charging field is very closely contained around the charging pad. Your mug will stop charging unless it is within a few millimeters of the pad; that is the effective range of the radiation it emits. So, unless you put it right next to your body for prolonged periods of time, you should have nothing to worry about.
  • If you select a mug that claims to heat a liquid from cold to boiling, be aware that this process will consume much more battery life than if it were simply maintaining a heated liquid’s temperature.

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Qi charging is a form of induction charging, in which the charger generates a magnetic field the device is designed to harvest and store as an electric charge. While the implementation of this technology is becoming more widespread, it has existed and been used for years in devices such as electric toothbrushes with no observed ill effects.

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