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The Best Cocktail Glasses

Last updated on April 27, 2023

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Our Picks For The Top Cocktail Glasses

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TAG Luxe Laser-Cut Lip Cocktail Glasses, 4-Piece

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Luxe Laser-Cut Lip Cocktail Glasses, 4-Piece

This set of crystal coupe glasses is perfect for any cocktail served “up,” such as gimlets or cosmopolitans. With a shallow, angular cup atop a long, slender stem, these glasses are an elevated take on convention.

Overall Take

Sophisticated and LuxuriousMake a statement with these high-end crystal coupe glasses that even come with a cocktail mixing spoon.

 Runner Up

ELIXIR GLASSWARE Hand Blown Crystal Cocktail Glasses, 4-Piece


Hand Blown Crystal Cocktail Glasses, 4-Piece

These martini glasses are a classic option for anyone searching for a cocktail glass that lets the cocktail shine. With a 9-ounce capacity, these traditional triangular glasses are ideal for martinis and any cocktail that is poured chilled.

Overall Take

A Timeless TraditionThese martini cocktail glasses’ minimalist design is best for anyone who wants a beautiful glass that doesn’t stray from tradition.

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Amazon Basics Shatterproof Tritan Plastic Cocktail Glasses, 4-Piece

Amazon Basics

Shatterproof Tritan Plastic Cocktail Glasses, 4-Piece

These old-fashioned glasses, sometimes called lowball or rocks glasses, are made from durable, shatter-proof materials. With a clean and minimalist design, these cups do not compromise style over practicality.

Overall Take

Durable, Modern Lowball These old-fashioned glasses are as practical as they are beautiful, making cleanup easy by being top-rack dishwasher-safe.

 Strong Contender

JoyJolt Afina Heavy Base Cocktail Glasses, 4-Piece


Afina Heavy Base Cocktail Glasses, 4-Piece

These cocktail glasses are excellent for a casual party but can even be dressed up for more formal occasions. With a heavy base and no stem, these glasses are harder to knock over, making them sturdy and less likely to make a mess.

Overall Take

For the Casual PartyThese cocktail glasses are harder to knock over than glasses with a stem, which is why they are the ideal party glass.

Buying Guide

Cocktail glasses refer to a variety of glasses used to serve cocktails. The phrase often evokes the image of the martini glass, a triangular glass that sits atop a long stem.

However, many other glasses fall under this category, such as old-fashioned glasses, which are short and wide, and coupe glasses, which are a variation of martini glasses but are more rounded.

The shape of the glass is essential because cocktail glasses are not one size fits all. For example, old-fashioned and Collins glasses can hold beverages with ice; however, martini and coupe glasses are for cocktails served up, meaning the cocktails are chilled but not served with ice.

When shopping for cocktail glasses, it is essential to know the intended applications; otherwise, you may wind up with a set of glasses you never use. Consider which cocktails you drink the most to determine which glasses you would use most.

The cocktail glass’s material should be considered, as well. Some glassware is not dishwasher safe, requiring more maintenance than others. If using the dishwasher is important to you, then perhaps crystal or more delicate glassware is not the best option.

The key to finding the right cocktail glass is to understand your habits. Because they can vary greatly, consider your personal needs before settling on a glass based on style.

What to Look For

  • Consider quantity of glasses so you get the most use out of the set.
  • The best glass for you depends on the type of cocktail you want to make, so be sure to have certain cocktails in mind when purchasing.
  • Stemless glasses are more stable, but the cocktail will warm faster beneath the hand.
  • Only put a glass in the dishwasher if directed to do so.
  • Store glasses in a dry and stable place.
  • Do not put hot beverages in a cocktail glass that is not designed for it.

More to Explore

The cocktail glass, referring to the glass with a bowl that sits atop a stem, was invented in the late 19th century so that chilled cocktails could be served without ice. Because of the stem, you can hold the glass without your hand warming up the cocktail.

The cocktail glass took on the iconic martini glass shape with the invention of the martini in the early 20th century.

This change in design occurred because the martini was served cold and required a longer stem to keep it chilled, a wider brim to expose the gin to more air and a more dramatic slope so ingredients wouldn’t separate.

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