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The Best Hurricane Glasses

Last updated on May 15, 2023

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Our Picks For The Top Hurricane Cups

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Epure Venezia Dishwasher Safe Hurricane Glasses, 4-Piece

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Venezia Dishwasher Safe Hurricane Glasses, 4-Piece

These modern hurricane glasses still maintain the traditional look, but with more balanced proportions. Sometimes the hurricane glass can box you in, but these are perfect for all kinds of cocktails or nonalcoholic beverages and for parties.

Overall Take

Jack of All TradesThese hurricane glasses are versatile and stylish enough that they are not limited to only tropical-themed parties and can be used anytime.

 Runner Up

GET Reusable Plastic Hurricane Glasses, 4-Piece


Reusable Plastic Hurricane Glasses, 4-Piece

These hurricane glasses are made from shatter-resistant plastic, so you will never have to fear broken glass at a party or in your kitchen. While they are made from polycarbonate, they still look like sophisticated glass.

Overall Take

The Break-Proof OptionThese hurricane glasses’ durability makes them ideal for outdoor and pool parties, so you will never have to worry about breakage or injuries.

 We Also Like

Carlisle FoodService Products Break-Resistant Polycarbonate Hurricane Glass

Carlisle FoodService Products

Break-Resistant Polycarbonate Hurricane Glass

These hurricane glasses have a capacity of 20 ounces, so they’re great for signature drinks at events. Whether you wish to load them up with fruit or the drink itself, this set gives you room to have fun.

Overall Take

A Statement PieceThese vessels are larger than average, making them an excellent option for signature drinks.

 Strong Contender

LAV Heavy Base Hurricane Glasses, 6-Piece


Heavy Base Hurricane Glasses, 6-Piece

Love an old standby? This set of cups has the traditional shape one would expect when they picture a hurricane glass. These timeless vessels are made from durable glass with an easy grip at the stem. They look great with any beverage inside.

Overall Take

The Classic ChoiceWhether you wish to fill them with a pina colada or a beer, these glasses’ versatile and classic design can suit any beverage.

Buying Guide

Hurricane glasses are a vessel style typically reserved for cocktails or other alcoholic beverages. Their broad base narrows towards the top and sits on a short stem. While they are used for a variety of beverages, you will most often see them served with tropical drinks, like a pina colada or the cocktail of the same name.

Because of their shape, hurricane glasses can elevate even the simplest drink. Even beer takes on a new life when served in a hurricane glass.

They are made from various materials, which can influence their application. Hurricane glasses made from a more durable polycarbonate are ideal for poolside parties or outdoor patios since you won’t have to worry about shattered glass.

Other materials include glass and crystal. These hurricane glasses are more of a statement piece. While they are not as durable as the polycarbonate options, they can withstand multiple uses much better than plastic cups, making them built to last for a longer period.

Hurricane glass sizes vary along with their shape. While all glasses will resemble the classic hurricane shape, some designs exaggerate certain features and proportions, causing their capacity to fluctuate. There is no standard for capacity, so it is essential always to consider how much a glass can hold before purchasing.

The countless variations in shape and material make hurricane glasses a unique and fun addition to glassware collections and parties.

What to Look For

  • Plastic materials are better suited for outdoor or poolside parties since they are shatter-proof.
  • Glass and crystal materials can withstand multiple uses far better than plastic materials.
  • Hurricane glass shape can impact their capacity, so consider your serving size needs.
  • Always store glass and crystal beverage containers in a stable, safe location to avoid breaking.
  • Avoid putting hot beverages in hurricane glasses since the material usually cannot withstand hot temperatures.
  • Always check that glasses are dishwasher safe before placing them in the dishwasher.

More to Explore

The hurricane glass’s use with cocktails originated in New Orleans in the 1940s. During the Prohibition years prior, much of bootleg alcohol was only available to buyers if they first purchased cases of rum, which left bar owners saddled with a significant amount of rum and patrons with a taste for more sugary beverages.

New Orleans bar owner Pat O’Brien, looking to utilize his cases of rum, developed what would later be called the Hurricane cocktail by combining rum with passion fruit syrup.

He used glasses that resembled the covers you would place over a candle during a hurricane to keep the wind from extinguishing the flame. Thus was born both the cocktail and the glass’s namesake.

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