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10 Best Herb Grinders

Last updated on September 20, 2023

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Our Picks For The Top Herb Grinders

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Mueller HyperGrind One-Touch Operation Electric Herb Grinder

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HyperGrind One-Touch Operation Electric Herb Grinder

With this electric herb grinder, get a consistent pulse for herbs, spices, coffee or other ingredients. From a name-brand manufacturer, the durable blades will last through many uses.

Overall Take

Consistent Every TimeThe sharp and precise blades in this name-brand electric grinder deliver a grind you can count on every time you use it.

 Runner Up

COOL KNIGHT Stainless Steel Blades Electric Herb Grinder


Stainless Steel Blades Electric Herb Grinder

This sleek herb grinder, which comes in various colors, stores easily or looks modern and stylish on the counter. It also has a pollen catcher in case you plan to collect powder residue from your grinds. It’s the perfect option for the home herb gardener or chef.

Overall Take

Sleek and PowerfulWith stainless steel blades, this sleek grinder with a pollen catcher provides a powerful grind for herbs, coffee and more.

 We Also Like

KINGTOP Non-Slip Magnetic Lid Herb Grinder


Non-Slip Magnetic Lid Herb Grinder

This model is ideal if you prefer a manual herb or spice grinder. Available in many colors, this handheld tool simply requires a twisting motion to work, and it has a pollen catcher to keep your edible ingredients separated from other unwanted plant matter.

Overall Take

Break Apart Plants ManuallyEasily grind your herbs and spices by hand with this small tool.

 Also Great

DR MILLS Non-Slip Feet Electric Herb Grinder


Non-Slip Feet Electric Herb Grinder

This unique manual grinder has a spout that separates your ground pieces, dispensing a fluffy and consistent result every time you use it. It folds down so you can carry it discretely and is made from aluminum alloy, which is lightweight and durable.

Overall Take

Handheld Tool for FlavoringsGet an even, air-filled result when you choose this manual aluminum alloy herb grinder with a convenient dispenser.

Buying Guide

If you’re shopping for an herb grinder, there are countless options available. One of the first and most elemental decisions in the purchasing process is whether you prefer an electric or hand grinder. Electric grinders are more efficient and obviously require less “elbow grease.” However, they also wear out faster and will need to be replaced.

Most grinders are made from a variety of materials. Some of the most critical parts are the blades. Stainless steel is a common type of blade, especially for electric grinders. Manual grinders utilize sharp teeth to break materials apart.

Another factor to consider is safety. Some grinders have extra safety functions like automatic turn-off or other features that prevent your hands from getting caught in the blades. Manual grinders have the least risk but can only handle a small number of herbs at a time.

You may need an electric grinder if you plan also to grind coffee, nuts or large chunks of other food products. Because of the strength necessary for breaking up these items, manual grinders usually can’t do the job.

Some grinders come with what is known as a pollen catcher. This allows the very fine powder from the herbs to fall through, leaving only the larger pieces behind. You can either discard the powder or use it for other purposes.

Lastly, even though grinders all perform the same task, they vary widely in appearance. Consider what will look best in your kitchen, but balance style with performance, efficiency and durability.

What to Look For

  • Manual grinders tend to be more durable since there are no electrical parts, but they can’t handle a large quantity of herbs at a time.
  • Even for electric grinders, it’s important to check the size of the basin and how much you can grind at a time before you buy. If you’re expecting to make coffee for a crowd, you don’t want to find out you’ll have to prepare a tablespoon at a time.
  • Read your users’ manual to learn how to properly clean and maintain your grinder. You’ll probably need to use your freezer to clean a manual grinder.
  • As with any tool (especially if you choose an electric model), pay attention to the safety features of your grinder.
  • Make the most of your grinder by learning everything you can chop in it, including nuts, breadcrumbs, spice blends, garlic, ginger and more.
  • If you need a grinder for medicinal purposes, store it away from foodstuff so guests or other household members don’t get confused and accidentally use the tool for herbs or food.

More to Explore

Herb grinders have been around for millennia. The earliest and most common form is a mortar and pestle, but modern innovations have led to grinders becoming more sophisticated. The first patent issued for one of its kind was in 1905 in Australia to John Balding and William Wingfield. It most closely resembled the manual grinders on the market today.

Today, herb grinders (particularly manual ones) are frequently used by people who use tobacco and cannabis products. If you’re shopping for those purposes, you’ll want a grinder with a pollen catcher.

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