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The Best Charger Plates

Last updated on June 9, 2023

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allgala Floral Edge Design Plastic Charger Plates, 6-Piece

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Floral Edge Design Plastic Charger Plates, 6-Piece

With several colors and styles to choose from, you’ll be able to serve your family and friends in a most elegant manner with this set of charger plates. They are lightweight and durable and are made from polypropylene. Note that they are not microwavable or dishwasher safe.

Overall Take

Dine in Proper StyleAdd an element of style to your meal with this set of lightweight and durable charger plates.

 Runner Up

Ms Lovely Round Metallic Finish Plastic Charger Plates, 6-Piece

Ms Lovely

Round Metallic Finish Plastic Charger Plates, 6-Piece

You can use these long-lasting plastic charger plates in metallic finishes for weddings, showers, parties and other events. Available in several finishes, they are reusable but must be hand-washed.

Overall Take

Ideal for EventsChoose the perfect finish on this set of multiple charger plates for your event or everyday use.

 We Also Like

Home Collectives Polypropylene Napkin Rings & Charger Plates, 12-Piece

Home Collectives

Polypropylene Napkin Rings & Charger Plates, 12-Piece

These gold and silver charger plates come in several textured finishes to add distinctiveness to your table. Made from polypropylene, they come with matching napkin rings for an elevated finishing touch.

Overall Take

Textured and ReusableThese textured gold or silver polypropylene charger plates make your table setting unique.

 Strong Contender

Tiger Chef Beaded Trim Round Charger Plates, 12-Piece

Tiger Chef

Beaded Trim Round Charger Plates, 12-Piece

Buy exactly the number of charger plates you need with these sets, available in a wide range of quantities. They come in several shades and are made from lightweight and hardy melamine.

Overall Take

The Number You NeedThese melamine charger plates are available in several shades and a range of quantities.

Buying Guide

A charger plate is a decorative dish you put underneath a dinner plate. Therefore, it is often larger and flatter than traditional dishes. They’re often sold for use at events like weddings, galas or other very formal functions. Most people don’t use charger plates daily, and many don’t even use them on special occasions.

Still, when they are used, they can prevent stains or messes from spills. That’s especially helpful if you’re serving a multi-course meal or don’t want to stain a tablecloth.

One of the most important factors when choosing any dinnerware is its appearance. You want charger plates that match your home and reflect your family’s style or the style of the event you’re planning.

Many of the sets of dishes on the market are ideal for single functions, since they may have bold colors, a unique shape or a metallic finish. You can find a variety of finishes and colors to match any theme. Afterward, you can save them for future occasions, use them outdoors or give them to someone else to reuse. If you’d like to streamline your purchases, you may want to choose a more neutral charger plate that you can repurpose later.

Another factor to consider is durability. Porcelain or other fragile materials are beautiful and sophisticated, but they chip or break more easily than types of plastic or melamine. Plastic materials can usually be dropped or bumped without damage. They are certainly better for families with young kids.

On the other hand, plastic is often not dishwasher safe, especially heavy-duty or thick plastic. Always check the care instructions before cleaning your plates and other kitchen items. Many types also cannot be recycled, so consider that before throwing them away.

What to Look For

  • Especially if you’re purchasing plates for an event, always order more than you think you’ll need. That way, you have extras for unexpected guests and second helpings.
  • As a general rule, polypropylene and melamine, the materials used to make many charger plates on the market, are not typically dishwasher safe. You should always handwash them.
  • Depending on the materials, charger plates may not be safe to eat from directly. Be sure to read the manufacturer instructions carefully.
  • Even if you don’t need them anymore, don’t throw away your reusable charger plates. There’s a thriving secondhand market for that sort of item, or you can give them away.

More to Explore

The charger plate plays a very particular role in formal dining. It’s used in multi-course meals and is useful for catching stray lettuce from a salad, a splash of soup or bread crumbs.

Once the preliminary courses have been enjoyed, servers should remove the charger plate and replace it with the main dish. In most fine dining establishments, this is the meat course. A staff person may also scrape the crumbs off your table before placing the main dish.

It is considered poor manners to eat off your charger plate. You should have a side dish beside or on top of your charger for bread or other appetizers.

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