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The Best Burr Coffee Grinder

Last updated on February 29, 2024
Best Burr Coffee Grinder

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Our Picks For The Top Burr Coffee Grinders

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Baratza Encore Beginner Coffee Burr Grinder

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Encore Beginner Coffee Burr Grinder

Although this burr coffee grinder is the preferred choice by baristas everywhere, it's designed to be user-friendly, making it an accessible choice for all homeowners. The unit utilizes a simple on/off button and features a pulse button right on the front panel. It's also small in size, so you won't have any trouble fitting it on a counter or insid...

Overall Take

Perfect for ProfessionalsWith this burr coffee grinder, you'll get an astounding 40 different grind options.

 Top Pick

Chefman Customizable Easy Clean Burr Coffee Grinder


Customizable Easy Clean Burr Coffee Grinder

With 17 different grinding settings, this coffee grinder is completely customizable. In addition to producing an even grind, the unit preserves flavor and aroma by preventing overheating. Since the pieces are removable, cleaning the grinder after each use isn't an issue.

Overall Take

Attractive DesignThe extra-large hopper on this coffee grinder holds up to 8 ounces of coffee beans.

 Runner Up

Capresso Infinity Commercial-Grade Burr Coffee Grinder


Infinity Commercial-Grade Burr Coffee Grinder

The advanced cutting design on this burr coffee grinder puts it ahead of its competitors. The blades are constructed from a solid steel and outfitted to produce both fine and coarse grinds. Additional features include low-noise operation, an 8.8-ounce bean container and a 4-ounce grind container.

Overall Take

Easy to CleanThe upper burr on this coffee grinder is removable for easy cleaning.

 Also Great

Secura Non-Slip See-Through Burr Grinder Coffee Mill


Non-Slip See-Through Burr Grinder Coffee Mill

Grind from 2 to 12 cups with this grinder, which has 17 grind size selections. You can choose from an extremely fine grind for espresso to coarse French press grounds, with plenty of selections in between. The small size of the grinder means it will easily fit on your counter without taking up excess space.

Overall Take

Lots of OptionsYou'll get your choice of 17 different grind sizes with this burr coffee grinder.

Buying Guide

Coffee grounds are a necessary purchase for making coffee at home. But once coffee beans are ground, it has a shelf life. Some shops let you grind beans in the store, taking them home and enjoying them later. But even that can take away some of the freshness you’d get if you ground them the same day you enjoyed the coffee.

That’s where a coffee grinder comes in. With a coffee grinder, you buy whole beans and grind them in batches, using one batch before grinding the next. If you have a small household, you can find grinders that will let you grind just enough beans for a few cups of coffee. Since this process typically takes less than a few minutes, it will only add a little extra time to your morning cup but could make a big difference in taste.

There are two types of coffee grinders: blade and burr. With the blade grinder, a blade cuts the coffee beans into fine particles. A burr grinder has two cone-shaped burrs with ridges. This is the preferable grinder type for coffees like espressos because it can create a uniform size. But that consistency can also make a better-tasting cup of coffee all around.

What to Look For

  • The first thing to look at when shopping coffee grinders is capacity. If you plan to grind large batches to enjoy throughout the week, you might want one with a larger capacity. But a 4-cup grinder can be better if you prefer to make a fresh batch every day.
  • Look at how long the grinder takes to make the serving size you need.
  • A grinder should offer your choice for the size of each ground. The more choices, the more you can dial in your size to exactly what you prefer.
  • Some grinders remember the last setting you input so that you can repeat the same choice, or dial it slightly up or down, the next day.
  • If you plan to store your grinder on the counter, how it will look alongside the rest of your appliances is important. If you’ll slide it under a counter between uses, make sure it’s lightweight enough to do so easily. Either way, you’ll likely want to consider how much space it will take.
  • Grinders can be relatively noisy. Some are quieter than others. Keep this in mind, though, if you have a small house and are concerned about waking others when you’re grinding in the morning. Conical burr grinders are quieter than flat burr grinders, but the conical ones are usually more expensive.

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More to Explore

Coffee grinding dates as far back as the enjoyment of coffee itself. The use of grinding tools has been traced all the way back to 800 A.D. in Ethiopia, where people ate coffee cherries rather than turning them into a beverage. Ancient Ethiopians crushed the ripe red cherries pulled from plants to make them edible. It was combined with fat to make it a tastier treat.

Ancient Ethiopians soon began experimenting with various ways of cooking and roasting the caffeinated fruit. They extracted the seeds from the cherries and crushed them into fine particles using a mortar and pestle. This created the smaller grounds that could later be combined with hot water to make coffee.

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