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The Best Wine Glass

Last updated on December 22, 2022

We looked at the top 14 Wine Glasses and dug through the reviews from 20 of the most popular review sites including and more. The result is a ranking of the best Wine Glasses .

Best Wine Glass

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Our Picks For The Top Wine Glasses

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 Top Pick

Amazon Basics Lead-Free Entertaining Wine Glasses, Set Of 4

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Amazon Basics

Lead-Free Entertaining Wine Glasses, Set Of 4

This set of wine glasses features a traditional design that is both simple, yet elegant. There are a total of four glasses in each set, all of which have a 15-ounce capacity. The biggest draw is that the set is made using soda ash glass, which is free of any lead.

Overall Take

Affordably PricedThe budget-friendly price tag on these wine glasses makes them an excellent option for gift giving.

 Runner Up

Godinger Clear Crystal Wine Glasses, Set Of 4


Clear Crystal Wine Glasses, Set Of 4

Elegant is the best word to describe this set of wine glasses. Each of the four glasses has a wide bowl, which allows for better aeration. The glasses are also handcrafted and feature a 17-ounce capacity, which is larger than other sets on the market.

Overall Take

Multiple Color OptionsYou'll find this set of wine glasses is available in eight different colors, including clear, amber, red, turquoise and blue.

 We Also Like

JoyJolt Spirits Classic Stemless Wine Glasses, Set Of 4


Spirits Classic Stemless Wine Glasses, Set Of 4

This stemless set is built for enjoying both red and white wines. The glasses are dishwasher-safe and shatter-resistant. They're perfect for parties or quiet evenings at home, and they'll last for quite a while. These have a nice feel in your hand.

Overall Take

Sleek PickThis set of wine glasses is perfect for red or white wine.

" JoyJolt Spirits boasts that the wine glasses are shatter-resistant, dishwasher-safe, and that the bowl-shaped design can actually enhance the flavor of your wine."
"Somes buyers had issues with the product arriving warped after shipping. Glass is very thin"
 Strong Contender

Paksh Novelty Lead-Free Dishwasher Safe Wine Glasses, Set Of 4

Paksh Novelty

Lead-Free Dishwasher Safe Wine Glasses, Set Of 4

This stunning set of stemware is classy and functional. The ergonomic design will fit neatly in your hand. Each glass is made from Star Glass, a lead-free chemical mix that creates a crystal-clear finish. These glasses are perfect as a gift for yourself or for the wine lover in your life. In our testing, we found that the stem was the perfect thick...

Overall Take

Gorgeous OptionThese wine glasses are easy to hold and easy on the eyes.

" Each glass is finished with a treatment that reinforces the stems and protects them from abrasions, which reduces the chances of most common cause of wine glass breakage."

Buying Guide

There’s nothing quite like putting up your feet and sipping on your favorite Chardonnay or Merlot after a long day. Wine adds an air of class to the most mundane evenings, or it helps you kick up your heels with a group of friends during the weekend. The one accessory you definitely need to enjoy your Pinot noir: a gorgeous set of wine glasses. 

You can drink wine from any old glass (or bucket) if getting tipsy is the goal, but you’ll need a more thoughtful approach if you really want to enjoy your vino’s scent and flavor profile. 

There are almost as many types of wine glasses as there are types of wine. Some wine connoisseurs prefer stemmed glasses over more modern, stemless designs. They claim that holding a stemless glass can warm up the wine inside, altering the taste. However, stemless glasses are a lot harder to knock over. They’re your best friend if you have lots of white carpet you’d like to protect.

The most important feature of any wine glass is the shape of the vessel. This determines how much air your wine is exposed to, how it collects your wine’s aromas and how much wine will fall into your mouth per sip. 

If you love red wine, shop for glasses with wider openings. This opens up the wine to more air, which helps the ethanol evaporate a bit for a smoother taste. More air also gives the aromas in your wine more room to dance, so you’ll enjoy a fuller, richer flavor profile. 

White wine fans should be on the lookout for bowl-shaped vessels with smaller openings. These glasses let in less air, preserving white wine’s cooler temperature and delicate floral aromas. 

There are specific glasses within each of these categories, like extra-large Bordeaux glasses and narrow champagne flutes, but these general guidelines for whites and reds will help you sip smarter every time. 

Once you’ve decided you’re ready to invest in your own wine glasses, take a look at our Tips & Advice for specifics on picking your perfect set.

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Our experts reviewed the top 14 Wine Glasses and also dug through the reviews from 20 of the most popular review sites including and more. The result is a ranking of the best of the best Wine Glasses .

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What to Look For

  • Think about how your wine glasses will fit in with the rest of your home decor before you buy. Stemless wine glasses can contribute to the modern feel of sleek kitchens and minimalist furniture. Stemmed wine glasses harmonize well with oak furniture or older homes. 
  • Do you have any young kids or pets at home? If so, you’ll want to look for stemless wine glasses. They’re much harder to knock over, so they’ll last longer in an active household. 
  • Do you prefer red wines, whites or a combination of both? Some wine glasses are built with wider vessel openings, which are more appropriate for red wines. Others have smaller openings, which help keep white wines cool. There are even some sets that double your value with a combination of red and white wine glasses. Think about what types of vino you like to drink and serve before you buy. 
  • Take note of how much storage space you have in your kitchen cabinets. You’ll be pretty frustrated if you open up your box of new wine glasses and discover that they’re too tall for your shelves. You might also want to invest in some accessories to help you protect your wine glasses. You can hang them upside down in your cabinets with the help of a wine glass storage rack, pick up a wall-mounted rack at a home goods store or keep them in a stemware case. 
  • Check and see if the wine glasses you’ve got your eye on are dishwasher safe. Some people don’t mind setting aside a little extra time to hand wash more delicate glasses, but if you despise standing at the sink like that, opt for a dishwasher-friendly set. 
  • Wine glasses come in a range of capacities, usually ranging from about 15 to 18 ounces. If you like to sidle up to a cheese plate with a nice, heavy pour, go for one of the larger sizes.
  • Decide if you’d prefer wine glasses made from crystal or glass before you start shopping. The crystal in crystal wine glasses contains minerals, which strengthens the wine glass. This means that crystal wine glasses can be thin yet durable. However, crystal glasses often contain trace amounts of lead. They’re great for special occasions, but they must be hand washed. Glass wine glasses are always lead-free and they’re often dishwasher safe, so they’re better for everyday use. They’re also significantly less expensive.

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  • Drinking and driving is a big don’t — but when your car needs to catch a buzz to start the engine, it’s an eco-friendly do. That’s why Prince Charles drives an Aston-Martin Volante that runs on surplus wine.
  • The Prince’s dedication to eco-friendly solutions took a turn in late 2018, when he had his classic 49-year-old car revamped to run on a fuel called E85. The fuel mixes a small amount of standard gasoline with a base of Bioethanol, a biofuel derived from leftover vino. 
  • If you’ve ever had a flaming shot at a bar, you’ve seen how fire and alcohol can combust to create energy. Bioethanol converts to fuel in a similar, albeit much more productive, process under your hood. 
  • Prince Charles’s new fuel source is called E85 because it’s 85% ethanol, 15% petroleum. Thanks to our old friend wine, Charles is saving a lot of gasoline every time he fills up his tank.

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