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The Best Fridge Deodorizer

Last updated on June 9, 2023

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Our Picks For The Top Fridge Deodorizers

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 Top Pick

OTOTO Fun Guy Mushroom Shaped Silicone Fridge Deodorizer

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval


Fun Guy Mushroom Shaped Silicone Fridge Deodorizer

This fridge deodorizer has a friendly face and a red mushroom hat. Best of all, it is effective at keeping your refrigerator free from unwanted smells. Simply fill this BPA-free belly with baking soda and clean it in the dishwasher in between use.

Overall Take

Adorable and EffectiveThis whimsical fridge deodorizer is BPA-free and can be cleaned in the dishwasher, so it’s easy to use and maintain, all while reducing odors.

 Runner Up

NonScents Compact Long Lasting Fridge Deodorizers, 2-Pack


Compact Long Lasting Fridge Deodorizers, 2-Pack

You can install these disposable fridge deodorizers and have a fresh fridge within hours, and you won’t have to change them for six months. They come in multi-packs and are food-safe, fragrance-free and leakproof.

Overall Take

Long-Lasting and DisposableThese handy fridge deodorizers will keep your fridge fresh for months, and you don’t need to worry about clean. You can just throw them away.

 We Also Like

Arm & Hammer Suction Cup Baking Soda Fridge Deodorizers, 2-Pack

Arm & Hammer

Suction Cup Baking Soda Fridge Deodorizers, 2-Pack

You can place this deodorizer anywhere in your refrigerator, which allows you to choose the best spot to collect odors. It hangs and clings to whatever you stick it to, so you won’t need to worry about it spilling. Furthermore, it’s easy to access for replacement every 30 days.

Overall Take

Hang It AnywhereMaximize your baking soda’s deodorizing power by hanging this item anywhere in your fridge.

 Strong Contender

Fridge Ninja Activated Carbon Technology Fridge Deodorizer

Fridge Ninja

Activated Carbon Technology Fridge Deodorizer

This set of two fridge deodorizers is a wonderful alternative to baking soda. They are made from natural, deactivated carbon. These small items can go virtually anywhere in the fridge, and they last up to three months.

Overall Take

Small, Powerful and NaturalUse this set of two small, powerful and natural fridge deodorizers with deactivated carbon anywhere in the fridge.

Buying Guide

If your refrigerator’s smell is off-putting, fear not! Fridge deodorizers are the perfect solution to bad kitchen odors.

There are many factors to consider when choosing the perfect fridge deodorizer. First is whether you want to use baking soda or other ingredients to absorb or remove smells. One such alternative substance is carbon.

Think about how often you’ll (realistically) remember to switch your deodorizer. Whether you use baking soda or another product, it will more than likely need to be changed regularly. Some require attention once a month, twice a year or sometime in between.

For some people, disposable products are more convenient. When the product needs to be replaced, you can simply throw the old one away and install a new one. On the other hand, it’s more environmentally friendly to use a reusable product. Decide what’s more important to you before you buy.

Another factor is size. Space in the fridge is typically at a premium, so a deodorizer shouldn’t take up a lot of extra room. Boxes of baking soda require a considerable amount of space, but several items marketed specifically as deodorizers are designed to use very little room. On the other hand, some larger deodorizers are fun and adorable, even if they’re big.

Additionally, think about whether it will sit on a shelf in the fridge or attach to the walls. Some items available for purchase are sticky or adhere, but they might be harder to replace. On the other hand, there’s less mess and hassle.

What to Look For

  • Remember that the manufacturer’s instructions tell you how often to change your deodorizer. However, depending on the size of your fridge and what you keep in it, you may need to change yours less or more frequently. Pay attention to when your fridge starts to smell bad and consider changing the deodorizer then.
  • Situate your fridge deodorizer as centrally in your fridge as possible. You want the air inside the appliance to circulate through it often.
  • If you store particularly pungent food in your fridge, place the smelliest items close to the deodorizer. That way, the unpleasant smells won’t absorb into other foods before being absorbed by the deodorizer.

More to Explore

Baking soda has countless helpful uses. In addition to deodorizing small places without a lot of air circulation, like a fridge or freezer, it can also polish silver, remove splinters from the skin, kill bugs and ease discomfort from their bites, take care of your dandruff and clear out your sinuses.

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