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The Best Ceramic Plates

Last updated on October 12, 2023

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Our Picks For The Top Ceramic Plates

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10 Strawberry Street Ceramic Square Catering Appetizer Plates, 12 Count

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval

10 Strawberry Street

Ceramic Square Catering Appetizer Plates, 12 Count

Including 12 pieces, this set gives you 6-inch ceramic plates that are square and white. Their simple look suits both formal and informal occasions. You can also safely use them with heat and clean them in your dishwasher.

Overall Take

Plain and VersatileIf you'd like white plates good for any occasion, this ceramic set offers a lot of versatility.

 Top Pick

Mino Ware Assorted Cat Designs Ceramic Plates, 4-Piece

Mino Ware

Assorted Cat Designs Ceramic Plates, 4-Piece

Featuring white and blue colors, these plates have adorable cats on them. They have a diameter just under 4 inches for use with small servings or desserts. You get 4 plates in the set.

Overall Take

For Pet LoversIf you're a pet lover, you'll find these cat-themed plates a stylish addition to your dinnerware.

 Runner Up

Mora Ceramics Scratch-Resistant Round Ceramic Plates, 6-Piece

Mora Ceramics

Scratch-Resistant Round Ceramic Plates, 6-Piece

Coming in 3 color options, these plates measure 7.8 inches for versatile uses. The set contains 6 plates that are made to last longer and resist scratches and chips. They don't contain harmful lead either.

Overall Take

Versatile and SturdyConsider this plate set if you want something that is durable and versatile enough to use for both main meals and appetizers.

 We Also Like

Vicrays Microwave Safe Textured Ceramic Plates, 6-Piece


Microwave Safe Textured Ceramic Plates, 6-Piece

This set includes 6 plates that measure 10.5 inches to hold a lot of food. The durable plates have a unique pattern and texture. You can choose from 7 colors, including some bold options such as red and blue.

Overall Take

Unique Look and FeelYou'll find these plates handy if you'd like something that looks and feels unique with bold color options available.

Buying Guide

When you’re shopping for dishes, ceramic plates are a very popular and versatile choice. Not only can you use them daily at home, but they’re also fancy enough for special events like banquets and wedding receptions. This material suits both cold and hot foods and helps prevent issues such as food sticking on the surface.

Some common varieties of porcelain plates include porcelain, stoneware and earthenware. If you want something very sturdy, elegant and minimally porous, porcelain is ideal but can get costly. Stoneware is an alternative with a medium level of durability at a lower cost than porcelain. If you don’t mind something softer, more porous and less durable, earthenware can be an economical choice.

Think about the types of ceramic plates you need. You’ll probably want some large dinner plates for your main meals and smaller plates for sides, appetizers and desserts. Appetizer plates and dessert plates are of similar sizes and can often work interchangeably, while bread-and-butter plates run smaller. If you serve soup, consider a special soup plate with a design similar to a shallow bowl.

These various ceramic plate types come in different shapes too. Round is most common, and you usually can’t go wrong with this versatile, timeless option. However, you might want square plates if you prefer something more modern or a triangular plates to serve small items such as cake slices. If you’re seeking something very unique or themed for a special occasion, consider ceramic plates shaped like objects such as animals, plants or holiday symbols.

Ceramic plate designs vary to suit different needs. Basic plates will have no dividers, but you can also get some with sections to keep different food items from mixing or make portion control easier. Additionally, some ceramic plates have more raised edges than others to help prevent messy foods from leaking.

Another important decision is the right plate color, and you’ll want to consider when, how and where you’ll use the plates. If you want something suits any purpose, consider ceramic plates that are solid white or feature small small decorations. Otherwise, look for a plate color that fits with your home’s decor or event’s theme. You’ll also come across unique options that have geometric patterns or include drawings of various objects like animals.

What to Look For

  • Ceramic plates typically come in sets of at least four or six. You should consider both the number of people who will use the plates as well as your dishwashing habits to make sure you purchase enough. Additionally, keep in mind that people may use multiple plates at one meal, so having extras will come in handy.
  • Be aware that ceramic plates can crack if you expose them to extreme temperatures. Before you put any in the freezer, make sure the manufacturer labels them as freezer-safe. And while you can use most ceramic plates in the microwave, avoid putting cold plates in there since cracks can occur.
  • Staining is a common problem with ceramic plates and often happens with highly pigmented foods like tomato sauce. While you could use an alternative plate material for such foods, you can also try washing your ceramic plates with salt water to remove the stains.
  • Ceramic plates can chip if they knock up against other dishes, and they can break if you drop them. Consider shopping for chip-resistant plates for increased durability and being careful when you move your plates around. Since ceramic is heavy, avoid carrying too many plates at once. Don’t place them near the edge of a table where they could fall either. 
  • To prevent scratches on your ceramic plates, avoid scraping metal cutlery on the surface or using anything harsh to scrub the plates. You can buy scratch-resistant plates to reduce the problem as well. 
  • If you need plates for outdoor use, alternative materials like plastic, bamboo or paper will likely suit your needs better. These materials weigh less and don’t have the fragility that ceramic plates do. You can also buy disposable ones that offer more convenience for outdoor parties.
  • You can usually use the dishwasher with your ceramic plates, but washing them by hand can be a safer choice if you worry about scratches or fading. Avoiding hot water is a common recommendation regardless of which option you choose.
  • When putting your ceramic plates away, stack them carefully, ideally in separate piles for different sizes.

More to Explore

Here are some facts about ceramic plates you might not have never heard about:

  • Since ceramic is a natural material, people used it as far back as 30,000 years ago to make objects like figurines. Around 11,000 years ago, people in Asian countries started using ceramics more often to create containers to hold food.
  • According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the Lebanese company K_Moldes S.A.R.L and Joe Kabalan get the credit for the world’s largest ceramic plate. Made in 2010, this huge plate had a diameter of 23.5 feet and a weight of around 9,500 pounds.
  • Compared to other common plate materials, ceramic stands out for usually being non-toxic and a good choice if you worry about chemicals. However, you’ll still want to always check what a ceramic plate contains and avoid options with lead or questionable coatings.

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