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The Best Drinkware

Last updated on March 7, 2024

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CreativeWare Multicolor BPA-Free Drinkware, Set Of 10

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval


Multicolor BPA-Free Drinkware, Set Of 10

Add a little color to your life with this drinkware set. It includes a total of 10 glasses in a variety of colors that match the rainbow. With a 24-ounce capacity, you'll find the glasses are perfect for everything from lemonade on ice to a strawberry banana smoothie.

Overall Take

Rainbow ColorsYou'll find this drinkware set is dishwasher safe on the top shelf, making clean up a breeze.

 Runner Up

Amazon Basics Admiral Classic Drinkware, Set Of 16

Amazon Basics

Admiral Classic Drinkware, Set Of 16

Unlike other drinkware sets that are made from plastic, this set is constructed using a top-quality lead-free glass. It includes eight tall glasses, as well as eight shorter cups. Use the set to serve iced tea on a hot summer day or bloody Marys when entertaining guests.

Overall Take

Ideal for Large FamiliesThis drinkware set is both simple and elegant at the same time.

 We Also Like

US Acrylic Classic Shatter-Proof Drinkware, Set Of 6

US Acrylic

Classic Shatter-Proof Drinkware, Set Of 6

When you want the appearance of glass but the safety of plastic, opt for this drinkware set. With their extra-tall capacity, you won’t have to refill as frequently and can enjoy your beverage for quite a while with this set.

Overall Take

UnbreakableWhen you don't want glass cups in your cupboard but want the look, choose this drinkware set.

 Strong Contender

US Acrylic Optix Colored Plastic Drinkware, Set Of 8

US Acrylic

Optix Colored Plastic Drinkware, Set Of 8

For a spunky, colorful glass set, turn to this drinkware set. It receives the Best Value rating form consumers for the affordability and durability. We love that they are not only break-resistant but also scratch-resistant. You can even throw these cups in the dishwasher for the utmost convenience.

Overall Take

Budget-FriendlyThis drinkware set is not only affordable, but it also offers excellent durability.

Buying Guide

Buying things for your kitchen cupboards can be a big and important purchase. Whether it is for your first apartment or perhaps you’re looking for your wedding registry, there are countless options available. One of the first things you’ll need is a good set of water glasses — and we have just the recommendations you’re looking for.

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Glassware comes in all shapes and sizes. Finding the right fit for you involves choosing your style and design. Glasses are all made differently. Some are thick and can withstand drops well. Others are thin and dainty for a more formal setting. Tempered glass is an ideal material to look for in a drinkware set because it is heated to high temperatures when it is being made. If breaking is a concern but you still want a glass-like appearance, turn to acrylic. This strong plastic material will keep your glasses from shattering into a million pieces and keep little hands safe from cuts. What set you choose depends on your style and how you will use them.

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There are several types of drinking glasses. Tumblers are a general name used to reference drinking glasses but, in most cases, a tumbler is a tall glass that can hold either 16 or 24 ounces. Tumblers can also encompass old-fashioned glasses, table glasses and juice glasses. These other glass types hold much less liquid and are used for milk, juices and whiskeys or scotches. Find a set for all your entertaining styles.

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When you are first starting your glassware collection, a set with mixed sizes is ideal. Some sets of 12 come with three different sizes. With this type of set, you’ll have all the sizes for any style of entertaining. Another great option for size variety is one that includes two different sizes. These two sizes are ideal for everyday water glasses and evening cocktails alike.

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If you are nervous about having breakable glass in your drinking cupboard, you will find acrylic sets are a safe alternative. The US Acrylic company has two sets that reflect completely different styles. The Optix Colored Plastic Tumblers is a cheery collection of colorful glasses that offer vibrancy to your drinking glasses. For a glass appearance, choose the Classic 24-ounce Plastic Tumbler set by US Acrylic. This will give you a clear glass-like set without the hazard of fragile glass. These sets are especially great if you have children in the home.

Simplemost Media

Wedding registries, first-time home-buyers, first apartment shoppers and special occasion shoppers will all certainly find these sets quite suitable. Find your style and fill your cabinets with a fantastic drinkware set.

What to Look For

  • A variety of glasses is always useful when you are starting fresh.
  • Purchase a set that has an appropriate count for your household needs.
  • If you have kids in the house, opt for an acrylic set.
  • When you entertain frequently, find a set with a variety of glasses for different types of drinks.

More to Explore

Roughly 5,000 years ago, glass was born. It was not the transparent material that we know now, but rather an opaque material. Before it was made for practical uses such as drinking glasses, it was made into ornaments and jewelry for the wealthy or high-class people of the era. In the 16th century BC, Egyptians and those in the Mesopotamia region made the first drinking glasses and gave them as gifts to people in power.

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