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The Best Cooking Torch

Last updated on October 12, 2023

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Jo Chef Butane Fuel Canisters & Refillable Cooking Torch

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Jo Chef

Butane Fuel Canisters & Refillable Cooking Torch

Ideal for getting started, this kit has a refillable torch along with a pair of butane cans. It has a convenient design with a safety lock and flame adjuster. The small window makes it easy to monitor the fuel level.

Overall Take

Good Starter KitThis all-in-one kit comes with cans of fuel so you can easily get started making foods.

 Runner Up

Sondiko S400 Adjustable Flame Cooking Torch


S400 Adjustable Flame Cooking Torch

This refillable torch is adjustable and allows for a continuous flame if desired. It has safety features to protect your fingers and prevent the torch from accidentally coming on. You'll need to provide your own butane fuel.

Overall Take

Convenient FeaturesIf you have convenience and safety in mind, this torch is a good choice with plenty of handy features.

 We Also Like

inZaynity Refillable Dual Flame Mini Cooking Torch


Refillable Dual Flame Mini Cooking Torch

Available in three colors, this refillable torch allows for two flames and is adjustable. It has a fancy design and is both lightweight and ergonomic. You'll have to supply your own butane.

Overall Take

Unique DesignYou get a fancy design and the versatility of two flames with this torch.

 Strong Contender

LEGENDARY CHEF Safety Lock & Adjustable Flame Cooking Torch


Safety Lock & Adjustable Flame Cooking Torch

This two-toned torch is silver with eight accent colors to choose from. You can fill it with your own butane and adjust the flame. The sturdy design keeps safety in mind so that your hand doesn't get too close to the flame.

Overall Take

Several Color ChoicesConsider this basic torch if you want something economical with interesting color options available.

Buying Guide

If you’d like to take your cooking skills up a notch, a cooking torch can help you make or enhance many desserts, dishes and appetizers. Running on fuel and emitting a blue flame, this kitchen gadget works great for melting cheese, toasting marshmallows, caramelizing sugar, roasting veggies and even searing steak. After you adjust the flame to suit your needs, you simply move the lit torch over your food slowly until you get the desired result.

You can choose between detachable torch heads and refillable cooking torches. The detachable version is very portable and simply requires attaching it to a compatible canister of fuel for an easy setup. However, these are less common, and compatible fuel cans aren’t always easy to find. While they take more time and practice to set up, refillable torches offer more flexibility since you can simply refill the fuel as needed, and it’s usually easy to find the fuel.

When it comes to fuel types, butane is the most popular for cooking torches, but some models work with propane too. Your cooking torch will work fine with either compatible fuel, but you can consider which type you find more affordable and available. Other fuel-related considerations could include your cooking torch’s estimated burn time, its fuel canister size and any fuel gauge (on refillable models) that makes it easier to monitor what’s left.

Your cooking torch should be comfortable and relatively simple to operate. It shouldn’t have a heavy or bulky design that makes it hard to hold with one hand. The trigger should be easy to press, while the flame adjuster control should be intuitive and have the settings you want. Additionally, you might look for a model that has a base and flame lock-on so you can use the torch hands-free when needed.

Since cooking torches involve fire, safety features are crucial. You should buy a model that has a safety lock to prevent an accidental flame from causing damage or injury. Cooking torches with a finger guard also come in handy to prevent burning your hands. Plus, it helps to get a model with a base to protect your work surface.

What to Look For

  • Many cooking torches don’t include fuel canisters for getting started, so always verify what your kit contains so you can buy the fuel separately if needed. If your torch’s head attaches directly to the fuel canister, make sure you buy cans that fit your particular model. Note that some torch heads can attach to smaller or larger tanks but will require a special adapter to work.
  • Before setting up any cooking torch, make sure it’s set to off. You should then check the safety information on the fuel canister and in your torch’s manual to avoid dangers while setting up and using the torch. In addition, look for instructions such as whether you should shake the fuel canister before use.
  • To fill a refillable cooking torch, you’ll typically place your fuel container’s nozzle into the valve at the bottom of the torch’s body and then push down. Wait for the torch to fill up with fuel and then remove the container’s nozzle and put the cap back on. The torch should be ready to use once the fuel stabilizes for a few minutes.
  • To set up a torch head that attaches to a canister, look for a notch on the can and a tab on the torch and align them together. You’ll usually push the torch head down on the canister and turn to lock it into place. Make sure the attachment is secure before you start using the torch.
  • Since the fumes can be dangerous, only refill or use your cooking torch in a ventilated area indoors or otherwise take it outside. 
  • Clean off any residue from your torch’s nozzle before you use the torch on food.
  • Wait for the flame to turn blue before you start aiming the cooking torch at your food. To avoid burning the food, sweep the flame over it slowly. Make sure you turn the torch off after you finish.
  • Don’t use the torch near any open flame or point it at another person or something else flammable. Additionally, keep the flame away from yourself and your clothing and make sure you have the food on a surface that won’t melt. A fire extinguisher is good to have nearby in case something happens. 
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to safely store your cooking torch and its fuel. These often include avoiding keeping filled torches or fuel containers in hot temperatures or direct sunlight. You should also make sure any fuel canister has its lid secured tightly and that you’ve locked your torch’s safety lock. Plus, keep these items stored away from children.

More to Explore

If you’ve ever watched cooking shows or tutorials, you’ve probably at least once seen someone use a cooking torch to finish a dessert called a crème brûlée. Featuring caramelized sugar and custard, this French dessert became very popular during the 1950s, but it dates back so far that even Thomas Jefferson enjoyed one.

Although it can take up to an hour to prepare, bake and finish, this dish uses few ingredients and is worth trying when you get your cooking torch. You can also experiment with larger versions of this usually petite treat. An Orlando cooking school even took up a challenge in 2005 to make a nearly 1,600-pound crème brûlée. It remains in the Guinness World Records’ books as the largest one made.

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