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The Best Highball Glasses

Last updated on May 3, 2023

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Our Picks For The Top Highball Glasses

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PARNOO Lightweight Design Highball Glasses, 8-Piece

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Lightweight Design Highball Glasses, 8-Piece

These elegant highball glasses have a sleek look. They are lightweight and durable. The glasses are dishwasher safe and perfect for daily use.

Overall Take

Modern AppealThese highball glasses have a sleek look.

 Runner Up

JoyJolt Lead-Free Crystal Highball Glasses, 6-Piece


Lead-Free Crystal Highball Glasses, 6-Piece

These highball glasses have a slim shape and are comfortable to hold. They are crafted from lead-free crystal, making them highly durable. The glasses have a capacity of 13 ounces.

Overall Take

Comfortable ChoiceThese highball glasses are slim and easy to hold.

 We Also Like

Paksh Novelty Thick Clear Base Highball Glasses, 6-Piece

Paksh Novelty

Thick Clear Base Highball Glasses, 6-Piece

These premium highball glasses feature Italian craftsmanship. They have a slim silhouette with a clean design. The glasses are thin and elegant but won’t shatter.

Overall Take

Premium OptionThese highball glasses feature Italian craftsmanship.

 Strong Contender

Godinger Dishwasher Safe Highball Glasses, 4-Piece


Dishwasher Safe Highball Glasses, 4-Piece

These meticulously crafted highball glasses are made in Italy. They have a strong and stable shape that is comfortable to grip. The glasses are versatile and can be used for many different types of drinks.

Overall Take

Meticulous CraftsmanshipThese highball glasses are made in Italy.

Buying Guide

If you like making and serving cocktails at home and want versatile glassware, look no further than the highball glass. These glasses are tall and slender, holding around 13 ounces of liquid. This makes them perfect for many different cocktails, especially those that are served over lots of ice.

When you’re choosing your highball glasses, consider what your main use for them will be. For example, will you be serving fancy cocktails in them or are they mostly for soda and iced teas? Will you also be using them for water glasses for everyday use, or are they just for special occasions? Answering these questions will help you determine the quality of glassware you need, as well as the size.

The standard material for highball glasses is crystal, which is a durable and elegant choice. However, crystal is on the pricier end, which is why many people don’t use crystal for everyday glassware. If you’re looking for something you can use day to day, opt for glass as the material of choice. It’s also durable, but more affordable. Plus, glass can go in the dishwasher while crystal needs to be hand washed.

In terms of quantity, highball glasses can come in sets of four, six and eight glasses, and sometime even twelve glasses. Consider what you will be using the glasses for, such as special occasions or every day use, and how many people will be drinking at one time. This will help you figure out how many glasses you will need to have.

What to Look For

  • What can you serve in a highball glass? Typically, these types of glasses are used for craft cocktails, which are made from three or more ingredients and usually include a lot of mixers. The tall and slender shape of the glasses make them perfect for serving cocktails over lots of ice. In terms of non-alcoholic beverages, highball glasses are perfect for water, soda, juices, smoothies and more.
  • In terms of capacity, most highball glasses are around 13 ounces. However, you can find smaller ones around 10 ounces and larger ones around 18 ounces. The 13-ounce glasses are perfect for most types of cocktails served over ice. If you’re drinking water or soda out of highball glasses, you may prefer a larger size. For those who like their cocktails or drinks without ice, choose a smaller highball glass.
  • If you’ve never heard of a highball glass, it’s likely you know it by another name, such as a Collins glass or a Delmonico glass. In some places, highball glasses are referred to as tumblers. All of these glasses have the same tall and slender shape and are often used for cocktails over ice. They are common in homes, bars and restaurants.
  • When it comes to design, you have a few options. If you like simplicity, go with plain highball glasses without any embellishments. However, if you’re going for something more classic and sophisticated, opt for a cut glass design on the highball glasses. These have a vintage-inspired look while the plain ones look more modern.

More to Explore

Traditionally, a highball cocktail is any cocktail that contains a spirit and a large quantity of non-alcoholic mixer, sometimes offered with flavorings from fruit and herbs. The first highball cocktail, however, was much simpler than that. At the end of the 1800s, The Mixologist publication featured a drink recipe for a highball cocktail – the first of its kind. This recipe included one piece of ice, followed by whiskey, and then the rest of the glass was filled up with Apollinaris water, which is a type of sparkling water. It’s unclear whether this type of drink was served in a highball glass. If you ordered this drink in a bar today, however, it’s likely you’d get it in a tall and slender vessel.

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