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The Best Kitchen Towel

Last updated on February 15, 2023
Best Kitchen Towel

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 Top Pick

Sticky Toffee Ultra Soft Long-Lasting Kitchen Towels, 8-Pack

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Sticky Toffee

Ultra Soft Long-Lasting Kitchen Towels, 8-Pack

No matter what your color scheme, you're sure to find this kitchen towel set in a matching shade. There are 16 different colors to choose from, including gray, tan, blue and red. Each set offers four solid-colored towels and four white towels with colored stripes.

Overall Take

Stock UpSince these kitchen towels are made using 100% cotton, they are both soft and absorbent.

 Runner Up

Bumble Towels Ultra Soft Eco-Friendly Kitchen Towels, 6-Pack

Bumble Towels

Ultra Soft Eco-Friendly Kitchen Towels, 6-Pack

Each of the six kitchen towels in this set are super soft and highly absorbent. They include a loop for hanging, as well as a carry bag for gym workouts. Since the towels come in 10 different color patterns, you'll also find they can be used to add a decorative touch to your space.

Overall Take

Convenient Carry Bag IncludedThis kitchen towel set is environmentally friendly and machine washable for ease of care.

 We Also Like

Zeppoli Classic Elegant Tea Kitchen Towels, 15-Pack


Classic Elegant Tea Kitchen Towels, 15-Pack

You'll get 15 14” x 25” kitchen towels in this set, all made from 100% natural cotton. Hours of testing have confirmed the material is absorbent and durable and won't scratch your dishes. Each towel features a white herringbone weave with blue trim.

Overall Take

Versatile PickThese tea towels are versatile enough for a variety of uses, from cleaning up spills to serving as dinner napkins.

 Strong Contender

Homaxy Easy Clean Breathable Kitchen Towels, 6-Pack


Easy Clean Breathable Kitchen Towels, 6-Pack

Each of the six kitchen towels in this set are outfitted with a hook for hanging. The towels are constructed from a natural cotton that is gentle on your dishes. The honeycomb design is also a plus, as it makes the towels a bit more durable than their competition.

Overall Take

Multiple Color OptionsYou'll find this kitchen towel set comes in a choice of 14 different colors, including dark gray, beige, brick red and navy blue.

Buying Guide

When you think of kitchen towels, you can picture a variety of types. There are the thicker towels that are often made from cotton and are extra-absorbent. Then there are tea towels, which are thinner in build and can serve as a great replacement for paper towels or even cloth table napkins.

Whether you’re drying dishes or wiping down your countertops, a kitchen towel can save you a fortune in paper towels. Not only will you be able to cut costs at the grocery store, but you’ll also reduce your environmental impact. For those interested in conservation, that can be a very valuable consideration.

But the right kind of kitchen towel can go farther than replacing kitchen towels. Some use the thinner variety as cloth diapers, table napkins or even dust cloths. Since they’re usually sold in sets, their multipurpose nature can come in handy. You may find you rarely have a need for paper products outside of the bathroom.

As you shop around for a kitchen towel, though, keep your usage in mind. Thicker ones won’t be quite as suitable for general purposes, so you may find that you’re limited to kitchen use. But thinner ones may not have the absorbency you need, making them less ideal for tasks like drying dishes or cleaning up larger spills.

What to Look For

  • Lint can be a big problem with towels you’re using in the kitchen. Microfiber is a great material for avoiding that.
  • Absorbency is an important factor in any towel. If you’re considering a thinner cloth to give you flexibility when drying glasses, make sure it can hold large volumes of water without having to be wrung out.
  • Many dishtowels are machine washable. That’s a valuable feature. For best results, run any towels through the machine one time before using. That will help eliminate any residual dyes and chemicals.
  • Most kitchen towels are sold in sets. These can range from just a few to a dozen or more. Factor how often you’ll use them into making a decision. If you’re replacing paper towels altogether, you may need a large bundle just to ensure you have fresh ones on hand while you’re running used ones through the wash.
  • Some towels come in multiple color options to help you match your kitchen decor. This is especially important if you plan to display the one you’re currently using.
  • The material plays a direct role in the durability of your towel, as well as the absorbency. Look for a towel that has top-quality material and intricate detailing in how it’s woven, if you want years of reliable use.

More to Explore

If you’ve ever bought a pack of tea towels, you’ve probably wondered about the connection to the classic hot beverage. Tea towels do, in fact, have a history steeped in tea. Thin, sturdy towels were around before Victorian England, but it was in the 19th century that they started being used at tea time for spills during these important social events in Queen Victoria’s court.

That was when the demand arose for towels to be decorative in order to match the royal family’s fine china. In fact, staff would often embroider the tea towels to set them apart from other types of towels.

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