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The Best Trifle Bowl

Last updated on October 11, 2023

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Anchor Hocking Versatile Monaco Glass Footed Trifle Bowl

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Anchor Hocking

Versatile Monaco Glass Footed Trifle Bowl

Holding up to three quarts, this round bowl features a thick pedestal base that provides good stability. The material is glass and very clear. It can handle very hot and cold foods and is safe for the dishwasher.

Overall Take

Sturdy Pedestal MountThis bowl is a good choice if you want something that is stable with a thick pedestal base.

 Runner Up

Royalty Art Modern European Crystal-Clear Glass Footed Trifle Bowl

Royalty Art

Modern European Crystal-Clear Glass Footed Trifle Bowl

This round bowl is made of very clear glass to makes your dessert catch the eye. The pedestal mount's design gets narrower as it gets closer to the bowl. It has a capacity of four quarts and is safe for the dishwasher.

Overall Take

Showcases Food WellConsider this bowl if you'd like something that looks extremely clear and helps your trifle's layers catch the eye.

 We Also Like

Libbey Selene Elegant Footed Crystal-Clear Glass Trifle Bowl


Selene Elegant Footed Crystal-Clear Glass Trifle Bowl

With this glass bowl having a capacity of three quarts, it can accomodate a large trifle. The clear, round bowl and the unique pedestal base provide a classy look. You'll need to wash it by hand.

Overall Take

Classy LookThis bowl offers a large capacity and classy design to make it suitable for many uses.

 Strong Contender

Crystalia Mini Glass Footed Trifle Dessert Bowls, 4 Piece


Mini Glass Footed Trifle Dessert Bowls, 4 Piece

Coming in a pack of four, these pedestal bowls hold nine ounces and suit individual dessert servings. They are made of glass and ideal for holding. You can choose from conic, rounded and hemispheric shapes.

Overall Take

For Individual ServingsYou'll find these small bowls ideal if you need to serve individual desserts and prefer multiple shape options.

Buying Guide

If you’re making a trifle dessert with many layers of ingredients, you might prefer a special dish that can show off the detail. A trifle bowl serves the purpose of making your dessert an attractive centerpiece on the table. You’ll also find that this kitchen item makes it easier to serve your dessert and offers versatility for foods such as salads, fruit and pudding too.

The most common trifle bowls come in a round shape and include a pedestal base to display your dessert at a height. However, some trifle bowls lack the base and look more like a typical salad bowl. Some trifle bowls also come in a conical or hemispheric shape that may better suit smaller desserts like ice cream sundaes and parfaits.

You’ll want to get a trifle bowl that has the right size for your dessert and intended use. Many trifle bowls have diameters of around eight or nine inches, are deep and have capacities of at least a couple of quarts. Such bowls are versatile and work great for a typical trifle that you’ll serve to several people. But if you’d like something for small desserts you’ll serve individually, look for mini trifle bowls that often hold 10 to 12 ounces.

When considering trifle bowl materials, you’ll find that glass is very popular since it has a crystal-clear look that highlights your food’s layers and it doesn’t affect your food’s taste. However, glass trifle bowls are heavy and can break, so you might prefer plastic if you have those concerns. Plastic trifle bowls usually come at a lower cost, but they may look less clear, affect your food’s taste and be less suitable for use with hot foods.

With either plastic or glass trifle bowls, make sure you get one that has your preferred look. This includes how transparent the bowl looks, whether it’s clear or tinted with color, and whether it’s smooth or textured. Colorful and textured trifle bowls look more unique than simpler options, but keep in mind they won’t highlight your food as well.

What to Look For

  • If you need a bunch of small bowls for a party, you might prefer something disposable made of plastic. Disposable trifle bowls can be hard to find, but you can consider alternatives like dessert bowls or cups. These can be cheaper and more convenient than buying a large number of reusable trifle bowls you’ll rarely use.
  • You might prefer a trifle bowl that has a lid so you can keep the food protected and store it easily. You can buy a standalone lid as long as you find a good fit. But if you can’t find a lid, you could always use aluminum foil or plastic wrap.
  • Make sure that your trifle bowl has a sturdy pedestal mount for stability. That way, you don’t have to worry about your dessert tipping over if someone accidentally bumps the bowl or moves it the wrong way. 
  • Before buying a trifle bowl, verify that its material doesn’t contain anything potentially hazardous. While bowls made of plastic and glass could contain lead, plastic trifle bowls might have chemicals such as bisphenol A (BPA).
  • Make sure you have other accessories on hand for serving your trifle. You’ll want a large spoon for scooping the trifle from the bowl and regular spoons for everybody enjoying the treat. Don’t forget to have plates or small bowls as well.
  • Get creative with creating your trifle’s layers and trying out different recipes. Just make sure you make the base sturdy. 
  • You should keep your trifle chilled until it’s time to serve and enjoy it.
  • After you’ve finished serving the trifle, you can put the rest in the fridge where it should stay good for a few days. Avoid the freezer since it will likely affect the texture. Make sure you cover the trifle bowl beforehand.
  • Clean your trifle bowl before putting it away with your other dishes. Many plastic and glass options are fine to put in the dishwasher, but some decorative trifle bowls come with a warning to only wash them by hand to avoid damage.

More to Explore

Check out these interesting facts about trifles and trifle bowls:

  • Did you know a trifle bowl can do more than hold and show off a dessert? You can use one as a candle holder if you fill it with something like nuts or pebbles and stick the candle in the middle. If you need something to keep small bottles cold, fill your trifle bowl with ice and use it as a convenient bucket. 
  • Trifles have existed in some form since the 1590s, but the modern take dates back to the 1700s in England.
  • An English-style trifle traditionally has a base with cake soaked with alcohol followed by layers of fruit, custard and whipped cream. American trifles are much more varied and may contain these traditional ingredients along with options like candy, brownies and yogurt.

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