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The Best Kitchen Soap Tray

Last updated on February 23, 2022
Best Kitchen Soap Tray

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Our Picks For The Top Kitchen Soap Trays

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Luxspire Resin Space-Saving Kitchen Soap Tray

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Resin Space-Saving Kitchen Soap Tray

When space is an issue, you'll want to opt for this attractive kitchen soap tray. It's small in size and perfect for organizing everything from your soap and sponges to holding your jewelry while you wash the dishes. You can purchase the tray in a stunning white marble, sleek black or pretty pink finish.

Overall Take

Great for ApartmentsThis kitchen soap tray is extremely versatile and can also be used to display mini succulents, perfume or scented body lotions.

 Runner Up

GOOD TO GOOD Deep Silicone Kitchen Soap Tray


Deep Silicone Kitchen Soap Tray

Organize all of your soaps and sponges with this handy kitchen soap tray. It's constructed from a soft silicone that won't scratch your countertop and available in three traditional colors. It's also deep and made with an anti-slip surface.

Overall Take

Easy to Keep CleanAll you need to do to clean this kitchen soap tray is run it under hot water.

 We Also Like

HULISEN Rustproof Quick Dry Kitchen Soap Tray


Rustproof Quick Dry Kitchen Soap Tray

Rust won't be a problem with this kitchen soap tray, as it's constructed from 304 stainless steel. The tray's design is more like a caddy, which makes it a bit more multipurpose than other trays on the market. It can hold everything from a baby bottle to a soap dispenser.

Overall Take

Attractive BuildThanks to the two side handles, this kitchen soap tray is easy to pick up and move.

 Strong Contender

ZAPPOWARE Silicone Space Saving Kitchen Soap Tray


Silicone Space Saving Kitchen Soap Tray

Made from 100% silicone, this kitchen soap tray is BPA-free. It's large enough to hold multiple supplies, including your soap, bottle brush and washcloth. Since the silicone surface is non-stick, it's also super easy to clean.

Overall Take

Most EconomicalThis kitchen soap tray utilizes a simple design that keeps it budget-friendly.

Buying Guide

Whether you use bar soap or a soap dispenser, a kitchen soap tray is an excellent investment. The tray is designed to catch any excess soap or water, as well as provide a way to keep your supplies neat, organized and readily accessible.

When searching for the best kitchen soap tray, you’ll want to consider the material the tray is made from. A 304 stainless steel tray won’t rust and looks great in kitchens with stainless steel appliances. Silicone trays are food-safe, which means they also double as serving trays for desserts and other treats.

If you plan on using bar soap, a kitchen soap tray with a removable drainer is the way to go. Once the excess water has finished collecting in the drainer, you can quickly dump it out. There are even models that have built-in pour spouts to make this task a breeze.

Look for kitchen soap trays that double as organizers. These models are equipped to hold your sponges and steel wool pads, as well as your soap or soap dispenser. Some trays also have handles and are more like caddies. You can easily transport the tray from one room to another.

Consider any extras before you buy. For example, some trays come in a variety of finishes, such as copper, brass, satin and bronze. Others have such an attractive design that they can be used to hold your car keys or display your jewelry.

What to Look For

  • You’ll need to clean your kitchen soap tray from time to time, as soap scum is sure to build up. You can use a little dish soap and hot water for regular cleanings, but you’ll want to go with a stronger solution when a more thorough clean is needed. Simply warm up a little bit if white distilled vinegar and spray it over the tray. Wait 30 minutes before rinsing and washing the tray as you normally would.
  • Some silicone and stainless steel kitchen soap trays can be cleaned in a dishwasher.
  • Price may be a consideration as you shop for the best kitchen soap tray. You’ll find the ZAPPOWARE Silicone Kitchen Soap Tray is the most affordable of the bunch, thanks to its simplistic design. You’ll pay a moderate price for the trays that add an elegant marble look to their simple design. The HULISEN Stainless Steel Kitchen Soap Tray has a higher price tag, as it is made to hold sponges and cleaning pads in addition to dish soap.

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