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The Best Wall Oven

Last updated on December 2, 2021

We looked at the top 11 Wall Ovens and dug through the reviews from 16 of the most popular review sites including and more. The result is a ranking of the best Wall Ovens.

Best Wall Oven

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Our Picks For The Top Wall Ovens

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Key Takeaway
 Best Overall

GASLAND Chef ES606MB Double Grill Wall Oven

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ES606MB Double Grill Wall Oven

Even though this wall oven is priced to fit any budget, it still has much to offer. In fact, included with the wall oven is a glove, baking tray and grill grate. Shoppers can choose between a black or silver finish to match their existing appliances.

Overall Take

Economically PricedWith this wall oven, you'll enjoy six different cooking modes, including grill, top heating and conventional.

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Summit TTM7212DK Electronic Ignition Wall Oven


TTM7212DK Electronic Ignition Wall Oven

Although this wall oven works with gas, the ignition is electric for a quick start every time. Users will appreciate the oven's oversized glass window and interior light to keep an eye on roasts and other dishes without having to open the door. Additional attractive features include an oven broiler, a digital clock and a built-in timer.

Overall Take

Easy to IgniteThis wall oven has a height of 34 1/2 inches, however, the height can be extended to 39 inches with the purchase of a trim kit.

 9 Cooking Modes

GASLAND ES609MB Single Electric Wall Oven, 24-Inch


ES609MB Single Electric Wall Oven, 24-Inch

If you're searching for a wall oven with an abundance of attractive features, this model is your best bet. The inside cavity allows for five different shelf positions, while the outer door is completely removable. Users will also appreciate the nine cooking modes that include rotisserie, convection and grill.

Overall Take

Multiple SettingsThe front of this wall oven is constructed from three layers of tempered glass and a heat-resistant handle for safety.

 Also Consider

GE JK3800SHSS Stainless Steel Combination Wall Oven


JK3800SHSS Stainless Steel Combination Wall Oven

The touch controls on this wall oven are made of glass, which means they're easy to keep clean. The unit offers a built-in microwave for convenience. Of course, you're sure to love the attractive stainless steel finish and the three included heavy-duty oven racks that can be configured in six different ways.

Overall Take

Built-in Safety FeaturesThanks to the delay start feature on this wall oven, you can program your oven to turn on at a later time.

" Economical option for those who don’t need a convection oven. Beautiful, stylish design. Both compartments are very well illuminated. Lower oven offers a self-cleaning feature with a steam-cleaning option."
"​Though this oven has a timer, it is not particularly loud. You can either mute the notification sound or use the standard volume which may not be loud enough for some people. Only the lower oven has a self-clean option."

Buying Guide

If you’re looking to free up some space in your kitchen, you may want to go with a wall oven instead of a standing oven. These ovens have come a long way and now offer a wide range of attractive features.

Begin your search for the best wall oven by measuring your available space and finding units that will fit in that space. You can further narrow your choice by figuring out what type of heating you’d like. Oven capacity is also something to consider. You’ll find a capacity of 5.1 cubic feet is quite common.

Determine whether you’d like a single or double unit. Single ovens are great for individuals and couples who don’t do a lot of entertaining. Double ovens provide the ability to cook dinner in one oven and dessert in the other. They can be a lifesaver when preparing for a dinner party.

Check to see if the wall oven has a convection feature. Convection cooking systems circulate the hot air in your oven so that your food is cooked evenly from all sides. Some models even include a temperature probe that lets you know when your dish has reached the desired internal temperature.

Review how easy the unit is to use. Models with glass touch electronic controls, for example, aren’t hard to operate — plus, they’re a cinch to clean. Additionally, some wall ovens are able to preheat quickly, while others allow you to delay the start time of your bake.

When deciding between two or three wall ovens, look for any extra features that add to the appeal of the unit. For example, some stainless steel models are smudge-proof, which is an important feature if you have small children at home. Others are made with large windows and two 25-watt auto-control oven lights that make it easy to check on the progress of your food without opening the oven door.

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Our experts reviewed the top 11 Wall Ovens and also dug through the reviews from 16 of the most popular review sites including and more. The result is a ranking of the best of the best Wall Ovens.

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What to Look For

  • Most wall ovens now include a self-cleaning feature. How often you use this feature is up to you. If you bake often, you may want to clean the oven once a month. Others who only cook occasionally may wish to wait three or four months before cleaning the oven. To use the self-cleaning feature on your wall oven, you’ll need to remove the oven racks and lock the oven door. Make sure the area is well ventilated and turn on any nearby exhaust fans. Start the cleaning cycle by pressing the designated button. Once the cycle has ended and the oven has cooled, you can wipe up any residue with a damp towel.
  • Never use any cleaning products with the self-cleaning feature on your wall oven. The oven will do all the cleaning for you without the aid of a chemical solution.
  • Wash your oven racks with dish soap and water. Use a steel wool pad to lift away stuck-on foods.
  • Clean the outside of your wall oven with a little dish soap and water. If the surface is glass, you can go back over it with a little vinegar and water to give it a nice streak-free shine.
  • Reduce possible messes by placing a large baking sheet on the rack below your food. It will catch any spills and extend the length of time in between cleanings.
  • You’ll find wall ovens at a variety of price points, as some have larger capacities and others are made with both upper and lower oven units.

More to Explore

Thankfully, we don’t have to resort to building an open fire as our ancestors did in order to cook dinner. Although the ancient Greeks used a type of oven to bake their bread, it is François de Cuvilliés who is credited with inventing the first oven. This was back in 1735 and the oven was called “The Castrol Stove.”

Gas ovens made their debut in the late 1800s but didn’t become a household fixture until after 1920. Today, we not only have a wide range of oven options, but we also have ovens that are built to stand alone, go under a countertop or sit inside a wall.

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