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The Best Microwavable Bowls

Last updated on May 1, 2023

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Our Picks For The Top Microwavable Bowls

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Pyrex Smart Essentials Microwavable Prepware Mixing Bowl Set, 3 Count

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Smart Essentials Microwavable Prepware Mixing Bowl Set, 3 Count

This microwavable glass mixing bowl set of three is perfect for baking or cooking. With this set, you get a 1-quart bowl, 1.5-quart bowl and 2.5-quart bowl.

Overall Take

Ideal for BakingEfficiently heat ingredients in the microwave with this set of microwave-safe glass mixing bowls.

 Runner Up

Corelle Microwavable Triple Layer Strong Glass Bowl, 6 Count


Microwavable Triple Layer Strong Glass Bowl, 6 Count

This set of six 18-ounce soup bowls is microwave and dishwasher-safe, making reheating dinner easy. These durable bowls are made from triple-layer strong glass and are chip- and crack-resistant.

Overall Take

The Durable OptionYou’ll appreciate that these microwave-safe bowls are built to last, resisting the scratches and chips that commonly plague dinnerware.

 We Also Like

DUOLUV Lightweight Wheat Straw Fiber Microwavable Cereal Bowls, 4 Count


Lightweight Wheat Straw Fiber Microwavable Cereal Bowls, 4 Count

Looking for something fresh and new? These microwave-safe bowls come in a set of four and are perfect for soup, cereal and rice. This collection includes a range of pastel colors, so there is one for every mood.

Overall Take

So Many Pretty PastelsExpress yourself with these pretty, pastel and microwave-safe bowls.

 Strong Contender

DOWAN Vibrant Patterned Microwavable Ceramic Cereal Bowls, 6 Count


Vibrant Patterned Microwavable Ceramic Cereal Bowls, 6 Count

This set of 33-ounce microwave-safe bowls each features a colorful and vibrant geometric pattern on the outside and inside. Perfect for creating an eclectic table setting, this bowl set infuses style and personality into your dinner table.

Overall Take

Bright Geometric PatternsHave fun mixing and matching with these vibrant, microwave-safe bowls.

Buying Guide

Microwavable, or microwave-safe bowls, are so-named because they’re designed to withstand microwave conditions. Because microwaves have the potential to melt or damage bowls not intended for that sort of heat, it is essential to know whether a bowl is microwave-safe before using it to reheat or cook food.

Microwaves are wonderful, because they can simplify cooking and reheating, removing the headache from food preparation. This is because microwaves utilize powerful radio waves that heat the water molecules and evenly cook food, unlike a conventional oven that slowly cooks from the outside.

Because of these powerful radio waves, microwavable bowls and other dishware must be able to withstand these high temperatures and not heat from within.

Microwavable bowls are made from a variety of materials, but most often ceramic or glass. While plastic is often used in these appliances with caution, certain plastics can withstand the microwave if specified by the manufacturer.

When choosing a microwavable bowl, it is important to consider bowl size and intended use. Soup and cereal bowls tend to be smaller because they are designed for eating out of, while mixing bowls are larger to accommodate more ingredients for mixing.

Microwavable bowls come in a variety of colors and patterns as well, serving as a great opportunity to infuse your personality into your kitchen. Many of these bowls also include scratch and chip-resistant features, so they look vibrant and new for longer periods of time.

When shopping for microwavable bowls, it is essential to consider the size, which type of bowl you prefer and colors and patterns. Always remember to verify that the bowl is, in fact, microwavable before placing it in the microwave.

What to Look For

  • Never assume a bowl is microwave-safe unless specified.
  • Never put metal or plastic inside a microwave.
  • Have fun with microwavable bowls and take advantage of the many colors, patterns and styles available.
  • Consider which size of bowl will best suit your needs before purchasing.
  • Only place a bowl in the dishwasher if labeled as dishwasher-safe.
  • Microwavable bowls may get hot if in the microwave for long periods of time, so always remove them with caution. You may need to use a towel or oven mitt.

More to Explore

Microwavable bowls were only necessary once the microwave was invented, which was created by accident.

Percy Spencer, a Raytheon engineer, visited a lab testing magnetrons when he noticed the peanut bar in his pocket started to cook. He further tested the magnetrons’ ability to heat food by holding a package of popcorn near a magnetron, only for the kernels to begin to pop.

The first microwave was released by Raytheon in 1946 and was intended for restaurant use. By 1955, Raytheon licensed microwave technology, and soon, the first microwave was available to consumers for the equivalent of today’s $11,000.

More affordable countertop versions didn’t appear on the market until 1967. From then on, the microwave quickly became a household staple, prized for its convenience.

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