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The Best Popover Pans

Last updated on March 15, 2024

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Our Picks For The Top Popover Pans

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CHEFMADE Commercial Grade Oven-Safe Popover Pan, 6-Cavitiy

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Commercial Grade Oven-Safe Popover Pan, 6-Cavitiy

The first thing you'll notice about this popover pan is its attractive champagne gold color. In addition to style, this pan is also extremely functional. It offers six cavities, all of which have a food-grade silicone coating that eliminate the need for cooking oil.

Overall Take

Strengthened Edges Reduce WarpingEven heat distribution is what you can count on when you opt for these top-notch popover pans.

 Runner Up

Vodolo Easy-Release Silicone Popover Pan, 12-Cavitiy


Easy-Release Silicone Popover Pan, 12-Cavitiy

Whether you're baking popovers, muffins or brownie bites, this popover pan has you covered. It's constructed using a soft silicone that releases food with ease. There are 12 cavities in each pan with each cavity having a depth of 2 inches.

Overall Take

Versatile PickThese popover pans can be used in temperatures of up to 446 degrees Fahrenheit.

 We Also Like

Fox Run Linking Popover Pan, 6-Cavity

Fox Run

Linking Popover Pan, 6-Cavity

Available in an alloy steel or stainless steel, this popover pan is designed to last. It's made with a non-stick coating, allowing your baked goods to easily slide out and onto your cooling rack. The pan is also designed to provide even heat distribution, so you can be sure your popovers are cooked perfectly.

Overall Take

Most AffordableYou won't have any trouble sticking to your kitchen accessories budget, as this popover pan has an economical price tag.

 Strong Contender

Nordic Ware Bite Size Nonstick Popover Pan, 12-Cavity

Nordic Ware

Bite Size Nonstick Popover Pan, 12-Cavity

You can make a dozen bite-size popovers with this pan. It has a non-stick coating for easy food release and cleanup. This pan should be hand-washed with a mild detergent.

Overall Take

Miniature GoodiesThis popover pan makes 12 miniature baked treats.

Buying Guide

Do you long to make delicious, fluffy, bakery-quality popovers at home? These delicate goodies require perfect conditions in order to pop and puff up into airy delights. With the right popover pan, you can create these yummy, glutenous sides that are a crusty golden brown on the outside and light and fluffy on the inside.

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Typically, popover pans have individual cups, much like a muffin tin. However, the cups are usually smaller and deeper than those in a muffin tin.

To get the best crust on your popovers, you’ll want a pan that is made from dark metal. Silicone popover pans may not conduct heat as effectively as metal, though they can make it easy to remove popovers from the pan.

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Many popover pans are made from non-stick metal. While this certainly makes it easier to clean the tray after use, it’s still better to grease the tin, even if it is made from a non-stick material. Popovers cook on a high heat, and this temperature can sometimes affect the longevity of the non-stick coating.

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What to Look For

  • The slots in popover pans are much deeper than those in regular baking trays for cupcakes or muffins. In addition, once the popover rises, it exceeds the top of the tray to gain further height. This means that before you turn on the oven, you should remove any racks that will get in the way of the popover rising to its full height. You may need to remove the top rack so that the tray can sit on the bottom rack. This way, there will be plenty of room for the popovers to rise.
  • Popover pans come in different sizes with varying numbers of cups. You can find pans with between six and 24 wells, so consider how many you will be making at one time.
  • Although the wells of a popover pan are a different shape than a traditional muffin tin, you can still use these pans for making muffins. Popover pans are also great for Yorkshire puddings and cupcakes.
  • To clean a popover pan, use a paper towel to wipe off any stuck-on batter. Then, wash it with a mild soap and water. Some popover pans are dishwasher-safe, but you’ll want to check the care instructions before putting a popover pan in the dishwasher.

More to Explore

Plain popovers are delicious, but you can jazz up popovers with a few key ingredients to take them to the next level. If you prefer popovers as a savory side, try adding in chives, herbs, parmesan and cayenne pepper to your popover recipe. If you want a sweet treat or a breakfast goodie, you can sweeten the popover with dark chocolate and vanilla extract. These baked goods are endlessly versatile and go with a number of menu choices.

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