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The Best Midea Upright Freezer

Last updated on January 21, 2024
Best Midea Upright Freezer

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Our Picks For The Top Midea Upright Freezers

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 Top Pick

Midea WHS-129C1 Single Door Adjustable Thermostat Upright Freezer, 3.5-Cubic Foot

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Single Door Adjustable Thermostat Upright Freezer, 3.5-Cubic Foot

For space-saving capacity, this deep/chest freezer is your best bet. You'll only need a narrow storage space, with no clearance requirements around it, but it provides 3.5 cubic feet of storage inside. If you need even more storage, you can choose one of their larger models, which go all the way up to 7 cubic feet.

Overall Take

Largest CapacityWith 3.5 cubic feet of storage, this Midea upright freezer will give you the most storage without taking up much space.

 Runner Up

Midea MRU05M2AWW Reversible Door Hinge Upright Freezer, 5.3-Cubic Foot


Reversible Door Hinge Upright Freezer, 5.3-Cubic Foot

Designed to take up less space, this Midea upright freezer is more tall than wide. It features five removable shelves and offers 5.3 cubic feet of space. The thermostat is completely adjustable and the unit is designed to run efficiently, so you don't have to worry about exuberant electric bills.

Overall Take

Stock Up on Frozen FoodsThe door on this Midea upright freezer is reversible, so you can set it to open left or right.

 We Also Like

Midea Reversible Door Upright Freezer, 3.0-Cubic Foot


Reversible Door Upright Freezer, 3.0-Cubic Foot

Three shelves and a removable drawer helps you customize this freezer to fit your own storage needs. You can also reverse the direction of the door so that it opens in a way that fits your space. This Midea upright freezer also helps keep your utility bills low, thanks to an Energy Star design.

Overall Take

Shelves for OrganizationThe shelves and drawer built into this model makes it easy to keep everything neat and tidy.

 Strong Contender

Midea Energy Star Upright Freezer, 1.1-Cubic Foot


Energy Star Upright Freezer, 1.1-Cubic Foot

The adjustable legs and door allow you to customize this Midea upright freezer to fit your space. You'll get 1.1 cubic feet of storage space and an easy-to-use dial that helps you keep the temperature exactly where you want it. It is a manual defrost model, so keep that in mind before you buy.

Overall Take

Dorm Rooms and OfficesIf you need a small freezer for a dorm room or office, this 1.1-cubic-foot Midea upright freezer is just what you need.

Buying Guide

Whether you’ve heard of it or not, Midea is a top appliance manufacturer, making products for retailers across the world. Based in China, Midea has operations in 195 countries and an annual global revenue of $22 billion.

If you’re looking for an upright freezer, Midea’s a solid brand to consider. You’ll find freezers in a variety of sizes and designs, with most featuring all the basic features you’d expect in an upright freezer. Whether you’re looking for a spare freezer for your basement or garage or you need a second refrigerator/freezer combination for your kitchen, Midea has you covered.

Before you buy, though, it’s important to note that not all freezers and refrigerators are designed to be stored in an outdoor area. This applies to places in your home that aren’t temperature controlled, too, including your garage and basement. Appliances designed to endure extreme heat and cold have special insulation. Read the manufacturer’s specifications before buying an appliance to make sure it’s built for where you plan to store it.

Even if you find a freezer or refrigerator that can be kept outside, you’ll still need to put some safeguards in place. There needs to be ample space around the unit to allow air to circulate around it. It should also be in a shady area, preferably covered to protect it from direct sunlight, as well as ice and hail.

Once you’ve determined where you plan to store the freezer, you’ll need to find one that squeezes into the space you have available. While you’re measuring the space, also consider the direction that the freezer door will open. If you’re in a tight corner, having one with the hinges in that corner can make it impossible to open the door. Some freezers let you change the door to open in the other direction if necessary.

What to Look For

  • It can be easy to get caught up in dimensions but looks can be deceiving. Capacity is the important thing here. This is measured in cubic feet and, obviously, the more space you have, the more items you’ll be able to squeeze inside.
  • Your freezer will likely have multiple shelves to help you organize your food. Think about the items you’ll be storing in your freezer and choose one that has the shelves that will help you organize things. Some have removable drawers that you can use for smaller items like pints of ice cream and bags of frozen vegetables.
  • One of the handiest features of modern upright freezers is the convertible feature. This lets you change your appliance from a freezer into a refrigerator and back again with the flip of a switch. If you need extra storage while entertaining during the holidays, for instance, you can move your frozen items to your main refrigerator’s freezer and use your upright freezer as a refrigerator for a few days.
  • Traditional freezers had ice buildup over time, but technology has built-in auto-defrost. If you’re buying an upright freezer, make sure you’re getting this feature. Otherwise, you’ll periodically have to remove everything and let your freezer thaw out for a while to melt the ice that has started to take up space.
  • As with any appliance, your upright freezer will bump up your utility bill a bit. Look for one with Energy Star technology to keep your power bill down.
  • Temperature control can come in handy. Being able to adjust the temperature of your refrigerator and freezer means you can get items like your ice cream at exactly the consistency you want. It can help to have temperature controls on the outside of the freezer, but some have it set up on the inside.

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Freezing meat can be a great way to always ensure you have food on hand for dinner. If there’s ever a food supply shortage or you’re snowed in for days at a time, you can just pull something from the freezer, thaw it out and start cooking. But there’s an art to freezing meat in a way that ensures it will taste fresh when you finally do decide to cook it. For best results, freeze the meat as soon as possible after buying it, rather than waiting until it reaches its “best by” date. You should also eliminate as much exposure to air and moisture as possible. You can do this through the use of a freezer storage bag. A layer of plastic wrap inside that storage bag will provide even more protection.

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