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The Best Moscow Mule Copper Mugs

Last updated on March 13, 2024

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Our Picks For The Top Moscow Mule Copper Mugs

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Moscow-Mix Hammered 16-Ounce Moscow Mule Copper Mugs, 4-Pack

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Hammered 16-Ounce Moscow Mule Copper Mugs, 4-Pack

You can't go wrong with these Moscow mule copper mugs, which are constructed from 100% food-grade copper. They are handcrafted and hammered with a welded handle for added strength. Each set includes four mugs, as well as four copper straws and a bonus copper shot glass.

Overall Take

Large SetThis Moscow mule copper mugs set comes in an attractive gift box that makes in an excellent option for giving away.

 Runner Up

B.WEISS Handmade Moscow Mule Mug Set, 14-Piece


Handmade Moscow Mule Copper Mug Set, 14-Piece

Only 100% pure copper was used to create these Moscow mule copper mugs, resulting in their shiny appearance. The mugs are a great choice when serving mixed drinks, as well as chilled iced teas and coffees. The quality of the mugs is so great, you may even want to order a second set to gift to a friend.

Overall Take

Bright and ShinyWith this Moscow mule copper mugs set, you'll receive four mugs, four straws, four coasters, one shot glass and one mixing spoon.

 We Also Like

Advanced Mixology Mule Science Moscow Mule Mugs, 4-Pack

Advanced Mixology

Mule Science Moscow Mule Copper Mugs, 4-Pack

You won't find any added metals in these Moscow mule copper mugs, as they are constructed from 100% copper. Each set comes with four mugs, straws, coasters and a bonus shot glass. Thanks to the added food-grade lacquer coating, the mugs will retain their beauty for years to come.

Overall Take

Beautifully HandcraftedEach of these mugs is handcrafted and designed to impress.

 Best For Gift-Giving

A29 Handcrafted Moscow Mule Copper Mugs, 4-Pack


Handcrafted Moscow Mule Mugs, 4-Pack

Delivered in a decorative box, these mugs will wow its recipient from the first glance. The mugs are pure copper and designed with a hammered finish. Each handle is welded in place, so you can be sure you're getting a quality product.

Overall Take

Full PackageSince these Moscow mule copper mugs come with several freebies, they make for an excellent gift.

Buying Guide

When enjoying a refreshing cocktail with a loved one or a few friends, you want your drink to stay nice and cold. Moscow Mule copper mugs are a great way to accomplish this. The important thing is that you go with a mug set that is made entirely of copper, as some sets mix in stainless steel, tin or nickel to cut costs. The pure copper will chill your drink within seconds.

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Check that the Moscow Mule mugs are certified for food safety. Typically, they will have a food-grade lacquer coating that won’t affect your drinking experience but will add a layer of protection to prevent the copper from tarnishing. It also provides a nice shine.

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Review the design and craftsmanship of the Moscow Mule mugs next. Look for a smooth lip, large welded handles and a hand-hammered design throughout the body of the mugs. The attention to detail is what really makes these mugs stand out.

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Consider any extras that the Moscow Mule set is offering. It’s actually quite common for the set to come with bonus items. A few popular options include matching copper straws, straw cleaning brushes, coasters and shot glasses. Some mug sets also include a downloadable ebook with a host of cocktail recipes to try.

What to Look For

  • While pure copper mugs are beautiful, you’ll need to be prepared for the added maintenance they require, otherwise, they will begin oxidizing.
  • Always hand wash your Moscow Mule mugs with mild dish soap and warm water. Never use acidic liquids or harsh cleaning products, as they may tarnish the surface of your mugs.
  • It is best not to buy Moscow Mule mugs with rivet joints, as they are known for breeding bacteria. Opt for mugs with welded handles instead.
  • When deciding between two or three Moscow Mule mug sets, it is helpful to consider the price per mug. Some sets come with four mugs, while others only have two. You’ll find the Advanced Mixology Mule Science Moscow Mule Mugs, 4-Pack and the A29 Handcrafted Moscow Mule Mugs, 4-Pack are moderately priced.

More to Explore

Sophie Berezinski first designed a beautiful set of copper mugs in her father’s factory. After moving to America from Russia in 1941, she began to sell the mugs to fund her new start. To draw more attention to the mugs, Berezinski and a few others created a specialty cocktail, called the Moscow Mule, to fill the mugs with.

Typically, a Moscow Mule contains ginger beer, vodka and lime juice. The mug is then garnished with a slice of lime before it is served to customers in the famous copper mugs. Today, the mugs are used to serve a wide variety of cocktails.

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