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Best Tortilla Warmer

Last updated on November 11, 2023
tortilla warmer and plate of tacos

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 Top Pick

Nordic Ware Microwave Multi-Use Tortilla Warmer

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Nordic Ware

Microwave Multi-Use Tortilla Warmer

Suitable for tortillas measuring up to 10 inches, this warmer is orange with a sun design on the lid. The plastic material is durable and safe for the microwave. You can fit around 12 tortillas in it.

Overall Take

Interesting Sun DesignConsider this sun-themed warmer if you want something stylish, easy to use and durable.

 Runner Up

Dexas Dishwasher Safe Microwavable Granite-Look Tortilla Warmer


Dishwasher Safe Microwavable Granite-Look Tortilla Warmer

While this warmer resembles granite, it's made of sturdy plastic for easy care. The insulation helps it keep your tortillas warmer for longer. Able to go in the microwave, it suits tortillas of a traditional size.

Overall Take

Traditional Size OptionThis warmer can fit your needs if you want to warm tortillas of a traditional size.

 We Also Like

La Tortilla Oven Microwaveable Insulated Fabric Pouch Tortilla Warmer

La Tortilla Oven

Microwaveable Insulated Fabric Pouch Tortilla Warmer

With a capacity of 15, this warmer is made of insulated fabric and can handle large tortillas. It has a sugar skull theme but reverses to a plaid pattern. You can put it in the microwave and washing machine.

Overall Take

High-Capacity OptionYou'll find this simple pouch handy if you want something that can hold over a dozen large tortillas.

 Strong Contender

SIMPLUXX Taco Night Microwaveable Cotton Tortilla Warmer Pouch


Taco Night Microwaveable Cotton Tortilla Warmer Pouch

Ideal for warming a lot, this set has two pouches that can each hold 15 tortillas of a large size. They feature food-themed graphics and sayings. They're durable and safe for the microwave.

Overall Take

Convenient SetYou get two large-capacity pouches featuring food graphics and sayings with this set.

Buying Guide

Whether your family is planning to enjoy tacos or burritos, you’ll want to have some warm tortillas for a more enjoyable meal. A tortilla warmer is a kitchen accessory that makes it easy to warm up your tortillas and keep them that way until you eat them. It helps maintain the tortillas’ soft texture and reduces the need to keep reheating them. Plus, you can use it for other items such as pancakes and flatbreads as well.

Tortilla warmers come in different styles and materials, so you’ll want to know the advantages and disadvantages of your options. Some factors to consider include the ease of use, insulating ability, flexibility for use, maintenance requirements and durability.

A cloth tortilla warming pouch is a simple, budget-friendly option. Available in both round and square shapes, this type doesn’t have a lid or closure, so you simply slide your tortillas inside. You can usually put the insulated pouch in the microwave but not the regular oven, and it may be machine washable. Some downsides include that stains and odors can get in the fabric and that the closure-free design may not retain the heat as long as other options.

Often made of plastic, iron or ceramic, other tortilla warmers resemble round containers with lids. Iron and ceramic warmers stand out for retaining heat well and lasting long with proper care, but they can break and cost more than plastic ones. Plastic warmers are lightweight, easy to care for and hard to break, but not all parts may be heat-safe. Iron warmers may rust and usually can’t go in the microwave or dishwasher, but you can put them in an oven.

Tortilla warmers will also differ in the tortilla size and capacity they support. Many options hold at least 12 to 15 tortillas and easily accommodate enough for a family meal. Warmers for traditional tortillas usually measure eight to 10 inches in diameter while extra-large options can handle tortillas measuring up to 12 inches.

Lastly, choose a tortilla warmer that has the desired look. Cloth warmers often feature taco-themed sayings or food graphics or have patterns. Other types of containers can come in a plain solid colors or look unique and resemble stone, come in multicolored styles or include designs.

What to Look For

  • If you’re buying a tortilla warmer that’s not in a pouch style, you might prefer something with a sizable handle that makes it easier to lift and close the lid.
    Since the warmer will come in contact with your tortillas, you’ll want to avoid materials with harmful chemicals. Especially look for lead-free, BPA-free options to lower the risk.
  • Manufacturers often suggest that you wash your tortilla warmer before you use it the first time and then after each use. If you have a fabric pouch, check if it’s machine washable, and if so, use cold water and avoid putting it in the dryer afterward. Plastic and ceramic warmers can often go in the dishwasher while cast iron ones should not. If in doubt, wash your tortilla warmer by hand.
  • Always fully dry your tortilla warmer to prevent issues like mildew, mold or rust, depending on the material.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s guideline for how many tortillas you can fit in your warmer. Avoid trying to squeeze tortillas in if they are too large.
  • You can choose to use your oven, microwave or stove to preheat the tortillas before you place them in a warmer for easy serving. You can later use the warmer to reheat the tortillas if needed.
  • Only use the tortilla warmer in the microwave or oven if the manufacturer labels it as safe. Follow any instructions about removing the lid too if the manufacturer says it’s not heat-safe.
  • Some tortilla warmers include instructions to dampen a paper towel and put it in the bottom before you load your tortillas.
  • Be careful not to overheat your tortillas in the warmer. Manufacturers suggest warming times, and they usually fall around 30 to 45 seconds. You can always try small increments of 15 seconds and check the tortillas until you get the desired temperature.
  • You can put parchment paper between your tortillas to keep them from sticking together during the warming process.
  • Generally, tortilla warmers will keep your food warm for a maximum of one hour, but results can vary depending on which type of material the warmer contains and how you use the accessory. If your tortilla warmer has a lid, keep it closed to keep the food warmer for longer.
  • Take extra care to avoid dropping your tortilla warmer if it’s made of a fragile material such as ceramic.

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