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The Best Angel Food Cake Pan

Last updated on June 10, 2024
Best Angel Food Cake Pan

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Our Picks For The Top Angel Food Cake Pans

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  The Best Overall

Wilton Round Removable Core Angel Food Cake Pan, 10-Inch

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Round Removable Core Angel Food Cake Pan, 10-Inch

The anodized aluminum construction of this angel food cake pan means it's both durable and able to distribute heat evenly for a perfect bake every time. The deep sides allow for higher cakes and the removable inner core means you won't have any trouble separating the cake from the pan.

Overall Take

Reliable PickThere's also the option to get this angel food cake pan with a 9-inch pan or an icing spatula.

 Fast Heating

Fat Daddio’s Angel Food Cake Pan, 10-Inch

Fat Daddio's

Angel Food Pan, 10-Inch

This angel food pan is constructed from an anodized aluminum, which has a natural non-stick surface. That means bakers won't have to worry about any chemicals, PTFEs or PFOAs getting in their cakes. Of course, the metal is also known for its ability to heat up and cool down quickly, which is a nice bonus.

Overall Take

Heats and Cools QuicklySince this angel food pan heats up and cools down quickly, you'll be able to enjoy a fresh piece of cake in no time at all.

 Best Mini Pans

CHEFMADE 4-Piece Mini Angel Food Cake Pan Set, 3.5-Inch


4-Piece Mini Angel Food Cake Pan Set, 3.5-Inch

With this set of four mini angel food pans, you'll be able to personalize each cake to the taste of your family member. The pans are PTFE and PFOA free. This set is commercial-grade and is made using a durable carbon steel.

Overall Take

Makes Single Serve CakesYou'll get four mini angel food pans with this set, which allows you to create single-serve cakes for each member of the family.

  The Best Value

Fox Run Loose Bottom Angel Food Pan, 10.75-Inch

Fox Run

Loose Bottom Angel Food Pan, 10.75-Inch

The center tube in this angel food pan allows the cake to rise in unison. The drop-out bottom works for removing the cake without damaging its structure. Since the pan itself is lightweight, bakers won't have any trouble lifting it in and out of the oven.

Overall Take

Drop-Out BottomIn addition to angel food cake, this angel food pan can be used to create gelatins and ice molds.

Buying Guide

Who doesn’t love a good angel food cake? This scrumptious dessert is known for being light and low in calories. In fact, the average slice contains just 72 calories. To make an angel food cake from scratch, you’ll need a tube cake pan that can also be used to make bundt cakes.

Decide whether you’d like your cake pan to come in one or two pieces. You won’t get any leaking with a one-piece pan, but a two-piece pan makes it easier to release the angel food cake once it’s done baking.

Of course, you want your cake pan to come with a nonstick coating to keep the angel food cake from sticking to the sides. A food-grade silicone coating is better than a Teflon coating, as it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals that could leach into the food.

Check the construction material next. A heavy-gauge aluminized steel is ideal, as it distributes heat evenly. You won’t have to worry about the centers being under baked when the outer crust is fully cooked.

Consider any extras that the angel food cake pan has to offer. For example, there are models with handles to make transporting the pan in and out of the oven safer. Other models come equipped with feet, so that when you turn them upside down, air can flow underneath the pan.

What to Look For

  • Always check the product label to determine whether your angel food cake pan is dishwasher safe. Keep in mind that even if it is dishwasher safe, the harsh chemicals and high heat can damage the pan’s nonstick coating. You may wish to wash the pan by hand to prolong its life.
  • To clean the angel food cake pan by hand, simply wash it with a little dish soap and warm water. When dealing with stuck-on foods, you’ll need to use a non-abrasive sponge, as steel wool pads will remove the nonstick coating.
  • It is possible for nonstick cooking spray to discolor an angel food cake pan. Use with caution.
  • Construction, size and features all play a roll in the price of an angel food cake pan. Those more basic in design are naturally lower in price than the more stylish pans. Smaller options also cost less.

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This 2-ingredient Weight Watchers pineapple angel food cake is so delicious

Whether not you’ve ever actually been a Weight Watchers member, you’ve likely encountered some of their recipes before. Certain recipes seem to make it out of Weight Watchers meetings and into the world at large, likely because they are a combination of tasty, healthy and simple to prepare. This cake definitely hits all three categories.

According to Martha of Simple Nourished Living, this recipe has been a Weight Watchers favorite for years and only requires two simple ingredients: a box of angel food cake mix and a can of crushed pineapple. That’s it!

She recommends using a one-step angel food cake mix that requires only the addition of water. According to her calculations, it comes in at 148 calories a serving. Not bad! Check out her complete recipe.

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