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The Best Hanging Paper Towel Holder

Last updated on April 4, 2023

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Our Picks For The Top Hanging Paper Towel Holders

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Dr Catch Rustproof Stainless Steel Hanging Paper Towel Holder

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Dr Catch

Rustproof Stainless Steel Hanging Paper Towel Holder

Stick this under-counter paper towel holder on using the included moisture-proof adhesive tape or mount it with screws. The stainless steel design makes it both waterproof and rustproof. The L-shaped design lets you slide the roll on and off with one hand.

Overall Take

Versatile UsesA stainless steel design and multiple mounting options makes this a versatile addition to your kitchen.

 Runner Up

LISM Adhesive & Screw Installation Hanging Paper Towel Holder


Adhesive & Screw Installation Hanging Paper Towel Holder

Stainless steel makes this attractive and load- bearing paper towel holder rustproof and resistant to scratches. The L-shape design is convenient and easy to use. Get it in your choice of metallic finish and mount the holder to a wall or under a cabinet.

Overall Take

Understated ClassStainless steel and metal finishes make this paper towel holder an elegant addition to your living space.

 We Also Like

SMARTAKE Adhesive Mount Aluminum Hanging Paper Towel Holder


Adhesive Mount Aluminum Hanging Paper Towel Holder

No drilling is necessary with this paper towel holder, which comes with adhesive strips that let you hang the holder without drilling holes in your cabinets or walls. The material is high-quality aluminum for a sturdy, waterproof addition to your kitchen. The bar is designed to hold a paper towel of up to 11 inches.

Overall Take

Easy Setup The adhesive mount with replacement stickers makes this an easy towel holder to install.

 Strong Contender

iDesign Swivel Design Steel Hanging Paper Towel Holder


Swivel Design Steel Hanging Paper Towel Holder

This towel holder comes with easy mounting instructuctions and hareware. A slimmer profile ensures it easily blends with your existing décor. The material is rust-resistant steel. Choose from a variety of finish types, including bronze, chrome and copper.

Overall Take

Moves With YouThe swivel design of this compact option ensures the roll stays in place before, during and after use.

Buying Guide

Washing your hands to prevent cross-contamination and reduce the spread of germs is important. Using paper towels to dry your hands is also important, since reusable hand towels provide an environment that easily breeds bacteria.

To create the most hygienic environment in your kitchen, you should consider a setup that helps you avoid touching kitchen surfaces, such as faucets, while your hands are dirty. A hands-free paper towel holder can be a big help.

You can find paper towel holders that sit on your counter, with the paper towel roll stored vertically. However,  a holder that mounts under a cabinet or onto a wall can help you reduce clutter and clear up valuable space. Many holders are mounted using hardware or a built-in adhesive.

You’ll need it mounted on a wall or under a cabinet, where you can reach it. It should be sturdy and stable enough to allow you to tear a single sheet from the roll with one hand.

Once you’ve identified your needs and a good location for the holder, measure the space and make sure you find one that fits. Make sure you’ll be able to mount it yourself or find help to do so properly. Luckily, there are multiple options today that can make it easy for you to make the right choice.

What to Look For

  • Paper towel holders can handle more than just towels. You can use them for plastic wrap, trash bags, jewelry, washi tape, neckties and anything else that slips onto the bar.
  • Kitchens can be moisture-prone. For best results, look for a paper towel holder that’s both rust- and water-resistant. Stainless steel and high-quality aluminum are both durable options.
  • Paper towel holders come in a variety of finishes. Look at your décor before you start shopping since you can likely find an option that will match.
  • Keep in mind that paper towel dimensions have changed over the years. Many manufacturers promise “giant rolls” that double or triple the size of traditional rolls. This can make finding a hanging paper towel holder a little more challenging. Make sure you’ll have enough clearance if you like to buy larger rolls.
  • For more convenience, consider L-shaped paper towel holders. Simply slide a roll on or off when you need to change it out. Make sure you’re not sacrificing sturdiness, though.
  • Know what thickness you prefer for the bar in your paper towel holder. A thinner one may create a lower profile, making it stand out less in your kitchen. A thicker one gives you more control over the towel roll when you’re pulling a sheet off.

More to Explore

Those decorative, fun ridges in paper towels aren’t just there for ornamentation. The quilted patterns are actually great at absorbing water. Paper towels are made from water, wood and pulp, so multiple layers and embossing are required to ensure when you wipe your wet hands on them, they capture the liquid.

Each paper towel layer is held together by a water-based adhesive. These adhesives also help hold the paper towel to the roll in the center. Paper towels use the same water- and plant-based adhesives for this as food and drug manufacturers use for thickening. Moisturizers are often added to make paper towels less rough on the hands, and some manufacturers add colorful patterns to liven up their paper towels and make them stand out on grocery store shelves.

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