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The Best Bar Serving Set

Last updated on January 21, 2024

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ELIDOMC Italian Crafted Crystal Bar Serving Set, 5-Piece

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Italian Crafted Crystal Bar Serving Set, 5-Piece

Timeless is the best word to describe this elegant bar serving set. Each piece is crafted following classic diamond and wedge cuts that are beautiful to behold. The decanter has a 35-ounce capacity, while each of the glasses can hold as much as 11 ounces.

Overall Take

Gorgeous SetThis bar serving set is best used for whiskey, vodka, scotch and bourbon.

 Perfect for Gifting

SHIGOO Globe Decanter Bar Serving Set


Globe Decanter Bar Serving Set

This bar serving set is fully hand blown and made from a lead-free crystal. The decanter features an antique ship in its center, while each of the glasses are etched with world maps. An elegant wooden stand houses both the decanter and the matching glasses.

Overall Take

Ideal for TravelersIncluded with this bar serving set are a collection of stainless-steel cleaning beads and four stainless-steel ice cubes.

 Design Keeps Drinks Cool

James Scott 7-Piece Decanter & Bar Serving Set

James Scott

7-Piece Decanter & Bar Serving Set

From the easy-to-pour decanter to the cooling diamond design of the glasses, this bar serving set is great for entertaining. Not only will your beverages stay cool, but you'll also get six glasses and a decanter that holds 33 ounces of your favorite beverage. We love the art deco design of this set.

Overall Take

Best for EntertainingIf you prefer to drink your beverages slowly, this bar serving set is the perfect choice with its keep-cool design.

 Classic, Vintage Look

Bormioli Rocco Whiskey & Bar Serving Set

Bormioli Rocco

Whiskey & Bar Serving Set

You'll get six tumblers with this bar serving set, all of which have a sturdy base. The included decanter is decorated with a sophisticated sparkling starburst pattern that is sure to wow your guests. The decanter also has an air tight stopper to keep your whiskey fresh.

Overall Take

Attractive EtchingsSince this bar serving set is made using only the highest quality materials, it's durable enough to be cleaned in a dishwasher.

Buying Guide

If you keep liquor around the house, you need a good serving set. This is especially true if you regularly host guests. With a decorative set of glasses, you’ll immediately send the message that it’s time to relax and enjoy a good drink.

One of the most important features of a serving set is the decanter. Although decanters are great for holding your beverages for pouring later, they actually serve a very important purpose. A decanter is designed to help your liquor retain its flavor and consistency. They’re particularly popular for whiskey and wine, although the two beverages need very different types of decanters, so make sure you choose the one that fits your own needs.

A decanter allows the liquid inside to breathe, so in using it, you’ll find your drinks are more richly flavored than if you’d poured them directly from the bottle. But each decanter comes with a stopper that should create an airtight seal when in place. One of the biggest issues with decanters is that the included stopper allows air through, so make sure your chosen set has a decanter with a good seal.

When you consider bar serving sets, you probably think solely of your favorite after-work drink. But some serving sets are versatile enough to use with any type of beverage, from your morning glass of orange juice to that iced tea you like with lunch. If you prefer a multipurpose serving set, make sure you look for that while you’re shopping.

Many decanters are made using crystal, and that meant at one time, lead was found in the decanters people used. If you’ll be storing your beverages in your decanter for a period of time, this could become a problem, as the lead could leach into the liquid and create health concerns. Check for verbiage that indicates the bar set is lead-free.

What to Look For

  • Typically, with a bar set, you’ll get four glasses, a decanter and a serving tray. But the James Scott 7-Piece Decanter Set has six glasses. Other gift sets come with just four glasses.
  • Decanter size is also worth taking into consideration. The James Scott 7-Piece Decanter Set can hold around 33 ounces of liquid. Other models are closer to 28 ounces.
  • When it comes to design, the SHIGOO Globe Decanter Bar Serving Set stands out, with a round decanter and nautical etchings that make it a perfect gift. If you prefer the more classic look, though, the James Scott 7-Piece Decanter Set delivers that typical bar set look.
  • In addition to its standout design, the James Scott 7-Piece Decanter Set earns points for ease of storage. It has a wooden stand that you can use to slide it into a cabinet when you aren’t using it.
  • Not all decanters are created equal when it comes to storing liquid. The James Scott 7-Piece Decanter Set is great for rum, vodka and tequila, while the SHIGOO Globe Decanter Bar Serving Set works well for those who love whiskey, scotch and bourbon. Other decanters not only accommodate whiskey, scotch, bourbon and vodka, but also wine. Models made using a diamond cut are great for every type of beverage, including juices and water.
  • Today’s consumers have grown used to tumblers that keep their beverages cold for hours. Bar sets add that feature in by using a type of glass that reduces condensation and keeps coolness in. The James Scott 7-Piece Decanter Set uses ultra-clarity glass for this.
  • The hourglass design of the James Scott 7-Piece Decanter Set makes the decanter easy to hold while you’re pouring.
  • You have the option of dishwasher cleaning or handwashing with most bar sets. If that’s important to you, make sure your chosen decanter and glasses are dishwasher-safe.

More to Explore

A decanter can come in handy for entertaining, but it likely isn’t necessary for storing your favorite liquors. Whiskey, in particular, won’t benefit much from being stored in a decanter. According to the Scotch Whisky Association, bottled whiskey is a finished product, which means it will pretty much taste the same whether decanted or not. But as your whiskey levels drop in that original bottle, the liquor will start to oxidize. One beverage that does benefit from decanting is wine, which does lose its quality with oxidation. Decanting also helps remove sediment in some wines, so wine drinkers may find a bar set brings even more value to an at-home happy hour.

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