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Last updated on April 29, 2023

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katbite Slide Cutter Dispenser Parchment Paper

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Slide Cutter Dispenser Parchment Paper

Whether using a baking sheet in the oven, or even when working with an air fryer or a grill, you need something to keep food from sticking. This parchment paper comes in various lengths and widths, providing different total square footage to suit your needs.

Overall Take

Line Your Cooking ItemsPurchase only what you require and keep all of your food from sticking, no matter what you are cooking.

 Runner Up

SMARTAKE Unbleached Non-Toxic Parchment Paper


Unbleached Non-Toxic Parchment Paper

Sometimes, huge rolls of parchment paper don’t make sense. That’s especially true if you need the same size repeatedly. If so, these liners are ideal since they come in pre-cut squares. There is no ripping or cutting required.

Overall Take

No-Rip Baking ToolsPurchase these liners in various sizes and quantities to suit your needs. They’re unbleached for chemical-free cooking.

 We Also Like

If You Care Silicone Coated Compostable Parchment Paper

If You Care

Silicone Coated Compostable Parchment Paper

If your priority in your home is protecting the earth, then this roll of parchment paper is ideal. It’s made with a silicone coating instead of harsh metals. That means this parchment paper does not contain chlorine, bleach or any heavy metals like other types.

Overall Take

Environmentally Friendly Food SheetThese parchment paper sheets are still heavy-duty, despite being made of natural materials.

 Strong Contender

Reynolds BPA-Free Reusable Parchment Paper


BPA-Free Reusable Parchment Paper

This parchment paper from a name-brand company comes in rolls of various sizes, including length, width and total square footage. That way, you can purchase precisely what you need, including customizing the length of your baking sheets.

Overall Take

Prepare Classic DishesThis parchment paper is non-stick and oven safe up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit.

Buying Guide

You can use parchment paper for many purposes, including lining baking sheets, on a charcoal or gas grill to prevent sticking or for making cakes that don’t stick to the pan. Since it’s such a versatile product, your needs might vary from those of other consumers. Below are a few things to consider when buying.

One important factor to think about when ordering parchment paper is how much you really need. It doesn’t degrade over time, but storing a massive roll of parchment paper may not be practical if you don’t use it frequently.

Size of products like parchment paper can be hard to understand when measurements are given in width and length. Compare the total square footage of different products if you want to get the most for your money. Make sure that the length of your parchment paper roll is long enough for the job at hand.

Some of the products sold in this category come in long, single rolls. Others come in pre-cut sheets that fit conveniently on baking sheets, in pans and more. Consider what best meets your needs and buy accordingly. If you make a lot of cookies or cakes, the sheets may best.

Most parchment papers are oven-safe, but you should double-check that if you plan to bake with them. Some types also can’t bake at temperatures above 425- or 450-degrees Fahrenheit. Most are also made from non-stick materials, which is also worth checking before you use them. Another important feature to make note of is whether the parchment paper is waterproof or water-resistant.

If you’re concerned about chemicals or other food additives, pay attention to what’s in your cookware and bakeware, including parchment paper. Some types contain bleach or other similar ingredients.

What to Look For

  • Be sure to check the maximum temperature for your parchment paper before putting it in the oven. Using it at a too-high temperature can damage your cookware and make your food unsafe to eat.
  • Some brands of parchment paper are very durable but contain chemicals in their non-stick formula.
  • Never confuse wax paper and parchment paper! Wax paper cannot go in the oven or get too hot.
  • Always supervise children in the kitchen, especially when baking and using the oven.
  • Many parchment paper rolls come with cutters. If not, have a plan for how you’ll make sheets.

More to Explore

Parchment paper has been around a lot longer than many people realize. That said, parchment and parchment paper are different things. Parchment was originally animal-based, and parchment paper was invented in the 1800s as a non-animal alternative.

To make the classic version, the parchment paper was dipped in a non-stick coating that was often chemical-based. Over the second half of the 19th century, news spread about the many uses of this product. It was used for food preservation of items like baked goods and even dairy before refrigeration was used widely.

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