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Last updated on March 15, 2024

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IAesthete Drawstring Reusable Nut Bags, 2-Pack

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Drawstring Reusable Nut Bags, 2-Pack

It's never been easier to make homemade nut milk than with these nut bags. They're constructed using a food-grade nylon mesh and feature a built-in drawstring to keep the ingredients from spilling out during the squeezing process. The set includes a total of 80 bags with each bag measuring 12 inches by 12 inches.

Overall Take

Budget-Friendly OptionThanks to the affordable price tag on this nut bag set, you'll be able to stock up for less.

 Top Pick

Ellies Best Drawstring Italian Nylon Nut Milk Bag

Ellies Best

Drawstring Italian Nylon Nut Milk Bag

This nut milk bag is designed to prevent countertop spills. You can fill it with plenty of pulp without worrying about overflow. It's made from commercial-quality materials that are built to last. This was easy to clean and intuitive to use.

Overall Take

Clean and SturdyThis nut bag is a well-made nut milk bag that will last for years.

 Runner Up

Fancymay Food Grade Organic Nut Bags, 6-Pack


Food Grade Organic Nut Bags, 6-Pack

This reusable nut bag is made from a natural cotton, making it an excellent choice. The set includes a total of six bags, all of which are unbleached and safe for use with food. The bottoms are u-shaped for better extraction, while the tops feature a handy drawstring.

Overall Take

Eco-Friendly DesignSince these nut bags are triple stitched, they have added strength and durability.

 Strong Contender

THE PARDAL STORE Eco-Friendly GOTS Certified Nut Bags, 2-Pack


Eco-Friendly GOTS Certified Nut Bags, 2-Pack

This new and improved nut bag set is made using 100% unbleached cotton. Each of the two included bags are reusable, which will save you a ton of money in the long run. Users will appreciate the bag's u-shaped design, as it keeps pulp from collecting in the corners.

Overall Take

Upgraded DesignThese nut bags are triple stitched for added durability.

Buying Guide

Moo-ve over, cow’s milk: nut milks are on the market and here to stay. Milk made from almonds, cashews and coconuts are lining grocery store shelves. They’re must-haves for shoppers with dietary restrictions, milk allergies, vegans or anyone looking for new flavors. The only issue? They’re pricier than cow’s milk, and that adds up. 

Kristin Forte/Simplemost Media

Luckily, you can make your own nut-based milk at home with the help of a nut bag. Nut bags are fabric pouches that help you strain raw nut milk, removing pulp and creating a smoother, creamier nut milk. Using a nut bag will give your milk a texture that’s closer to traditional milk, and you can use the leftover pulp for other cooking projects. 

Nut bags are an inexpensive way to create your own fresh non-dairy milk at home. Making nut milk at home is simple. Purchase a bulk amount of your preferred nut, soak them in water for several hours, then pop the nuts in a blender. Use your nut bag to strain the mixture for a delicious result. 

Kristin Forte/Simplemost Media

Most nut bags are made from nylon mesh. This sturdy material is stretch-resistant, easy to clean and won’t hang onto odors. They come in various sizes for both small and large batches of nut milk.

What to Look For

  • Nut bags grant you a great deal of freedom in making your own types of milk. Almonds are a go-to for nut milk, but you can also use cashews, coconut or hazelnuts. 
  • If you’re using larger nuts or making a bigger batch of nut milk, make sure you have a larger nut bag on hand. Using the wrong size can cause a messy overflow of nut pulp. 
  • The toughest nut bags are made from nylon mesh, but organic cotton bags are also available. Cotton bags are perfect for anyone sticking to a fully organic lifestyle. 
  • Your nut milk will have a smoother texture if you use the proper technique while straining. Instead of twisting the bag and wringing out the liquid, let the pulp sit at the bottom of the nut bag. Then pull the drawstring closed and slowly squeeze from the top down until only pulp is left in the bag. 
  • Clean your nut bag as soon as you buy it, and clean it again after every use. Wash the outside of the bag with fragrance-free organic or natural soap, then flip it inside out and wash the inside. Rinse the bag with running water until it’s completely soap-free. 
  • To remove odors from your nut bag, soak it in a mixture of vinegar and water. This solution will also sanitize your nut bag.

More to Explore

Dairy-free milk alternatives have boomed in popularity over the last decade, but they’ve been around for centuries. Almonds are native to the Middle East, and the first mention of almond milk is in a cookbook from Iraq during the 1200s. 

Almond milk was also one of the few foods that Catholics were allowed to consume during Lent. Cookbooks from the Middle Ages list almond milk as an acceptable food to eat on fasting days, along with pea purees and fish stock.

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