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Last updated on May 8, 2023

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Mixology & Craft Home Cocktail Shaker Kit Set, 11 Piece

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Mixology & Craft

Home Cocktail Shaker Kit Set, 11 Piece

This stunning cocktail kit comes with a beautiful wooden stand to keep everything in place. It includes 11 different pieces, such as a shaker, spiral spoon, jigger and more. The kit makes a great housewarming gift.

Overall Take

Stunning PackageThis cocktail kit comes with a beautiful wooden stand.

 Runner Up

KITESSENSU Bartender Cocktail Shaker Kit With Stand


Bartender Cocktail Shaker Kit With Stand

This giftable cocktail kit comes in a stylish package. It includes a shaker, muddler, jigger and much more. The tools are all made from durable stainless steel.

Overall Take

Giftable ChoiceThis cocktail kit comes in a stylish package.

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CRAFTMIX Low Sugar Variety Cocktail Mixers Kit, 12 Pack


Low Sugar Variety Cocktail Mixers Kit, 12 Pack

These cocktail mixes take the guesswork out of bartending. All you have to do is add alcohol and water to the mix to get the perfect drink. The mixes taste great and don’t contain any chemicals or additives.

Overall Take

Just Add Alcohol and WaterThese cocktail mixes are so easy to use.

 Also Great

Thoughtfully Travel Champagne Cocktail Mixer Kit


Travel Champagne Cocktail Mixer Kit

This cocktail kit is ideal for travel and on the go. It contains everything you need to make a delicious cocktail; all you have to do is add alcohol. The kits make great gifts as well.

Overall Take

For On the GoThis cocktail kit is perfect for those who travel often.

Buying Guide

Whether you’re a pro bartender or just learning the craft, having your own set of tools is key. A cocktail kit is a great idea for anyone who is interested in making cocktails at home for themselves or their guests. However, there are many different types of cocktail kids available, so how do you know which one to get?

Consider the items that come in the cocktail kit, as there may be some differences from kit to kit. An essential item you will need is a jigger, which is necessary for precisely and consistently measuring alcohol and other ingredients for your cocktail. Another essential part of the cocktail kit is the shaker, which you need for properly mixing your drinks (and looking like a professional bartender in front of your friends).

Many people like to have a couple of different kinds of strainers in their cocktail kit, so they can ensure they only get what they want into the cocktail glass. A bar spoon is one of those items good bartenders can’t live without. It has a long, thin handle so that it can fit into tall glasses and get right to the bottom to properly mix drinks.

If you make a lot of cocktails with herbs and fruit, you may want to look for a cocktail kit that comes with a muddler. They are perfect for making mojitos, strawberry smashes and Old Fashioneds. While you may have a citrus juicer in your kitchen, having your own for the bar is also key so you can squeeze juice from lemons, limes and oranges.

What to Look For

  • For the knife aficionados out there, a channel knife is a good one to have in your cocktail kit if you frequently work with fruits and vegetables in your cocktails. Similar to a short potato peeler, this type of knife helps you cut long and thin strands of fruit and vegetable peels with which to garnish your drinks.
  • Cocktail kits don’t typically include cocktail glasses, so you may need to purchase them separately. Which ones should you get? It all depends on the type of cocktails you make, but there are a few essentials every bartender will need. Rocks glasses are short and wide, and are perfect for drinks that are served over ice. A martini glass isn’t just for martinis. You can also use it for gimlets, cosmos and other drinks. A highball glass is one you will definitely want to have in your cabinet. These are great for serving cocktails that include a lot of soda, juice and other mixers. If you want cocktails to stay cold for a long time, opt for getting a few copper cups and mugs.
  • Don’t forget to grab a cutting board or two as part of your cocktail kit. You will need them for cutting up garnishes such as lemons and limes as well as fruit and herbs. Wooden cutting boards offer aesthetic appeal while plastic ones are easier to clean.
  • Many bartenders like to have a funnel at the bar. It’s helpful for working with different ingredients like sugar syrup that you may need to make from scratch and then pour into their containers and bottles. Funnels can help you keep the mess at bay.

More to Explore

What makes a good cocktail? It’s all in the flavor profile. Consider the four basic flavors: Salty, sweet, sour and bitter. Most cocktails will give you notes of each flavor, though cocktails that have a salty front note are less common. In order to make a cocktail taste great, you have to have a balance of the four flavors and ensure one flavor doesn’t take center stage over the others. If you want to invent your own cocktail, be sure to consider whether you can taste a little bit of all of the flavors to get the right balance.

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