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Last updated on October 11, 2021
Best Straws

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Comfy Package Biodegradable Paper Straws, 200-Count

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval

Comfy Package

Biodegradable Paper Straws, 200-Count

With a wide range of bright colors in each package, these fun straws are 7.7 inches long. You'll get 200 straws in each set, with options also available for 300 and 400 straws. The ink is food-safe and the paper is BPA-free to give you peace of mind while you're sipping your favorite beverage.

Overall Take

Eco-Friendly PickEnvironmentally conscious consumers will love these paper straws, which are made from 100% biodegradable materials.

 Great for Groups

Crystalware Flexible Individually Wrapped Plastic Straws, 380-Count


Flexible Individually Wrapped Plastic Straws, 380-Count

You'll get 380 individually wrapped straws in a box that's ideal for dispensing. The straws are made from food-grade, BPA-free polypropylene plastic. Each straw has a flex tip that's perfect for customizing the experience.

Overall Take

Practical ChoiceThese individually wrapped straws are ideal for your next get-together.

 Best Smoothie Straws

Comfy Package Assorted Color Plastic Straws, 100-Count

Comfy Package

Assorted Color Plastic Straws, 100-Count

This package includes 100 straws, each one 10 millimeters in diameter, but you can also opt for the more standard 8-millimeter option. The package includes straws in a wide range of bright colors to keep things interesting. The length of 8.5 inches will work even with taller glasses.

Overall Take

Rainbow ComboIf you need a straw for your smoothies or milkshakes, this package of 10-millimeter straws is just what you need.

 Most Eco-Friendly

StrawExpert Stainless Steel Reusable Straws, 16-Pack


Stainless Steel Reusable Straws, 16-Pack

This set of 16 stainless steel straws includes 10.5-inch straight and bent straws and 8.5-inch straight and curved straws to fit all your tumblers and drinking glasses. You'll also get four brushes to help with cleaning your straws, as well as silicone tips to provide a more comfortable drinking experience. This set also includes a carrying pouch t...

Overall Take

Great for GatheringsThis package has 16 reusable stainless steel straws in a variety of sizes and styles, plus four brushes.

Buying Guide

The right straw can make a tasty beverage even better. Simply stick the straw into your drink and sip away.

When deciding on straws to buy for your home, think about which type of straw you prefer. Plastic has long been the standard, but in recent years, we’ve learned how harmful plastic can be for the environment. Still, if you only use a straw occasionally or you’re buying for a large party, disposable plastic straws are among the most affordable.

For all other uses, there are some great plastic straw alternatives. One is the paper straw. Completely biodegradable and attractive, these straws can be bought in bulk to save money. Plus, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing your straw won’t harm the environment as you’re tossing it in the wastebasket.

And perhaps the easiest and eco-friendliest option for home use is a reusable straw. You can find reusable straws made of various materials including silicone and stainless steel. Between uses, simply clean, dry and store. Some even come with brushes that you can use to make sure the interior of your straw is thoroughly scrubbed and ready for use again.

What to Look For

  • If you’ve ever used a paper straw, you know they can be a little flimsy. Look for one that uses food-safe ink and top-quality paper to ensure it won’t become soggy between the first and last sip.
  • Stainless steel helps liquid retain its chilly temperature as it passes through. However, some find stainless steel straws to be less comfortable than straws made of other materials. For that reason, newer stainless steel straws feature silicone tips that provide a little extra cushioning while you sip.
  • You may not give much thought to the length of a straw when you’re being handed one in a restaurant. But when you buy your own, you should customize your straw to the height of the glass you typically use it in. Shorter straws are ideal for cocktail glasses, while you’ll need a longer straw for your bottled water, tumbler or tall drinking glass.
  • The size of the opening of a straw also matters. If you regularly drink smoothies or milkshakes, look for a straw that’s 10 millimeters in diameter, compared to the 8-millimeter size of a standard drinking straw.
  • The growing popularity of reusable straws has led people to look for ways to clean their straws. You can purchase a brush specifically for scrubbing reusable straws, though many reusable straws come with at least one brush. For best results, hold the straw under water and let the water run through as soon as you’re finished using it to make sure particles don’t get lodged in there. Then, run soapy water through and use the brush to thoroughly scrub it.
  • If your straw is dishwasher-friendly, you can toss it in, but your dishwasher likely won’t fully clean the interior of the straw nearly as well as your scrubbing brush will.

More to Explore

Some areas of the world have enacted bans on single-use plastics — and that includes the use of disposable plastic straws. The ban has forced some businesses to find a new way to send customers away with disposable drinks. Starbucks is perhaps the best example of this, with a recyclable lid that makes it easy to sip your favorite cold beverage without the use of a straw.

But when dining in, you’ll likely find that you’re left with a cup and no straw at all. That’s where a reusable straw can help. Some of these straws come with carrying bags, so you can keep one handy while on the go. If you’re eco-conscious, you might even decide to tell your server to skip the straw because you brought your own.

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