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The Best Snack Bowls

Last updated on October 11, 2023

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Our Picks For The Top Snack Bowls

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Libbey Mini Lidded Glass Snack Bowls, 8 Piece

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Mini Lidded Glass Snack Bowls, 8 Piece

This collection provides you with 8 bowls that each hold 6.25 ounces. The bowls are made of glass and have a design with ridges. They include handy lids for you to store snacks for later.

Overall Take

Good for StorageThe included lids make these bowls ideal for both serving and storing small snacks.

 Runner Up

Now Designs Cloud Lightweight Stoneware Pinch Snack Bowls, 6 Piece

Now Designs

Cloud Lightweight Stoneware Pinch Snack Bowls, 6 Piece

Available in 4 color selections, this set includes 6 bowls made of stoneware. They are small, lightweight and hold 2 ounces each. You can use the bowls in the microwave for versatility.

Overall Take

Small and VersatileConsider these colorful, heat-safe bowls if you need something small and versatile.

 We Also Like

Plasticpro Disposable Square Serving Snack Bowls, 4 Piece


Disposable Square Serving Snack Bowls, 4 Piece

Made of plastic, these bowls come in 5 size options ranging from 8 to 128 ounces. You get 4 bowls in the set, and they have a square shape. You can choose from clear, white and black options.

Overall Take

Multiple SizesWhether you plan to serve tiny snacks or you need something large enough for a group, these bowls can fit your needs.

 Best Wood Bowls

AIDEA Natural Acacia Wooden Bowl Sets, 4 Piece


Natural Acacia Wooden Bowl Sets, 4 Piece

For a fresh aesthetic in your kitchen, choose this wooden bowl set. It is made from acacia wood and painted with food-graded oil, giving it a waterproof finish. The bowls are the perfect size for salads, cereal and chips.

Overall Take

Natural and EarthyBring the outdoors indoors with this unique and beautiful wooden serving bowl set.

Buying Guide

Whenever you want to serve or enjoy tasty snacks like candy, fruit, popcorn, chips or nuts, snack bowls come in handy. You can use them on their own as well as with other tableware during a meal. Along with them suiting everyday uses, snack bowls are great for serving a group at a special event such as a birthday party or banquet.

Snack bowls come in different sizes, so how you’ll use them is important. The smallest snack bowls suit those who only need small servings of one type of snack such as candy or nuts. On the other hand, a medium or large bowl comes in handy for sharing snacks like popcorn with your family. If you’re hosting a party, you’ll probably want a large bowl for a single snack or multiple smaller bowls to serve a variety.

You can find snack bowls made of different materials, so make sure you get something appropriate for your needs. Plastic snack bowls suit all ages since they’re lightweight and hard to break, while metal bowls are heavy but very strong to hold up over time. Ceramic bowls offer good aesthetics, while glass bowls are clear to show off your snacks. However, these latter options are breakable and not ideal for kids to handle or use.

You’ll also want to consider the snack bowl’s shape and color. Round snack bowls are the most common and versatile since they’re suitable for both loose snacks and liquids, while square bowls can look more modern. Your color options depend on the product’s material, but you can find plenty of brightly colored or patterned options alongside simpler clear and white options. If the snack bowl is for a special event, consider a bowl color matches its theme.

Some snack bowls have additional features worth considering. If you’d like to safely store snacks or prevent spills, you could prefer bowls that include lids. Snack bowls with compartments, on the other hand, let you conveniently offer multiple snacks without them mixing. You can also find specially designed snack bowls that have two layers where you can use the bottom one to serve additional snacks or put waste like candy wrappers.

What to Look For

  • Don’t forget to get any accessories you may need for your snack bowls. These can include compatible lids if your bowls don’t include any or scoops or spoons to serve certain types of snacks. 
  • Decide whether you need just one snack bowl or a set. Multiples are especially common for small bowls and can give you color variety along with spare bowls to use around your home.
  • If you expect to need to freeze or heat food in your snack bowls, make sure the bowl’s material is suitable for that. Plastic bowls wouldn’t work if you need something heat-safe, but glass bowls can usually handle heating and freezing fine. The suitability of ceramic bowls varies, but you can find options that are both freezer- and heat-safe.
  • It’s a good idea to wash your snack bowl before you first use it and then after each use. Unless you get a fancy snack bowl or one made of a rare material that can easily become damaged, you can usually safely wash it in the dishwasher. If in doubt, just check the manufacturer’s instructions or wash the bowl by hand.
  • If you prefer eco-friendly dishes and don’t mind a smaller selection to choose from, you can look into wooden snack bowls. They make nice decorative pieces and come in various colors. Just keep in mind you’ll need to take special care of these bowls, including washing them by hand and avoiding moisture and high temperatures that could damage them.
  • Consider disposable snack bowls made of foam, plastic or paper if you need a single-use solution for an occasion like a picnic or party. These come in large quantities for convenience.
  • Some snack bowls have a non-slip base that will keep them from moving around on your table.
  • A large snack bowl can double as a punch bowl. Just make sure you choose one that is deep enough and buy a serving ladle separately.
  • Be careful how you store fragile punch bowls made of glass or ceramic. You don’t want to risk them falling or getting chipped or cracked. 
  • Any snack bowl should be safe for loose food. This means avoiding options that contain lead or have questionable coatings.

More to Explore

Check out these interesting facts about snack bowls and snacking:

  • A catering management company in China won the Guinness World Records’ title for the largest porcelain bowl in 2022. This enormous 3,833-pound bowl measured over 4 feet high and had a diameter of almost 9 feet near the top. Can you imagine how many snacks you could put in there?
  • While the inventor is unknown, bowls have existed since ancient times. For example, one ceramic bowl discovered in China dates back to around 18,000 years. Another example is a 2,000-year-old wooden bowl found hidden in a Scottish chamber.
  • If you’re like the average snacker in the U.S., you spend close to $500 a year or $29,000 in your lifetime on them.

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