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Last updated on August 31, 2023

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Ultra Cuisine Wire Cooling Rack & Half Sheet Pan

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval

Ultra Cuisine

Wire Cooling Rack & Half Sheet Pan

You’ll get a half sheet pan and baking rack in this set, equipping you for both baking and cooking. Although the baking sheet must be hand washed, the cooling rack can be cleaned in the dishwasher. The baking pan is made from premium aluminum with a reinforced steel rim for extra durability.

Overall Take

For Serious HikersThis baking sheet and wire rack set will keep you well stocked for all your baking needs.

 Runner Up

Saffron & Sage Warp-Resistant Aluminium Half Sheet Pans, 2-Piece

Saffron & Sage

Warp-Resistant Aluminium Half Sheet Pans, 2-Piece

You’ll get two 18” x 13” cookie sheets in this set, each made from a thick aluminum gauge. The aluminum build with no coatings ensures it will hold up while also encouraging even heat distribution. The pans are multifunctional, allowing you to use them for baking cookies, roasting vegetables, heating rolls and more.

Overall Take

Durable BuildThick aluminum gauge with a reinforced steel rim ensures this pan can withstand temperatures of up to 500° F.

 We Also Like

Nordic Ware Embossed Grid Pattern Aluminium Sheet Pans, 2-Piece

Nordic Ware

Embossed Grid Pattern Aluminium Sheet Pans, 2-Piece

If you prefer your baked goods on the crispier side, the embossed grid pattern on these sheet pans will be a big help. They’re also great for roasting vegetables and baking french fries. The material is natural aluminum to encourage even heating, and a steel rim prevents warping even after many uses.

Overall Take

Unique DesignThe prism grid design of this sheet pan encourages airflow to provide crisper results.

 Also Great

Wilton Non-Stick & Scratch-Resistant Coating Sheet Pans, 2-Piece


Non-Stick & Scratch-Resistant Coating Sheet Pans, 2-Piece

You’ll get two sheet pans in this set, each measuring 9” x 13” with a 0.75-inch height, making it perfect for the thin layers used in sheet cakes. The material is coated in durable nonstick and scratch-resistant coating to make cleanup easy while also holding up in the dishwasher. The more compact size makes it great as an all-purpose cookie ...

Overall Take

Great for Leveling UpTake your baking to the next level with this sheet pan set, which makes it easy to create layered sheet cakes.

Buying Guide

Few things are as delicious as a batch of fresh baked cookies. Traditionally, cookie sheets were used to make them. But in recent years, many households have switched to sheet pans, which can be used for cookies and brownies, as well as a host of baked foods.

The biggest difference between a cookie sheet and baking sheet is the rim around the edge. A cookie sheet doesn’t have one. This is fine for some baked goods, but if you want to roast potatoes or vegetables, the moisture that runs off from these items will end up in the bottom of your oven, creating a huge mess. A sheet pan has a protective rim all around that will contain any liquids.

Other than the protective rim, though, cookie sheets and sheet pans have quite a bit in common. Aluminum is a popular material found in the best cookware, but you’ll find many made with aluminized steel as a way to boost durability. Aluminum is a great conductor of heat, which helps even out distribution. Stainless steel can also be great for cookie sheets and sheet pans. It conducts electricity well while also being extremely durable.

The next debate is over the nonstick coating. It certainly makes the process of extracting your baked items easier, and it also helps with cleanup. But professional bakers often stay away from nonstick cooking for one big reason. No matter how well you care for your cookware, over time, that coating is going to break down. Sticking with sheet pans that forego the nonstick coating will ensure they last longer.

Another issue with nonstick cookware is dishwasher friendliness. For the most part, nonstick cookware needs to be hand washed. The chemicals in detergents break down the coating, even with the occasional spin through the dishwasher. Aluminum pans can suffer damage in the dishwasher regardless of their coating, which may steer you toward stainless steel. The extra TLC of hand washing with every use can be a pain for busy households.

What to Look For

  • When cooking foods that are high in acidity like tomatoes, line your sheet pan with parchment paper to prevent the metallic taste when these foods interact with aluminum.
  • A wire rack that fits comfortably within your sheet pan can expand your cooking options. If you’re cooking something that needs enhanced airflow to create that crispy exterior, such as roasted potatoes or vegetables, that wire rack will come in handy. You may even like your cookies on the crispier side, making a wire rack essential.
  • Pay close attention to the size of any sheet pans you’re considering. There are five industry standards: 18” x 26” (full size), 16” x 22”, 13” x 18”, 9½” x 13” and 6 ½ ” x 9 ½”.
  • Often, you’ll find sheet pans sold in sets. Sometimes they vary in size to help you cover all your bases, while other times, you get multiples of the same size. Some are sold with a wire rack included that you can use with the sheet pan when applicable.
  • Some sheet pans claim to be dishwasher safe, but be aware that if they include nonstick coatings, the chemicals in dishwasher detergents can damage them.
  • Some sheet pans have higher temperature tolerances than others. If you plan to use them with your oven’s broiler, keep this in mind.
  • Parchment paper is nonstick. If you opt for a baking sheet without nonstick coating, this can be an option for keeping cleanup easy. Parchment paper is also useful for preventing the interactions that happen when acidic foods interact with aluminum.
  • Some sheet pans are coated not only to prevent sticking but also to reduce scratching. This can help your pan last longer.
  • Consider where you’ll store your sheet pans between uses. You can install shelving in a cabinet that will let you stack them along with your mixing bowls and other baking tools, but make sure you have the depth necessary to house your longest sheet pan or cookie sheet.

More to Explore

Although sheet pans have been around throughout history, they were mostly used in commercial baking until the 21st century. In 2001, Nordic Ware started selling them for use in homes all over the U.S. But they didn’t take off right away, likely because consumers weren’t yet sure of the difference between cookie sheets and sheet pans.

Martha Stewart may have been at least partly responsible for popularizing the cookware. The TV personality was first introduced to commercial sheet pans while running a catering business in the 1970s. A full two decades later, she used her sheet pans on her cooking show, where some viewers were introduced to them for the first time. The many sheet pan recipes that have popped up online have further popularized the cooking tool.

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