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The Best Natural Dishwasher Pack

Last updated on May 26, 2024
Best Natural Dishwasher Pack

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Seventh Generation Natural Dishwasher Packs, 45 Count

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval

Seventh Generation

Natural Dishwasher Packs, 45 Count

This natural dishwasher pack is a great alternative product for those who want to avoid harsh chemicals. Thoughtfully packaged tabs ensure you use just the right amount of detergent. The formula ensures a streak-free and stain-free clean.

Overall Take

Biobased ProductThis natural dishwasher pack is made without fragrances, dyes or chlorine bleach.

 Hypoallergenic Pick

Puracy Natural Dishwasher Detergent Packs, 50 Count


Natural Dishwasher Packs, 50 Count

This natural dishwasher pack is made using plant-based enzymes instead of harsh chemicals. The detergent is safe for all dishwasher-safe dishes, including glasses, ceramics, pots and pans.

Overall Take

Naturally Derived, Non-Toxic ChoiceThis natural dishwasher pack is hypoallergenic, vegan, gluten-free and fully biodegradable.

 Best Scent

Lemi Shine Natural Dishwasher Pods, 65-Count

Lemi Shine

Natural Dishwasher Pods, 65-Count

Nothing says clean like a fresh lemon scent, which is what you'll get with this natural dishwasher pack. In addition to a pleasant aroma, the citric extracts provide grease-cutting power. The formula is also designed to eliminate soapy residues for a streak-free shine.

Overall Take

Fresh Lemon ScentWith this natural dishwasher pack, your dishes are left looking and smelling clean.

 Streak-Resistant Formula

Beyond Natural Dishwasher Tablets, 32 Count


Natural Dishwasher Packs, 32 Count

Made using plant-based ingredients, this natural dishwasher pack is an excellent choice. It's free of dyes, fragrances and chlorine bleach, yet gives you the same results as chemical-based products. Users will appreciate the added rinse aid technology, which leaves glasses with a brilliant shine.

Overall Take

Built-In Rinse Aid TechnologThanks to this natural dishwasher pack's built-in rinse aid technology, your glasses are left streak and spot-free.

Buying Guide

A dishwasher is a lifesaver for many people and families. Whether you have a pile of dishes to clean every day or just a handful of plates, being able to throw everything in the dishwasher, walk away and come back to clean dishes is the height of convenience. Sometimes, however, the dishwasher detergent may not do its job well, so you’re left with dishes that aren’t fully clean or that have soap scum built-up on the surface. Other times, the chemicals used in the dishwasher detergent can negatively affect people who have sensitivities, including babies and small children. This is when using a more natural dishwasher detergent can come in handy.

Natural dishwasher detergents are made without the use of harmful chemicals. For example, most natural dishwasher detergents don’t use chlorine bleach, which is known to have negative effects on people who have respiratory issues like asthma. The scents in commercial dishwasher detergents can also be harmful to people’s health, as the fragrance is made up of a number of different chemicals.

In addition to being better for the body, natural dishwasher detergents are also better for the environment than their mainstream counterparts. In many cases, natural dishwasher detergents are biodegradable. Plus, they don’t contain chemicals that can pollute water or air. Many natural dishwasher detergents are not tested on animals, as well. In most cases, natural dishwasher detergents are packaged using sustainable or reusable materials, reducing the amount of waste on the planet.

When deciding which natural dishwasher detergent to buy, ensure that the product is fully biodegradable. This means that its ingredients will easily dissolve without causing any harm to the environment. You will also want to make sure that the product is unscented, or only scented using natural essential oils. This further reduces the number of chemicals in your detergent.

What to Look For

  • Whether you’re buying a natural dishwasher detergent because you want to be more environmentally friendly or you’re concerned about the effects of harmful chemicals on your health, the first thing to check on your product is the ingredients list. First, be wary of any fragrances in your natural dishwasher detergent. Fragrances are often artificially created using a host of chemicals, which can lead to hormone disruption, asthma, allergies, reproductive toxicity and many other ailments. Methylisothiazolinone is a preservative that is often used in products that are labeled natural. However, it can lead to inhalation toxicity and neurotoxicity. Be sure to look for dishwasher detergents that say they are MIT-free or preservative-free. Many dishwasher detergents don’t list all of their ingredients, so it can be hard to know what they are made up of.
  • One of the most important elements to consider when deciding which natural dishwasher detergent to purchase is how well it cleans. After all, if you’re left with stuck-on food or soapy grime, the detergent has not done its job. No one wants to re-wash dishes by hand after they come out of the dishwasher! The Seventh Generation Natural Dishwasher Packs, 20-Count uses an enzyme-rich formula, so the detergent can cut through tough grease and food residue in the dishwasher. This ensures your dishes are always sparkling. The Lemi Shine Natural Dishwasher Pods, 65-Count is a highly effective cleaning product that always leaves a brilliant shine. The Puracy Natural Dishwasher Packs, 50 Count uses advanced plant-derived enzymes, which can break down stuck-on food and stains. Plus, there is no need to pre-soak or pre-rinse dishes with this detergent. It also uses a mineral-based water softener to ensure there are no streaks left behind on glass. The Beyond Natural Dishwasher Packs, 32 Count boasts rinse aid action, which helps to keep dishes, glasses and flatware looking shiny. It can even remove stuck-on food that has been left on for 48 hours.
  • Many people are unaware of how much dishwasher detergent to use in each load. Often, they can end up putting in too much or too little dishwasher detergent, which doesn’t leave their dishes as clean as they could be. That’s why individual dishwasher packs are so handy and convenient. They contain just the right amount of detergent you need for one full load. The Seventh Generation Natural Dishwasher Packs, 20-Count, Lemi Shine Natural Dishwasher Pods, 65-Count, The Puracy Natural Dishwasher Packs, 50 Count and The Beyond Natural Dishwasher Packs, 32 Count all come with individual detergent packs. Each pack contains a single-use dose of the detergent, which goes straight into the dishwasher, removing the confusion or hassle of figuring out how much detergent to use.
  • Have you noticed that dishwasher detergents are often bright colors like blue, orange, yellow and green? The dyes used in the detergents don’t affect their performance in any way. However, they can also pose significant health risks. It’s best to look for natural detergents that are made without the use of any artificial dyes. Your detergent will still be as effective if it’s white, rather than neon yellow.

More to Explore

How to clean your oven with a dishwasher tablet

Cleaning the oven is one of those chores that many people, including myself, dread having to do. The crouching on your knees, the rigorous scrubbing required, and the fume-y aerosol oven cleaners are just a few reasons to want to put this task off for as long as possible. That’s why I was excited to test out this cleaning hack from The Kitchn that promises a way to remove baked-on grease and gunk from your oven with fume-free Finish dishwasher detergent tablets and minimal scrubbing.

To try this hack, it’s important to first put on a pair of kitchen or cleaning gloves. This is not just to protect your skin from any ingredients in the dishwasher tablets that might cause skin irritation, but also because the cleaning pods crumble as you scrub, creating a messy paste. Once your gloves are on, you’ll want to unwrap a Finish pod, dip it into some water and get ready to tackle your oven and make it look new again.

Here’s how my oven looked before I started cleaning:

Simplemost Media

Thanks to a set of oven liners I own, the bottom of the oven was not as dirty as it could have been, but the oven door was splattered with some sort of baked-on gunk (the likely culprit: lasagna sauce).

As I began moving the Finish pod back and forth over the grease built-up, I was surprised how quickly and easily everything came off. I chalk this up to the texture of a Finish dishwasher pod. Unlike cleaning pods that contain liquid solution inside a dissolvable plastic pouch, Finish tabs are made of a solid detergent and have a gritty texture that is ideal for simultaneously scrubbing and scraping off baked-on food.

When I was satisfied that all of the debris had been scrubbed away, I wiped down the oven with a damp towel to remove the remaining paste, and then spritzed my glass oven door with Windex just to make sure there wasn’t any lingering detergent residue.

Here’s how my oven looked less than 10 minutes later:

Simplemost Media

In the end, I used two Finish tablets to get my oven clean, but you may need to use more, depending on how much cleaning your oven requires. Because of how easy this hack was to do, I will reach for a Finish tab again the next time I need to clean my oven. It is definitely less dread-inducing than needing to use a scrubbing brush or a fume-producing, oven-cleaning spray.

Will you try this hack to clean your oven?

– by Margeaux Baulch Klein

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