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The Best Fridge Lock

Last updated on June 7, 2023

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 Top Pick

Jool Baby Products Child Safety Fridge Strap Locks, 4 Piece

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Jool Baby Products

Child Safety Fridge Strap Locks, 4 Piece

These fridge locks are a cinch to connect and can also be used to secure drawers, cabinets, doors and more. Simply use the 3M adhesive on both sides of the lock, which extends from three to seven inches.

Overall Take

Easy to AttachEasily attach these adjustable 3M adhesive fridge locks to protect kids and family members.

 Runner Up

Computer Security Products Permanent Keyed Padlock Fridge Lock

Computer Security Products

Permanent Keyed Padlock Fridge Lock

If you need to ensure your refrigerator lock is secure, this product comes with a padlock and keys. It can be used to lock any type of fridge door and is also appropriate for storing medicine or other sensitive items.

Overall Take

Very Secure ClosureThis extremely difficult to open fridge lock comes with a padlock and keys.

 We Also Like

BAOWEIJD Heavy Duty Steel Cable Keyed Fridge Lock, 2 Piece


Heavy Duty Steel Cable Keyed Fridge Lock, 2 Piece

This two-pack of fridge locks has a built-in lock and set of keys so that you can lock your refrigerator, closet, cabinet, or other place. The sides have a large adhesive backing, so your lock won’t fall off.

Overall Take

Protect Your FoodChoose this two-pack of black fridge locks with a set of keys to keep your refrigerator from being opened by just anyone.

 Strong Contender

CICICO Damage-Free Installation Keyed Fridge Lock, 2 Piece


Damage-Free Installation Keyed Fridge Lock, 2 Piece

Keep your food or other items out of harm’s way and off-limits using these white fridge locks, which you can buy in various quantities, depending on your needs. They come with keys, and the two adhesive sides connect with a metallic cord.

Overall Take

Out of Harm’s WayYour food will be inaccessible until you’re ready with these fridge locks and keys.

Buying Guide

Are you shopping for a refrigerator lock? There are some things to consider first. One of the most important is how you’ll open the lock. Sometimes, you need something to keep out little ones that are easy for adults. Envision yourself having to open the lock whenever you need to access the fridge.

Sometimes, child locks don’t just keep out children; they’re also challenging for adults to open. If you really don’t want anyone to be able to get into the fridge, shop for something with a padlock, key or numerical combination. If not, make sure the product you choose is easy to open for adults. Of course, a lock on the refrigerator door is no substitute for proper supervision of little ones.

Only some types of lock will work with every fridge door. Closely examine the locks and consider how you’ll attach them to your appliance. Check the product specifications to see if the manufacturer lists the matching type of refrigerator.

Another thing to consider is how you install the locks. Some are easier than others since they use peel-off adhesives. However, these may not last for a short time, or you might have to replace the bonds over time.

If you don’t need to keep your fridge locked all the time, think about whether parts of the lock will be in the way during normal opening and closing of the door. Some products are easier to keep unlocked than others.

Finally, you should also consider aesthetics of a lock for the refrigerator. Some locks come in white, black or other colors. Some are also larger than others. Choose one that won’t detract from the overall look of your space.

What to Look For

  • When it comes to childproofing, always prioritize safety over convenience.
  • Most products that come with keys come with more than one. Keep a spare somewhere safe in case you lose it. That way, you don’t have to break your lock to access your food.
  • Consider whether you may eventually need to uninstall your lock, especially once your children get older. Be aware that some types of adhesives may be simpler to remove than others.
  • Some products come with warranties. If you have a child who likes to yank on doors, you might want one if your lock breaks.

More to Explore

Did you know that Albert Einstein helped invent refrigerators? The refrigerators of the 1920s were actually harmful, and the one Einstein and his colleagues patented solved many of the issues with the appliance’s predecessors.

Refrigerators grew in popularity during the 1920s. Childproofing products became widely available after World War II, and some of the most popular ones were meant for fridges. Today, almost 100% of American homes have a fridge, and many families with young children lock the appliances for safety.

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