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The Best Stackable Mugs

Last updated on May 15, 2023

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Our Picks For The Top Stackable Mugs

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Hasense Geometric Patterned Ceramic Stackable Mugs, 4-Piece

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Geometric Patterned Ceramic Stackable Mugs, 4-Piece

This stackable set of mugs comes in various cool neutral colors and features a delicate embossed pattern. The assortment includes four 15-ounce mugs in light blue, slate gray, white and sage green.

Overall Take

A Cool CollectionFully equipped with a metal stand, you can easily stack and store these mugs without fear of them toppling over.

 Runner Up

Teocera Wide Handles Porcelain Stackable Mugs, 4-Piece


Wide Handles Porcelain Stackable Mugs, 4-Piece

While most stackable mugs range from 10 to 15 ounces, this stackable set includes four 16-ounce mugs, so you can enjoy generously sized beverages. With a sleek, black exterior and white interior, the ceramic mugs are modern yet classic.

Overall Take

Sometimes Bigger is BetterIf the smaller mugs on the market don’t cut it, this set is for anyone who simply needs a bigger cup.

 We Also Like

Sweese Microwave Safe Porcelain Stackable Mugs, 6-Piece


Microwave Safe Porcelain Stackable Mugs, 6-Piece

This stackable set includes six 10-ounce mugs, two more than the average set. These porcelain mugs are a timeless, white option that will complement any kitchen or dining ware aesthetic.

Overall Take

Perfect for a PartyThis collection has more than enough mugs to go around, making it perfect for anyone who loves to entertain.

 Strong Contender

YHOSSEUN Metal Storage Rack & Stackable Mugs, 4-Piece


Metal Storage Rack & Stackable Mugs, 4-Piece

These stylish stackable mugs include a set of four 11-ounce matte black mugs, a gold stand and gold espresso spoons. These mugs are simple and clean and the ideal size for coffee, tea and other specialty beverages.

Overall Take

Minimalist and ContemporaryThis set has all you need for coffee or tea, plus, it will look great on your kitchen counter.

Buying Guide

Stackable mugs are specifically designed to stack on top of one another, helping you save valuable storage space. While mug sizes vary, they are typically smaller mugs with a capacity of around 10 to 15 ounces, so they are more stable when placed atop one another.

There is a groove at the base of each mug so the one below it can nestle in and create a more solid foundation for the tower. Many stackable mug sets even include a metal stand with which you can slot each mug between the bars. The stand can be beneficial for taller mugs and larger sets.

Mugs of this type are often either porcelain or ceramic and ideal for holding hot beverages, making them perfect for coffee and tea. While they are larger than the traditional espresso cup, there is no limit on what you can use a stackable mug for.

Sets usually include four mugs; however, you can find larger sets if you prefer more vessels for hot beverages. When shopping for stackable mugs, consider how many you need, whether you prefer a metal stand and whether you want coffee and tea accessories included. For example, some sets include small espresso spoons.

While it is important to consider practicality, don’t forget about aesthetics. Some stackable mug sets are designed to look great on the kitchen counter.

There is a wide variety of stackable mug sets on the market, so you are bound to find one that suits your specific needs and design preferences.

What to Look For

  • Consider how many mugs you need to make sure there are enough in a set you’re contemplating.
  • Determine the mug size that best suits your needs.
  • Always store the mugs safely on your counter or in the cabinet to avoid knocking them over.
  • Always ensure the mug is stable before placing one on top of the other.
  • Always stack mugs so the base sits in the mouth of the mug below it.
  • Not all mugs are dishwasher safe, so make sure to verify before washing.

More to Explore

Stackable mugs are a part of the coffee mug’s long history. Dating back to around 3000 BCE, people moved away from making drinking vessels from wood and animal skulls and turned towards making mugs from metals, such as gold, bronze and lead.

Of course, these metal mugs weren’t ideal for warm beverages, as the exterior would become dangerously hot when the contents were added. It wasn’t until 1200 BCE, when ceramics rose to prominence, that the mug as we know it was made.

The mug has since evolved with technology and people’s needs over the years. Today, there is a wide variety of mugs on the market, from stackable mugs to travel Thermoses.

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