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The Best Sandwich Bags

Last updated on December 31, 2020
Best Sandwich Bags

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 Best All-Purpose

Ziploc Grip ‘n Seal Technology Sandwich Bags, 90-Count

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Grip 'n Seal Technology Sandwich Bags, 90-Count

These sandwich bags are perfect for storing larger sizes of bread. When sealed, they can be trusted to stay airtight in fridge or freezer conditions. The plastic can stand up to rough treatment from even the hungriest kids.

Overall Take

Airtight and DurableLarge, kaiser-roll sandwiches fit comfortably in these sturdy bags.

 Best Basic

Solimo BPA Free Sandwich Bags, 300-Count


BPA Free Sandwich Bags, 300-Count

The dual zipper on these bags closes securely, and users can actually feel it locking into place. The construction ensures a good seal with no leakage. The BPA-free construction is a definite bonus.

Overall Take

Double Zipper SecurityThese BPA-free bags have a secure dual zipper.

 Best Paper

Lunchskins Recyclable & Sealable Paper Sandwich Bags


Recyclable & Sealable Paper Sandwich Bags

These recycled wood pulp bags are an alternative to the usual plastic lunch sacks. The adhesive seal has a peel-away strip that enables it to be used more than once. You can even write on the outside, which is a big help for organization.

Overall Take

Reuseable and RecyclableThese healthy bags are reusable and can even be written on.

 Best Reusable

KoolerThings Reusable Silicone Sanwich Bags, 15-Pack


Reusable Silicone Sanwich Bags, 15-Pack

Those looking to limit their use of plastic will love these reusable bags. They are easy to clean and suitable for any number of wet or dry snacks. The material is made of a PEVA polymer that is free of BPAs and chlorides.

Overall Take

Healthy, Versatile BagsThere are no BPAs and multiple uses for these environmentally friendly bags.

Buying Guide

The taste of a fresh, homemade peanut butter and jelly sandwich brings many of us right back to our grade school days. And how did that sandwich stay so fresh all through half the school day? Chances are, it was zipped up inside a plastic sandwich bag.

Those bags are still in use today, and the ones you carried to class in a lunchbox haven’t changed much in the last few decades. There are still clear baggies, roughly the size of a piece of bread, that can be “zipped” up thanks to an interlocking seal at the top. If it’s a quality bag, this seal not only keeps the sandwich fresh but keeps any liquids inside.

Standard issue sandwich bags are generally made of high or low-density polyethylene, and the quality can vary widely. If the plastic is too thin, don’t expect to keep liquids inside, and don’t expect sandwiches to stay fresh for too long. If you’re taking your sandwiches on a hike, definitely invest in stronger bags, possibly freezer quality so that they won’t leak or let rainwater ruin your snack.

Mind you, there are plenty of modern alternatives to the familiar Ziploc bags and their ilk. Most of them are geared towards more environmentally conscious families who hate to waste a bit of plastic for every lunch item they make. To that end, you can find reusable sandwich bags that are made of a variety of washable materials. Some are made of a silicone material that you can easily drop into the dishwasher along with your other containers, and you can expect to pay more for the convenience.

Other bags are made from PEVA (polyethylene vinyl acetate), or might even be woven from fabric and treated with a waterproof coating. These you’ll generally have to wash with soap and water, though in some cases you might be able to write directly on the bags — a definite perk for parents who have to make lunch for multiple kids. The quality of the seal on these bags will vary widely, so buy with an eye towards what you plan to store.


What to Look For

Want to recycle your sandwich bags? Many might think this is as easy as dropping them in the nearest blue bin, but don’t be so hasty. Plastics can generally be recycled, but plastic bags can often do more harm than good to recycling equipment. Many local grocery stores will have drop-off bins specifically for plastic bags, which should still be cleaned as well as possible before depositing. Failing that, you can easily look up your nearest bag recycling site online.

More to Explore

There are a lot more uses for your sandwich bag than just storing sandwiches. The airtight seal means that you can store electronics in them on vacations and not have to worry about rain shorting out your gear. If you’re using your phone to display a recipe while cooking, put it in a sandwich bag to protect it from grease and oil splashes. (If you’ve got a freezer bag, larger ones can be handy in the same way for tablets.)

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